What is fashionable for a woman to wear a green coat - photo images


In the autumn, when warm days are getting smaller, women begin to hide in cozy coats. Colors are often chosen for practical reasons, so the streets are filled with ladies dressed in gray, brown, black. But why forget about bright colors? After all, they look very impressive, especially against the backdrop of autumn dampness. For example, green - it will give you a summer mood in the most chilly weather, you will look bright, stylish and stand out from the crowd. But let's see what to wear with a green coat.



Variety of shades of green

The concept of "green" includes a lot of different shades. Dark green, light green, marsh, herbal, light green, lime, mint, jade, malachite - it's all about him. There are also more unusual names, when you don’t even immediately understand what it is about - Chartreuse, Viridian, and meanwhile these are also shades from the green palette. There is a place and a reason for everyone, and everyone will remind you of some spring or summer moment: grass after the rain, the color of the sea, a neat lawn, young leaves on a tree, a juicy apple on a plate. In a word, everything that is so lacking in autumn or early spring.

What to combine with a green coat

How can a woman wear a green coat for a stylish look for every day? It doesn't matter which style you prefer. A green coat can be easily combined with anything. But still, it is worth paying attention to things that will look most advantageous and appropriate in tandem with him. We suggest considering several options.

  • Classics Green is considered a neutral color and goes well with classic black, white and gray. You can easily combine a fitted knee-length green coat with strict skirts, dresses and trousers in the listed classic shades. Complete the look with stylish black ankle boots or boots. Jeans will also work.
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  • Like with like. You will look elegant if you try to combine several green elements, that is, add another element to match the coat. It can be a scarf, a skirt, a handbag or shoes. In this case, it is better to use different shades. For example, a light green jumper with a dark green coat, or a dark green scarf with a light coat.


  • Suitable shoes. Any shoes are combined with a green coat. But pay attention to style and shade. Lighter and even "acid" coat colors imply a bold and informal look. Sports shoes and boots with thick soles are suitable for this. A coat in dark green is best combined with shoes of a more restrained style without unnecessary details. It can be shoes, boots and ankle boots, made in classic colors.


  • Scarf. In cold weather, a warm scarf will be a great addition to the coat. Pay attention to shades that will harmonize well with green. These include the colors of the autumn range: beige, light brown, yellow, sand, mustard, dark orange, burgundy. For more daring girls, even an animal print is suitable. Plaid scarves are popular, as are long, wide models with fringes.


  • Scarves. For a green coat, you can pick up a beautiful neckerchief made of silk or chiffon. Choose models in a contrasting color so that they do not get lost and merge with the collar. Often these scarves have a colorful print. Do not overdo it when creating an image. Experiments with prints are best done if the coat does not have its own pattern.


  • Hats. Elegant hats are suitable for any coat. They can be exactly the same tone, have a green décor element such as a ribbon or strap, or simply be a color that goes well with green. Black, white, gray and beige models will be appropriate. This image is suitable for women over 50 who prefer a classic style.
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  • Cell. A green plaid coat looks very stylish. There is a relationship here. A small check is good with fitted models of a small size that will suit slender girls. A large cage looks good on oversized models.

What to wear with a short green coat? There are models that are more like elongated jackets. And there are those that are knee-length. Both of them can be combined with tapered trousers, leather and knitted leggings, black tights. You can choose a skirt of the desired length, as long as it is not shorter than the coat. Depending on the style, a cropped green coat can be worn with sneakers, low ankle boots, low heeled boots.


What to wear with a long coat? There are floor-length and mid-calf length models. A long green coat can be worn with everyday items: tight and semi-loose jeans, a pencil and pleated skirt, a dress with a straight or slightly flared cut, sneakers and high boots. Also, this model will be a good addition to evening outfits: a beautiful suit, a long evening dress. You can complement the fashionable look with ankle boots or even stilettos.


Green is indeed a universal color. It can both help attract attention and get a modest, discreet image.


Clothing in shades of green is combined with bold prints and strict classics. Even when you need to protect yourself from the cold, this color will harmoniously fit into the gloomy autumn range and give a summer mood. Let's take a look at some photos to see what fashionistas can wear with a green coat.