Fashionable women's tunics and current trends - photos of outfits


When it comes to creating an everyday look, comfort and feminine fit are top priorities. The tunic combines these characteristics and helps you quickly create outfits with your favorite jeans. Among the popular models you can find tunics for everyday walks, holidays and even work. Fashionable women's tunics are easy to match to any body type. Look at the photos of how women of different sizes wear them and see for yourself.

Casual tunics

If you like feminine and comfortable styles, a tunic is the perfect item for you. Take a closer look at new products and trends to find something truly yours! The long cut, fashionable look and subtle details make tunics a staple in your everyday wardrobe. In addition to being comfortable to wear, they are versatile - they can be combined with jeans, leggings and any other type of pants.

On vacation, while walking along the seaside promenade or going to the beach, it can even replace a dress. But a tunic is, first and foremost, a reliable everyday outfit.

Cutouts and designs are on trend

This year, fashionable women's tunics with small patterns promise to be relevant - from romantic floral and nautical stripes to delicate paisley patterns. If you want to look sensual, like the models in magazine photos, open your shoulders by opting for a carmen cut style. A denim blouse with a long slit is also an interesting option.

You can choose from a button-down or stitched design, as well as a relaxed fit. By choosing a denim tunic, it’s easy to create a great total look with denim clothing. Blue long denim blouses go well with white trousers and suede boots. There are many options, and tunics will definitely give you a lot of inspiration for creating original outfits!

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Hippie-style tunics full of effortless charm

Tunics are one of those items of clothing that are associated with hippie, ethnic and boho styles. No wonder - the comfortable fit and distinctive details express the very essence of a relaxed look, inspired by the era of flower children and festival style lovers.

But you don't have to wait until summer parties to dress up in these adorable pieces. Fashionable, loose-fitting women's tunics made from airy fabrics are also ideal for summer in the city, date night or casual outings with friends. The photos convey their charm, for which you should definitely buy such a wardrobe item.

What are the features of a boho tunic?

Fashionable women's tunics are discreet and have interesting details, such as colorful embroidery, openwork inserts or ties at the neckline or waist. Blouses and tunics in this style often include flared hems and cup sleeves.

Pair tunics with jeans of varying lengths and styles for a carefree, hippie-inspired look like those seen on the runway. Ankle-length capri jeans, classic skinny jeans or 70s style bell jeans are the perfect choice to combine!

Hippie style tunics also look great with shorts. Pair them with a denim or leather jacket. Romantic embroidery and lace details also pair well with suede. You can use a loose embroidered blouse for urban outfits - just replace the jeans with chinos and the fringed accessories with simple, classic colors.

Tunic for business meetings

Women's tunics are not just for everyday wear. You can wear them to work or important events - as a business blouse, with tapered straight trousers or in a regular style. Choose lightweight fabrics in simple, muted colors. Shades of white and blue are true office classics; when combined with a shirt, they take on an official look. This year, tunics are especially in demand, ideal for important meetings or for work where a strict dress code is adopted.

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In addition to minimalist shirt styles, consider cross-body tops with button-downs, ruffles and pleats. If you want to spice up your office look with patterns, then formal-looking tunics made from checkered or striped fabrics will catch your attention.

If you want to add a little freshness and lightness to your business look, choose models in pastel colors. Powder pink, blue, beige and mint shades look very elegant with a navy suit and become a refreshing accent when paired with a white jacket.

How to choose a tunic according to your figure

In addition to the fact that women's tunics look stylish, they are able to optically shape the figure. If you want to visually hide your protruding belly, choose an empire cut tunic. It will hide figure imperfections, providing comfort when worn. The option with a belt under the neckline is suitable for women with a pear-shaped figure: the cut emphasizes a thin, high waist and emphasizes the bust. The slightly flared hem hides large hips.

A-shaped tunics are the allies of women with full hips. Asymmetrical models will also be an interesting option, as they distract attention from too wide hips.

When choosing a tunic, pay attention to the neckline. If you want to create the effect of a large bust, choose a style with pleats or frills. And to hide overly large breasts, wear a simple-cut option in a solid color or a small pattern.

For girls with an hourglass figure, the best solution would be tunics with a belt at the waist. To further highlight your figure, choose a tunic made from a fabric that hugs your body softly.

Trend – V-neck

This tunic is also ideal for those with slightly masculine figures, i.e. for women with a small bust and waist, narrow hips - a rectangle figure type. If you have a slender figure without curves, use the potential of a tunic to add femininity. Models adorned with folds, ruffles and spatial embellishments are a sure way to achieve this effect. They will be on trend all season.

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Plus size tunics

The classic, muted color of the tunic can be complemented by an asymmetrical cut. It will enliven any of your outfits, giving it an original character. Despite the unusual cut, combining it with other items of clothing is not a difficult task. Just wear tapered trousers that perfectly complement the flared hem of the tunic.

Fashion designers liked the lace material and bright neon color this year. Tunics in bright colors look great with black, tapered trousers or dark jeans. With such rich colors, you can be sure that your outfit will be phenomenal.

If you prefer to add a little color to your outfit, we recommend choosing a straight-fit tunic with a subtle pattern. Letter patterns in muted colors also work well. Plus size knee-length tunics can be worn two ways - as an accessory to trousers or as an outfit on their own.


  • For those looking for a replacement for an elegant business blouse or an addition to jeans for everyday walks, fashion experts are offering a versatile alternative this year - tunics.
  • Women's tunics are perfect for any occasion. Discover different styles to create inspiring outfits for every day!
  • Cutouts, lengths, patterns and decor may vary.