Fashionable dresses autumn-winter - styles and photos of outfits


They say fashion is cyclical. Despite this, we see today how every season designers present new collections and fresh solutions. Agree, it is difficult to pass by a beautiful boutique and not look inside? Do you have the same? Today we invite you to look at the podium and recharge for the upcoming cold weather.

Autumn and winter can be quite mild and warm, or harsh, but when did that get in the way of long walks in beautiful and stylish outfits? I think this has happened to few people, and even if it's about you, see a selection of photos from the shows and get inspired.

Where to begin? Of course, from the most feminine element of the wardrobe - dresses! This is such a unique thing that it not only performs the function of heating on cool days, but also emphasizes the uniqueness of each woman, her figure, character, and even reflects her lifestyle. And most importantly, dresses save time and do not require a particularly long fitting, even when buying. Let's talk about the most fashionable dresses of this year, and which models we should take a closer look at!

Knitted dresses

The first dress that catches the eye every autumn. At the shows, mini-length dresses with a pleated skirt were presented in combination with elongated boots and colored tights. This option is great for girls and energetic women.

Maxi length dresses, on the contrary, will suit more leisurely and elegant women. In general, there are no restrictions here, because it is a matter of comfort. Asymmetric models are suitable for everyone for any outings: be it a club, a date or a spontaneous walk.

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Fashionable dresses fall-winter
Jil Sander

Michael Kors Collection, Givenchy

Mini dresses with collars

The Babydoll style does not leave the catwalks and moreover, this year the doll theme is one of the most popular. Barbie style, all shades of pink, cute mini dresses create a playful and romantic mood, and the cold is no reason to stay at home.


Blazer dress

Do you want to look simple and at the same time stylish, with character? Well, this option is just for you! The dress resembles a jacket and thus visually lengthens the legs. The image in such a dress looks spectacular, which attracts attention.

Jacket dress 2023
Alexander McQueen, Elisabetta Franchi

Little Black Dress

Pure classic. The laconic cut, the absence of large details allow it to be combined with a variety of jewelry, shoes and accessories. A dress that is unlikely to go out of fashion will be one of the best investments this year.

fashionable dresses
Christian Dior, Elisabetta Franchi

Sweater dress

For those who love casual style and warm things, such a "sweater" is the best choice. Ideal in combination with warm tights and leggings, with high boots and boots.

Warm sweater dress
Coach and 2 photos of Isabel Marant

Corset dresses

This is just about the fact that fashion is cyclical and quite flexible. The trend of one time comes to another in a different version, while not losing its relevance. Corset dress, no doubt, one of the most feminine.

Brandon Maxwell, Elisabetta Franchi

Lace dresses

Always relevant romantic and evening theme. As life practice has shown, many girls and women prefer a dress with lace for important festive events and events: parties, dates, restaurants and weddings. If you want to create the impression of a gentle, feminine and romantic girl, then this dress is the perfect option for you.

fashionable dresses
Chanel, Elie Saab

Draped dresses

Dresses made of thin and flowing material emphasize the curves of the body and in places add volume. They look very beautiful and unusual. A great evening option for those who like to be the center of attention.

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Draped dresses
Saint Laurent

Dresses with sequins and rhinestones

A must have for many holidays and evening outings for those who love to sparkle. The choice of many Hollywood divas and celebrities.

Elisabetta Franchi, Isabel Marant
Elie Saab

Satin and asymmetric dresses

Linen style is still with us. Slip dresses create a romantic mood, and an asymmetric cut makes the dresses spectacular and even more attractive.

Bottega Veneta
fashionable dresses
Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney
fashionable dresses
Michael Kors Collection

Leather dresses

If you are a girl with character, then this dress can be a great everyday and evening option for you. The adjacent silhouette will emphasize sexuality and independence.

Alexander McQueen leather dresses
Alexander McQueen
Leather dresses autumn-winter
Chanel, Lanvin

Dresses made of velvet, velor, suede and denim are chosen based on their preferences and weather conditions. Very beautiful evening velor dresses, emphasize the figure. Suede and denim are popular with girls in the cool season.

fashionable dresses
Fendi, Isabel Marant

We wish you a romantic mood, stylish ideas and warmth at any time of the year!