Fashionable hats for autumn - varieties and photos


Fashionable hats will not only keep you warm in the fall, but will also complement the created image. With the help of trendy hats, berets, baseball caps and even the most ordinary scarves, you can perfectly express yourself and emphasize style. The main thing is to carefully consider the choice of this important accessory.

Hats for women for autumn: what will be in trend

At fashion shows dedicated to the next cold season, one could see a huge number of different headdresses for the fair sex. Next, we will talk about the most interesting of them.

  • Insulated Panama. Previously, it was exclusively a summer headdress. Today it has been modified for cool weather. So modern panamas protect not only from the rays of the sun, but also from the wind. The designers agreed that leather, velor and fur-trimmed models are especially popular this year. This type of headwear is considered universal and is suitable for any outerwear.

  • Cap. We decided to put this type of headgear in a separate item, because it will become one of the most popular next fall. The cap can be either plain or with an intricate print. However, it is the leather cap that is considered the most stylish. It can be made of leather of different colors or be quilted, which is considered the most chic.

  • Berets. The combination of French chic and retro style is what makes berets fashionable regardless of the season and trends. Such an accessory has long been considered a classic. It emphasizes the femininity and sophistication of the lady, helps in creating romantic images full of charm. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex should take a closer look at this type of women's hats in the fall.
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For those who love accents, there are several stylish options to choose from. For example, knitted or faux fur models. A beret with voluminous inscriptions, decor, rhinestones will look more bold.

  • Hats. Stylists call this headdress the main trend of the autumn season. Variations of hats can be different, among them you can find both discreet and rather bold models. One of the most versatile is the narrow-brimmed hat. Also in trend are wide-brimmed hats with soft lowered brim and models with various decor (ribbons, ears, bows, etc.). And the most popular colors for hats are red, brown, black and milky. An interesting option is a hat with a veil. Black veil adds sophistication and charm to the image. Therefore, it can be used in evening looks.

  • shawls. Silk kerchiefs add to the image of femininity, and this has long been a recognized fact. They can be worn on the back of the head or around the neck, or in combination with other headdresses. Models with a bright print, lace and knitted are the trends of this year. You can also look at monogrammed scarves and other geometric prints, because these interesting details enliven the image. Such a headdress is perfect for women over 50, as it adds tenderness, rigor and style to the image at the same time. Scarves are also relevant for obese women.

  • Hood. Yes, yes, now it can be safely considered a separate headdress. We're talking about overhead hoods. They are worn like hats, and in tandem with outerwear they look like hoods. Baggy voluminous models will look the most fashionable. They, in turn, can be easily introduced into both sports and casual or autumn casual looks.
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  • Caps and baseball caps. These and other variations of headwear for women with a visor will be especially relevant this fall. Their top can be soft, beret-like, or hard. A bright accent of your outfit can be a cap made of colored leather, patent or velvet. Baseball caps are also in trend. They should be concise, stylish, without shiny fittings.

  • jockey hat. The jockey-style hat keeps its shape perfectly. Often on such models there is also a strap that holds the hat in place. In general, a headdress in the style of a rider is a very unusual thing that will give modern looks a little bit of aristocracy. At different times, jockey hats were found in the collections of the House of Gucci and Balenciaga. With pleasure they were worn and are worn by representatives of the royal families of Europe.

  • Bini. This is a hat that fits snugly to the head. In recent years, shortened beanie options have become popular. They sometimes do not cover their ears, so they are hardly suitable for late autumn. Young people love beanies in a variety of colors. Bright models will refresh your fashionable look.

  • Bandage. Of course, it is unlikely to protect against extreme cold, but it will definitely warm the ears. It is difficult to call it a novelty - rather, the return of the fashion of the 70s and 90s of the last century. Headbands can be both minimalistically monophonic and elegantly decorated, for example, with beads. It all depends on your image. For some, it is important that the bandage causes less damage to the hair compared to the cap. A trifle, but nice!

These were descriptions and photos of the most fashionable trends in hats for the fall. We hope you are convinced that there are quite a lot of varieties of accessories. Therefore, wearing hats in the cooler months is not only good for your health, but also for your style.