Fashion trends in clothing 2024: review of fashion shows

Women's fashion 2024 Female

Why this review of spring and summer trends for the 2024 season is needed. To purchase clothes at seasonal sales that can be worn in the next fashion season. Designers are often ahead of their time; at the very beginning, people may not accept fashionable things, so they end up with discounts.

White pantsuit

The fashionable jacket is fitted and the trousers are wide. White will not be a flattering color unless you buy tight-fitting white items.

White pantsuit
Alberta Ferretti, Christian Siriano, Fforme

White dress in minimalist style

It's nice that minimalism is in fashion. There is no need to add extra layers, all that remains is to find a white dress that flatters your figure.

White dress in minimalist style
Alaïa, Alberta Ferretti, Fforme, Gabriela Hearst, Theory

White dress in minimalist style


The trend is a tight-fitting minimalist top and a loose accent bottom.

Fashion clothing trends 2024
LaQuan Smith, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Sergio Hudson

Jean jacket

If you haven't worn out a bulky denim jacket yet, continue cushioning. When shopping for a new denim jacket, look for one with bells and whistles.

Fashion trends in clothing 2024: current images of the season
AG, Priscavera, Ralph Lauren

denim suit

In the 2024 season, denim suits are complex in cut and decor.

Women's fashion 2024
Kenzo, LaQuan Smith, Priscavera, Rentrayage, Ulla Johnson, Zimmermann

Women's fashion 2024

jeans and print

Anyone who prophesied that jeans would have a low rise can rejoice and be sad at the same time. A low landing is no less relevant than a high one. The most fashionable jeans made of fabric with print and holes

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Jeans with holes

Brandon Maxwell, LaQuan Smith, Priscavera, Private Policy, Ralph Lauren, Rentrayage, Sergio Hudson

Thin pink cardigan

Combine a feminine and stylish trendy cardigan with skirts to create current fashionable sets.

Thin pink cardigan
Carolina Herrera, PH5

Leather top

A trend for those who are tired of leather dresses, trousers and jackets, but don’t want to give up leather in their wardrobe, because it is in the DNA of style.

Gabriela Hearst, Sergio Hudson

70's style short dress

The most awaited cyclical trend. Combine short dresses in a minimalist style with basic shoes, and complement accent dresses with fashionable accessories. For example, golf.

Fashionable short dress
Kenzo, Patou, Priscavera, Private Policy, Staud, Theory

Fashionable short dress

Suit with vest

Long suit vests are in trend; combination with a skirt is welcome.

2024 fashion trends
Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Gabriela Hearst, Tibi

Suit with white micro top

In ordinary life, such a two-piece requires a top layer, for example, a cropped jacket.

Suit with micro top and full skirt
Suit with micro top and print from the collections Michael Kors Collection, Studio 189, Adam Lippes, Alaïa, Altuzarra, Sara Battaglia, Zimmermann

red suit

Red suits are in fashion. Skirts are more fashionable than trousers.

Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Sandy Liang, We11done


You can buy a polo now; in the fall, knitted polos with long sleeves are popular. A polo from my husband's wardrobe won't do. Fashionable polos fit your figure.

AG, Carolina Herrera, Puppets and Puppets, Theory

Fitted shirt

The trend for a fitted top has not spared shirts. But fashionable fitted shirts have long sleeves; you won’t be able to take the old one off the shelf.

Michael Kors Collection, Tibi


You can buy a sundress now and wear it with turtlenecks.

Alaïa, Chanel, Fforme, Jason Wu Collection, Michael Kors Collection

Basic sweater

Loose sweaters with long sleeves are trending. Wear thin pullovers on your shoulders instead of a scarf.

Basic sweater
Adam Lippes, AG, Altuzarra, Brandon Maxwell

Basic sweater

Briefs and micro shorts

Micro shorts are a trend for extravagant people and creative shoots.

Spring-Summer 2024
Chanel, Michael Kors Collection, Rentrayage, Sergio Hudson

Spring-Summer 2024

Wide maxi skirt

Pair long, full skirts with tight-fitting T-shirts and tank tops.

Brandon Maxwell, Staud

Wide long shorts

Look for long, loose shorts now; they won't be available in summer, but they're easy to make yourself from wide-leg jeans.

Shorts in complex looks

Capri shorts are trending. Wear basic capris with bright blouses or go minimalist.

Fashion women clothes

Fashion women clothes
Basic shorts and capris from the collections of AG, Chanel, Gucci, Rentrayage, Theory, Zimmermann

Motorcycle boots

These shoes were already popular 20 years ago, their time has come again, these boots are very comfortable and easy to create edgy looks with.

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Fashion women clothes

Fashionable elegant clothes 2024

Try to neutralize sexuality with rough shoes and a voluminous jacket.

Combination with lace – Alberta Ferretti, Coach, Ulla Johnson
Corset – Christian Siriano, Priscavera, Ralph Lauren
Glitter is on trend
Glitter of metal – Fforme, Gabriela Hearst, Ralph Lauren, Theory, Priscavera

Glitter is on trend

Pay attention not to banal shiny dresses, but to long-sleeved fabric with sequins or a pink dress. Short sleeves and a round high neckline are back in fashion.

Sequins – Carolina Herrera, LaPointe, Sergio Hudson

Balletcore in clothes looks clearer in elegant looks. Every woman needs a white tutu skirt in the fashionable spring 2024 season.

