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Sarah Burton explained the inspiration behind the latest collection - the theme of feminine symbolism. As the designer said - “This collection is inspired by the female anatomy, Queen Elizabeth I, the blood red rose and Magdalena Abakanowicz...”

Burton dedicated her latest collection to the memory of Alexander McQueen, as well as to the talent and dedication of the team with whom Sarah worked at the fashion house for 26 years, first as an intern and assistant, and since 2010 as a creative director.

At SS Fashion Week 2024, the designer announced that this was her last collection and she was leaving the brand.

Fashion clothes Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2024 collection

The themes that inspired the designer are evident in the decor and prints, in unusual cuts and draperies. The palette of the collection has a dramatic accent, where the main colors are black, white and blood red, as well as metallic gold.

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In the latest collection, she brought a dress with slits, leather corsets, metallic tops, the red rose of England on snow-white and black dresses and jackets, and incredible dresses from rose petals, although in these same outfits there was a reference to the works of Abakanowicz, a Polish artist -feminists.

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The silhouettes of the latest collection were fitted, and in some models - with emphasized anatomical details, for example, with breast cups, elongated corsets with a tapered bodice and peplum, which perfectly sculpted the silhouette. Glossy black leather, thin silk gold fringe, the threads of which are not located throughout the product, but in a chaotic manner.

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The main accent in the collection was the blood-red rose, bright scarlet - an eternal symbol of passion, love and dramatic events.

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Fashionistas can also use the looks created in the latest collection for the red carpet. The show was completed by the incomparable dark-skinned beauty Naomi Campbell. She wore a dress embroidered with silver bugles, wavy fringe and a peplum in the shape of shark fins.

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Alexander McQueen Dresses
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Sarah Burton continued the work of the famous designer Alexander McQueen, her mentor, and we can say that all these years she has worthily led the brand among the leaders. She looked for inspiration in the history of England and Scotland, more than once turned to Gothic, and used Victorian motifs.

They say that it is impossible to replace a departed designer, especially the founder of the brand, and McQueen himself agreed with this that there is no point in continuing the work he started, because personality is irreplaceable. Undoubtedly, there is no other such person and there will not be, but Sarah Burton nevertheless decided to continue what McQueen had started.

Femininity, flowers and folklore appeared in the brand’s collections, and romance came. Sarah Burton was given a standing ovation by the audience present at the show. She went down in fashion history not only as a successful and applauded designer for the Alexander McQueen brand, but also as the designer of the stunning wedding dress she made for Kate Middleton in 2013.

Later, Sarah created many more images for the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton's wedding dress and other famous outfits made Sarah Burton truly famous. They also changed their view of the Alexander McQueen brand, which was perceived as something tragic. Where is even the palette in a dramatic combination of black and red, where is blood, skulls and black gothic, behind which the specter of death looms...

"I'm so proud of everything I've accomplished and my incredible team at Alexander McQueen," Burton said. “They are my family and this has been my home for the last 26 years. I want to thank François-Henri Pinault for believing in me and giving me this amazing opportunity. And also Lee Alexander McQueen separately, he taught me a lot.”

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