LEMON color in clothes - combination, photo


Pure yellow tint that evokes pleasant emotions and makes the image really juicy and tasty. Lemon color will be the perfect complement to any summer (and not only) along.

lemon color in clothes

"Lemon" is a variety of yellow. If we talk about its use in clothing, then it is preferred by the majority in the summer season. When worn correctly, it is well suited for women and men.

It is quite independent in the dress, as it is bright enough, while not without a share of mystery and mystery.

To correctly choose and correlate the lemon color in your clothes with accessories, shoes or other wardrobe items, you should determine your appearance according to your color type.

lemon-colored dresses

In short, spring type different blond hair, blue or green eyes.

Autumn characterized by the presence of brightness, depth, red and brown tones in the hair and eyes.

Summer - blond with light eyes.

Winter has very fair skin and dark hair.

To whom does

Based on this distribution, we can say that:

  1. К autumn type suitable saturated, slightly warm shade;
  2. For summer only a gentle and pale lemon is possible;
  3. Winter prefers a combination of cold lemon with a contrasting black, blue, brown;
  4. Spring such cold tones of yellow should be avoided. Because it is contraindicated in this appearance.

lemon color in clothes

Basic combinations

I would like to dwell on its proper use and pay special attention to possible and forbidden combinations.

A tasty and juicy “lemon” goes well with the colors from this selection.

+ White

If you want to set the mood for yourself and those around you, plunge into the combination of snow-white and yellow. This look refers to relaxation, sun and clean hot sand. You can dilute the look with trousers, white stylish shoes or a clutch.

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In this color ratio there is no clear proportion, and therefore - boldly experiment.

You can also add a bright accent to 1: red lipstick, blue watch or black brooch. In a word, white and lemon is a universal kit for all occasions.

lemon color combined with whitewith white

+ Blue

If the occasion calls for dynamism, energy and uniqueness, go for blue.

It is important to choose the right blue (or its shade) in temperature, degree of saturation. If you manage to catch the desired balance, the image will be successful, will certainly attract the attention of others.

Classic blue jeans or denim items (skirt, jumpsuit, jacket) will look great paired with a rich top or small accents (clutch, shoes).

jeans complete with lemon

The bright tone of blue (electric, ultramarine, cornflower blue) will conflict with the color of the lemon and the composition will be visually intense and conflicting. It can be diluted with neutral things (white, blue, beige), which will help to balance the image.

More muted dark tones (sapphire, dark blue, navi, etc.) will help citrus to open up even more and become the main focus in dress.

images with lemon and blue

+ Green

What is multifaceted green, what is lemon - these are natural colors, close to nature and life. A beautiful and delicate combination does not look vulgar, while it seems very stylish and expressive.

You can select any kind of green, regardless of temperature. The calmer he is, the more contrasting and brighter the outfit will be.

The presence of light green, emerald, lime, pistachio, mint next to lemon will be appropriate in an informal and everyday set.

complete with green

+ Black

The most strict, stylish and versatile expensive outfits are created precisely on the basis of such a contrasting mix.

If you are tired of the office "black and white" dress code, but you want to stay in line with business, give preference to lemon and black.

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It is not necessary to buy a yellow jacket or skirt. It is enough for a black suit or dress to buy the right lemon scarf or thin stern belt.

If you manage to find a dress that combines these two colors - take it and have no doubt. Such a thing is easily played up in the wardrobe and attracts the eyes of others.

Milky or beige will easily complement the palette, bringing to the overall flavor notes of freshness and lightness.

outfits with black clothes and lemon dress, sweater, pantslemon dress, pants, bag paired with black

+ Cherry (red)

A bold decision for those who love the sharpest. It looks quite sharply, but it attracts attention and dilutes the cold yellow palette well.

It is cherry or fiery red that is a priority in this image, since pale yellow becomes inexpressive against their background. Therefore, choose clothes wisely and, based on this, make up your outfit, emphasizing your dignity with bright colors.

If you need an emphasis on the waist, then a red (burgundy) belt will perfectly complement the lemon dress (as in the photo).

lemon combined with redlemon paired with burgundy, cherry

+ Brown

It is an interesting combination of earth and sun. It is difficult to "exaggerate" here. You can use any shade of brown, from pastel to chocolate - you can't go wrong.

The leopard will look very bright and extravagant with a small amount of yellow in the image.

If you want a calm and businesslike look, try to choose the coldest and palest shade.

images with lemon skirt, blouse and pants

+ Gray

Medium or light gray will help enhance the dynamic color. Such a set pleases with its expressiveness and richness of colors, thanks to a pleasant color harmony.

kits with gray

How to wear lemon color

When buying clothes in lemon color, note that:

  1. It blends so well with white that you can safely buy a whole series of snow-white accessories and alternate them;
  2. Yellow clothes with black shoes look very bright. Especially if she is wearing a high heel;
  3. No matter how hard the designers try to include this shade in all seasons, it remains popular in the summer;
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Be fashionable and stay stylish!