Fashionable women's raincoats - styles and outfits in the photo


Fashionable women's raincoats are an indispensable and very practical thing in the wardrobe of every modern fashionista. As you can see in the photo, this year's trendy outerwear items are offered in a wide variety of models and styles. This will allow every woman to choose for herself the best ideas for creating fashionable images with a raincoat for the cold season.

Fashion trends for women's raincoats

In the next cold season, designers presented new models of raincoats and trench coats in a variety of styles. Military, minimalism, linen style, oversize, layering - these are just some of the trends that were used in the creation of the latest outerwear collections.

For more than one season in a row, natural and calm shades are very popular. So, famous couturiers presented the main colors of the next cold season:

  • beige;
  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • Marsala color;
  • white;
  • green;
  • olive;
  • the black.

Green, blue and brown will also be in trend, but they are not so common in designer collections.

Black turned out to be out of competition, since it is considered the basic color for creating outerwear. The saturation of black depends solely on the tastes and preferences of each woman, but the brighter the color, the more beautiful the whole image will be.

In the next season, the most relevant trends for creating new collections of trench coats and raincoats will be:

  • natural suede and leather;
  • wide and narrow belt;
  • shiny fabrics;
  • free silhouette;
  • midi length;
  • patch pockets.

Suede and leather raincoats, waterproof vinyl models, unusual raincoats made of translucent lace, natural silk and satin, as well as outerwear decorated with multi-colored prints will look very unusual.

For everyday wear, you can choose a raincoat with a bright cage. Models with lace ornaments, floral prints, decorated in small or large peas look very elegant.

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Oversize models, raincoats and military-style trench coats in a beautiful khaki shade will become trends. For the summer season, couturiers offer raincoats made of satin and silk, raincoats, and light shorts and dresses will help complement the created image.

Classic trench coat

A trench coat made in a classic style is preferred by women of all ages. Basically, these models are made in beige colors and have a medium length. With the help of such outerwear you can easily combine evening and business looks.

A trench coat with an English stand-up or turn-down collar and a belt will never lose its relevance. That is why such a purchase will always be welcome during the cold season.

Patent coats in bright colors

For self-confident fashionistas who are not afraid to show their extravagance to others, famous fashion houses this year offer bright patent coats. Moreover, the brightest colors and shades are welcome. As you can see in the photo, a women's raincoat of rich fuchsia color looks very interesting and fashionable.

It must be remembered that clothes of calmer shades will go well with such a bright trench coat.

Combined raincoats

Another interesting novelty of the next season will be the patchwork style, which will appear in different ways in different raincoat models. For example, a raincoat made of genuine leather in the color block style, consisting of parts of different colors, looks very interesting.

Raincoats with inserts of different materials or combined trench coats with a denim top are no less original. You should also pay attention to the two-tone combined raincoats in contrasting shades.


This popular material is also used to create original raincoat models that will be in trend next spring and summer. A denim raincoat in a free cut can be both shortened and long.

Fashionable denim coat can be combined with other denim clothing. A beautiful dress made of flowing fabrics, high-heeled shoes and a denim raincoat will look very unusual.

Genuine Leather

The next current trend will be a raincoat made of genuine leather. The shades in which these models are made are pleasantly surprising. For example, fashionable women's raincoats in purple, yellow, red, pink, light blue and dark blue will look interesting. Classic black does not lose its popularity either.

The shine of a metallized or lacquered material has also been added to the bright shades. As you can see in the photo, such outerwear looks very stylish and interesting at the same time.


Lovers of bold solutions will surely like one interesting trend - vinyl raincoats. Moreover, they can be in color or transparent. Such an unusual raincoat will complement any woman's look in rainy or windy weather.


The check print has been very popular for more than one fashion season. We are used to seeing checkered motifs in various types of clothing for women: from trousers, suits or skirts to raincoats and trench coats. Red and black buffalo check will be very popular; you should also pay attention to houndstooth and argyle check.

Next season, fashionable couturiers complemented plain raincoat models with checkered inserts. It is also worth paying attention to the so-called monochrome raincoats. This design goes well with plain clothes, or you can even choose a total look consisting of a checkered pattern.

Volumetric models in oversize style

Volumetric and large enough raincoats, allowing you to create very intriguing and sophisticated images, will become a fashion trend. Oversized raincoat models can be worn with a belt or unbuttoned. The options in classic texture or made of genuine leather look very stylish, with various straps and ties, elongated.


The so-called Havelock model stands out among the popular raincoat styles. This is a variation of the classic trench coat, but its cut has a cape. This model is also called a trench coat with a bolero, since Havelock looks more like a multi-layer cape.

The trendy model of the new season will be the long Havelock, made in classic black. Both raincoat fabrics and natural or patent leather will be very popular. If you prefer a total look in black, you will definitely like this raincoat.

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Cropped raincoats

For those fashionistas looking for practical outerwear, designers have presented cropped raincoat models in their latest collections. They look very stylish and unusual. Short raincoats can be worn with dresses, skirts or trousers. A touch of sophistication to the created image will help to give cropped beige raincoats with a slight sheen.

Military style models

If you like to stand out in the crowd and be different from others, you will definitely like the option of a military-style raincoat. Yes, and it looks very impressive. Along with romantic raincoats, this outerwear model will be in trend this year. Monochrome shades of khaki or camouflage, metallic decor, patent leather will become accents when creating fashionable looks with military-style raincoats.


Famous fashion houses decided to experiment a little on the creation of their latest collections and presented new styles to the public, combining a raincoat and cape. The result is a very unusual model that is suitable for short ladies, visually making them taller. But long-legged women of fashion can also wear a cape, complementing it with flat boots or high-heeled boots.

Fashionable women's trench coats and raincoats this year should be in every modern fashionista. Such outerwear is ideal for rainy, windy and frosty weather. In the new season, designers presented many interesting models of raincoats: as you can see in the photo, such outerwear can be combined with almost any outfit and shoes. Therefore, women of any age will definitely have plenty to choose from.