Fashionable colors of clothes with fashion week in Paris, Milan, New York

The main color trend for the fall-winter 2023/2024 season is looks made up of things of the same color (total look). Shoes may not match the color of the set. Fashion trend setters at Fashion Week were guided by the palette from the Pantone color institute when selecting images, so on the streets of fashion capitals, fashion divas walked and rode bicycles in clothes the color of astronomical dust and digital lavender.

Blue spectrum

Turquoise (Blue Atoll)

A color that instantly became a trend, not only among celebrities, but also among mass market buyers. Even knitted items look expensive and impressive in this color.

Fashionable colors and shades of clothing
Fashionable colors and shades of clothing
sky blue (Lacecap Hydrangea - Lace hydrangea)
There were a lot of looks in blue on street style in the spring and at fall Fashion Weeks.

Fashionable colors and shades of clothing: current trends 2023-2024

overall denim

Total denim


Electric Blue is back. The color does not look expensive, so buy trendy items in this color and wear them with current shoes.

Dark blue (Eclipse - Eclipse).

Corporate color for trouser suits, shirts and elegant velvet.

Fashion trends of the future

Beige color

Total look

There are several shades of beige in the Panton Color Institute palette:

  • Tender Peach - tender peach;
  • Doe – light brown;
  • Pale Khaki - pale khaki;
  • Nutshell - nut shell.


Fashion trends of the future

Chocolate (Hot Fudge - Hot fudge).

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The color brown was not present in spring street fashion looks; it appeared at autumn Fashion Weeks. Brown leather items are on trend.


Stylists advise not to match shades of white to each other this season. If you're afraid of all-white looks, add white details to your outfits.

Total look




Neo-Gothic is relevant, wear black, but remember that black on the face will highlight all the flaws in the skin.

Total look.

Little black dress.

Black and white images

Trendy color combinations


Trendy color combinations

Gray (Lava Smoke - Lava Smoke and Nimbus Cloud - Nimbus Cloud).

Gray clothing for the fall-winter 2023/2024 season emphasizes sexuality.

Trendy color combinations

Neon (Cyber ​​Lime - Cyber ​​lime).

Neon shades in combination with black look harsh, but these are the written laws of fashion; images in the color block style with neon are not welcome.

Total look.

Neon shades


Neon shades

Red spectrum

Scarlet Red (Radiant Red - Shining Red and Conch Shell - Fiery Red).

Red is the main base color this season; it replaced fuchsia, which is still relevant, but everyone is already very tired of it. At Fashion Week, red was combined with black, gold, leopard and pink.

Total look.

Red in images
Red in images




Delicate pink (Conch Shell - Sink).

The color pink symbolizes feminine energy and flirtation. Pastel pink suits fair-haired women and decorates them.

Barbie (Fondant Pink - Pink fondant).

Bordeaux (Red Dahlia - Red Dahlia and Fired Brick - Burnt Brick).

The main difficulty is finding clothes in fashionable colors on sale. The most difficult thing will be to find things in expensive burgundy and berry shades. Owners of clothing stores are afraid to experiment with colors and do not purchase clothes in complex shades.

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Berry shades trending this season:

  • Rose Violet - Pink-violet;
  • Viva Magenta - Life-giving magenta;
  • Astro Dust - Astro dust.

Metal finish

In the looks for the fall-winter 2023/2024 season, we move metallic to the bottom, and leave the top basic.


Fashionable colors and shades of clothing


Fashionable colors and shades of clothing

Green spectrum (Sharp Green - Bright green)

Pure green is losing popularity and is being replaced by complex shades of green. For example, herbal, lime and pistachio.

Total look

Lime (Kohlrabi - Kohlrabi).


Purple and lilac.

The color that exploded at Fashion Week in the fall.

Shades of the violet spectrum:

  • Sparkling Grape - Sparkling grapes;
  • Digital Lavender - Digital lavender.

Purple is in fashion

Yellow (Spectra Yellow - Spectra yellow and High Visibility - High visibility)

It's difficult to create fashionable looks with yellow clothes, but most women are ready to add a little mustard to their wardrobe in the fall.

Trendy shades of clothing

Color block

The color block style is not at the peak of popularity, but if the combination of colors is typical for your individual style, then combine green with pink, yellow with green, pink with orange.

Trendy shades of clothing

pastel palette

It's easier with pastel shades. The trend is a stylish combination of pastel green and pink.

Trendy shades of clothing

Winter is ahead, don’t be afraid to cheer yourself up with clothes in fashionable colors, don’t turn your winter wardrobe into a gothic domain, despite the relevance of black.