Boho style in clothes - photos of images, features of makeup and hairstyles


The boho style in clothing has regained its former popularity and chic. The sets combined traditional hippie and bohemian shades, bright patterns and soft colors, natural makeup and numerous accessories. Next, we’ll look at the features and try to figure out how and with what to complement the wardrobe to create looks in this style.

The relevance of the boho style

Light flowing dresses with floral prints, frills and ruffles are the main representatives of looks in the boho chic style.

Fashionable feminine looks are demonstrated by fashion bloggers in city and evening outfits.

flying dress with ruffles photoFloral print dresses with flounces and ruffles.

boho chic dressThe flowing silhouettes of the dress are an attribute of style.

boho style in urban images photos

Boho style in fashion shows

Collections of world fashion houses often present images in the boho style.

boho chic style on world catwalks

flowing floor length dresses

long dresses photos

light flowing dresses in catwalk looks

Main features of the style

There are several motives in which the boho style develops:

  1. Indian;
  2. gypsy;
  3. hippie;
  4. retro;
  5. ethno.

boho styling

Combining natural colors, the overall picture is pleasant. Often this is a calm beige or blue color scheme with pleasant folk motifs. The colors used in composing the images are natural, not harsh on the eyes (terracotta, khaki, brown, etc.).

The boho style in clothing does not correspond to the standard concepts of fashionable or trendy clothing - rather, it is suitable for creative expression, personal comfort and coziness. If you search the Internet for relevant photos, you will notice that most of them were taken outside of studios: either these are photos from fashion shows, or street or outdoor photography.

boho ensembles

This feature is due to the fact that the boho style of clothing is close to nature. Often its adherents are vegetarians or fighters for “world peace.” In addition, because of this, when choosing fabrics, preference is given to natural materials.

The style has survived many years of history. Modern images represent a youthful boho-chic style of clothing, the features of which are long multi-layered skirts, numerous frills, loose blouses or flowing dresses. The images do not strive to emphasize a woman’s figure - reflecting the inner world, individuality, character traits, and mood.

multi-layered images

Boho style - additions to the image

The boho style is discernible in images not only by clothing. Accessories, makeup, hairstyle or shoes are no less important components of an outfit. Let us further consider each of these elements separately and give characteristics.

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feminine images

Boho shoes

Speaking about clothes, we mentioned some eccentricity and brightness; with shoes everything is much simpler. Boho shoes are simple, often plain and neutral. Its main feature is convenience and practicality. If you choose shoes, then the colors should be natural, and the heel should either be absent or low. Lovers of the boho-chic style prefer wedge heels. The following options will be the perfect addition to the complete look.

boho ankle boots

Sandals or flip-flops

Classic models that can be complemented with beads, stones, ribbons or ties. Preference is given to models made of leather- or suede-like fabric.

shoe selection

"Cowboy boots

Their distinctive feature in this case is their free design.

boots and shoes

Gladiator sandals

Tall or low models, both options will look smart and relevant.


Classic ballet shoes

Preferably without excessive additions or frills.

Lace-up boots

One of the decorations that can complement any type of shoe is fringe. By the way, you can see it in accessories and on clothes. This combination of shoes and clothes will look very interesting and unusual; it is perfect for this style. Get inspired by a particular pair of shoes in your looks by looking at photos on the Internet.

Boho hairstyle

Freedom and audacity are the main criteria for a boho hairstyle. Disheveled, perhaps not quite neat hair is exactly what we need. Even when recreating an image from a photo, there simply cannot be any special problems with the hairstyle; they are easy, simple and accessible even for a non-professional. When choosing one or another hairstyle, the following recommendations can be given:

  • Braids are a girl's pride. Boho chic says just that. A neatly or casually braided braid will perfectly complement any of your looks. In addition, you can braid two braids or use a braid as a hairstyle in all its manifestations. Classic, “fish”, “spikelet”, whatever suits your imagination! To find out exactly how your hair should look in a braid, carefully study photos on the Internet with the corresponding hairstyles.
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  • Loose hair is a classic. Casually styled hair - straight, wavy or curly - is also good for our case. It is advisable to add additional volume to them with the help of backcombing, then the harmony of the image is simply guaranteed to you. The light effect of wet hair will look interesting.

  • Hair gathered in a bun. Oddly enough, even such a light and homey hairstyle will look relevant.


You can safely complement your hairstyle with numerous accessories. They can be bright and catchy - flowers, ribbons and much more. In addition, the option with a hair band will be very relevant. Just put it on your straight hair and your hairstyle is ready.

Hair colors should also be as natural as possible. So if you previously painted in some bright and unnatural shade, and now you decide to match this style, then you will have to make changes to your image.

Boho style makeup

Like other elements that boho chic implies, makeup is characterized by maximum naturalness and simplicity. Let's study our face and what kind of makeup should be applied to it.

  1. Skin tone. Minimal makeup often means no foundation on the face. Or if it has an absolutely light texture. You can use this alternative: a light caring cream and a little powder to match your skin tone.
  2. It is allowed to use blush, but light, which will emphasize, and not pretentiously highlight the features of your face. Check out photos of models on the Internet to create the most correct image.
  3. Eyes. The only part of our face on which we can make a fairly bright accent. Of course, in most cases it is better to avoid it altogether and limit yourself to natural eyeliner and mascara. If you want to highlight them more, use smoky eyes.
  4. Brows. No tattooing or excessive highlighting! Choose a pencil that matches your hair color or lighter and barely outlines the shape of your eyebrows - this will be enough to complete your makeup.
  5. The final emphasis is on the lips. For lips, it is enough to use a transparent gloss or matte lipstick in a neutral shade.
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boho style makeup

To create competent makeup, carefully study the corresponding photos on the Internet - this will make it easier for you to create your own image.

Boho style accessories

An essential part of the boho chic style is accessories. And here there is a rule that does not apply to the entire fashion world - the more accessories, the better. Of course, you need to know when to stop! Main parts which include accessories:

  • Beads. Most often large, made of wood. These regular beads of medium length will look great with both a skirt and trousers.

boho decorations

  • Beads and baubles. Why not recapture your childhood with these quirky and cute accessories? In addition, if chosen correctly, they will visually rejuvenate your hands and lengthen your wrist.

boho style accessories

  • Rings. A variety of massive rings with large stones or interesting geometric patterns will decorate your fingers well and add femininity to your look.
  • Massive earrings. Large earrings with ethnic motifs - why not complement a boho?