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We continue to make useful fashion reviews. Today's topic is current prints. What patterns, ornaments and drawings should our clothes, accessories and shoes be decorated with so that they can definitely be called trendy? The answer to this question will be devoted to today's selection. So, what are they - fashionable prints? We list the most popular.




Prints: the main fashion trends of the season

It is worth recognizing that this year is more prone to conciseness, monochrome and deliberate femininity. In many collections shown on the catwalks, there were outfits made of translucent plain fabric. And more practical textures were often monochromatic, although bright. The main emphasis in the future fashion season is on color. And this is wonderful.

But the prints seem to have faded into the background. And yet, they could not do without them. Somewhere they were barely noticeable and unobtrusive, somewhere they were the main element of the image. But what exactly did the designers prefer to depict on fabrics? Now let's talk about current fashion trends.

  • Snake print. Let's start with the absolute novelty of the season. Rumor has it that the snake print has replaced the brindle color, which was full of shows throughout the past year. However, unlike the "tiger", the new trendy animalistic pattern looks more restrained. In autumn, stylists recommend focusing on snake-like leather clothes, and in spring and summer, wear light dresses and skirts with the same color.


  • Leopard. If the tiger is considered an anti-trend of the year, then the leopard still remains in demand for future seasons. For example, absolutely luxurious velvet evening dresses with leopard print were demonstrated at the Halpern show. Other popular brands also paid attention to predatory motifs, with animalistic patterns found on skirts, outerwear, blouses, accessories, and jewelry for women.
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  • Ombre and gradient. Color stretching is a real must have in literally all segments of fashion: in hair coloring, nail design, and now also in clothes. Trendy ombre and gradient prints are vibrant. In particular, Courrèges, Ferragamo, and Etro have very beautiful transitions from red to orange and yellow. There are no less spectacular transitions from white to black or from scarlet to coral.


  • Copyright. The term "author's" should be understood as drawings and patterns that cannot be attributed to any of the popular categories. And it should be noted that there were many such prints at the past Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Designers have done everything to make every fashionista feel special. Golden birds, a fish in an aquarium, pixel art, art blots - all this will be in trend next year.


  • Diverse stripes. Not to say that this print was found everywhere, but it would be a mistake not to include it in the trend list. This is a classic that never gets old. Wide and narrow, vertical, horizontal and angled, bright and barely noticeable stripes will be fashionable to wear on trousers and full suits, skirts and coats, handbags and underwear, dresses and high boots.


  • Large flowers. Fashion pays a lot of attention to colors. It is difficult to remember at least one collection for the next spring-summer season, so that it does not dazzle with floral ornaments. Among the favorites are large flowers. On dresses, they “bloom” one by one or in a luxurious bouquet. However, not everyone will be able to turn to this trend. Stylists strongly recommend wearing it only to slender fashionistas.
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  • Cell. She maintains her leading position in the popularity rating. Shirts, pajama-style suits, strict dresses, mini-skirts, tights, asymmetric and cropped tops, coats and knitted jackets, a checkered cape must find their place in the collection of avid fashionistas. After all, the cage is one of the main trends in the list of prints.


  • A scattering of small flowers. Another manifestation of floral mania, which is typical for this season of the year. In addition to large buds, charming miniature flowers will also be popular. Here, the designers did not waste time on trifles and applied them to the fabric in bulk. Definitely, this print will fit perfectly in the spring-summer season. He will add lightness, femininity, special aesthetics to the image of a lady.

  • Polka dots. This uncomplicated print also continues to be listed on fashion trends. Things with peas are relevant in any variation. They have incomparable retro chic, catchiness, elegance. On the streets of big cities, polka dots will look like something sweet, long lost and incredibly touching. The size of the print can be chosen quite small, like Carolina Herrera, or something larger and more expressive.

  • Ethnic motives. Fans of boho style will be pleased to know that ethnic motifs also continue to be in demand in the most extensive fashion segment - women's clothing. Indescribable patterns still look original, attract attention, add mystery to the image.


As for prints for shoes, the check is out of competition here. Just look at how stylish Louis Vuitton black and white plaid boots look on a woman's leg. Shoes and boots with floral and leopard print, sneakers with inscriptions will remain relevant.


Fashionable prints pleasantly please with their variety. Study photos from fashion shows to create the most stylish and trendy looks.