Ballet tutu – Adeam, Carolina Herrera, Christian Siriano

Fashionable shades of clothing 2024

Azure color is on trend
Azure – Chanel, Cinq à Sept, PH5, Priscavera, Sergio Hudson, Staud

Azure color is on trend

Muted yellow – Carolina Herrera, Frederick Anderson, We11done
Green – Gucci, PH5, Tibi
Red – Proenza Schouler, Coach, Jason Wu Collection
Mint color – Adeam, Priscavera, Tibi
Gray – Alaïa, Altuzarra, Sergio Hudson
Pumpkin color – Patou, Adeam
Berry color – Gabriela Hearst, Sergio Hudson
Color block is trending
Color block with pink color - Altuzarra, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Michael Kors Collection, Ralph Lauren, The Row, Ulla Johnson

Color block is trending
Color block is trending

Current prints on clothes: trends for 2024

No country dresses with polka dots, choose unusual things with a polka dot print.

Polka dot print – Altuzarra, Carolina Herrera, Chanel

A striped suit is a must-have for a fashionable spring wardrobe 2024.

Striped print – Patou, Priscavera, Ralph Lauren

Unusual fresh print. Fashion house stylists complement it with jewelry.

Landscapes in graphics – Carolina Herrera, Kenzo

A lot of outfits with bright tiger or zebra prints can be found in the assortment of marketplaces. Choose long dresses.

Tiger print – Studio 189, Zimmermann

In floral prints for the 2024 season, texture is important. Many brands have decorated denim with flowers. The flowers are medium in size and spaced far apart. The field is black, white, pink.

Fashionable floral print
Floral pattern - Ralph Lauren, Blumarine, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, St. John

Fashionable floral print

There are many rules for combining prints, but for spring and summer 2024, combine different prints in the same color scheme.

Combination of prints in the collections Studio 189, Burberry

If you don’t know how and don’t like to combine prints yourself, buy a dress using the patchwork technique.

Rentrayage, Studio 189, Ulla Johnson

Stylish details and decor of fashionable clothes 2024

There is a lot of fringe. Buy a black dress made from natural fabrics; you can wear it to corporate events in the winter, and then wear it with white ballet flats or sneakers in the summer.

Fringe trend
Adam Lippes, Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Bibhu Mohapatra, Chanel, Ralph Lauren

Fringe trend

Complicate your looks with white shirts with details: tie, brooch, corset, vest.

Ashlyn, Brandon Maxwell, Cinq à Sept, Sergio Hudson

A deep neckline is a trend suitable for women with small breasts.

Bevza, Michael Kors Collection, Staud

Low waistline. For a long time, short torso and long legs were in fashion, today trends are changing, the torso is growing before our eyes.

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Adam Lippes, Brandon Maxwell, Ulla Johnson

One shoulder dresses and designer tops. When purchasing such a product, keep in mind the underwear you plan to wear it with; it is even better to buy your underwear before your dress or top. This way you will definitely wear a trendy item in the summer.

Fashion looks 2024
Adeam, Brandon Maxwell, Chanel, Kenzo, Sergio Hudson, Staud

Fashion looks 2024

Parachute dress. Otherwise, this style is called “cloud”.

Adam Lippes, Altuzarra, Cinq à Sept

Slits on dresses. The slits at the waist visually reduce it; with the correct fit of the dress, even overweight women can afford this style.

Brandon Maxwell, Gabriela Hearst, Michael Kors Collection

Slits in the sleeves. A questionable trend for convenience. A trend for a beautiful picture.

Brandon Maxwell, Tibi, Veronica Beard

Sleeves of an unusual cut. Sleeves with exaggerated volume and length are in fashion.

Carolina Herrera, Patou, We11done

Difficult bottom. Previously, there were several tops for one bottom in the wardrobe; today, more and more often, the top is basic, and the bottoms are accent. Accordingly, there will be more and more bottoms in the wardrobe.

Current fashion
Chanel, Sergio Hudson, Staud, Ulla Johnson, Zimmermann

Current fashion

Asymmetry. Asymmetry visually makes you look slimmer, the cut is suitable for overweight women.

Gabriela Hearst, PH5, Tibi

Fashionable clothing textures 2024

Knitten things. Often knitted items at sales are tight and disheveled. If you want to save money, then before summer you will have time to put your knitted luxury in order.

Knitten things
Chanel, Christian Dior, Michael Kors Collection, Staud, Ulla Johnson

Knitten things

Lace in the collections of Bibhu Mohapatra, Frederick Anderson, Michael Kors Collection

You will be very lucky if you can find something made from crinkled fabric during the off-season. This is an exclusive trend.


2024 look decorations

Brooches – Coach, Altuzarra, Carolina Herrera
Flowers – Carolina Herrera
Hoop earrings on models Carolina Herrera, Patou

Micro trends for the spring-summer 2024 season

  • String bags;
  • Large gold bracelets;
  • White and black knee socks;
  • Giraffe print;
  • Large hairpins;
  • Round bags;
  • Romantic lady style;
  • Chains and bracelets on clothes;
  • Flowers on denim;
  • Pleated.

When purchasing items on sale, keep in mind the current styles and fits. Things can be fashionable, but if you choose the wrong size, the impression of the image will be spoiled.