What to wear with blue dresses: how to complement the look, what shoes and accessories to choose


Blue dresses are appropriate in any girl's wardrobe. The richness of shades of this color will allow you to choose one suitable for any type of appearance. Models can be varied. A blue sheath dress should be worn to work or other formal events, and a lace one with an open back will decorate evening outings. As with any clothing, it is important to choose the right accessories and shoes that will allow the color to shine. To do this, you can look at the photo.

Variety of models

Blue dresses of various styles

Shades of blue dresses
When choosing a style, you need to take into account not only what color type the beauty has, but also the features of her figure. It is unlikely that a short dress will suit a girl with legs that are far from perfect. It is better to give preference to midi or even floor length to hide imperfections.

blue dress looks
Blue dresses from the catwalks

Floor length

Blue celebrity evening dresses

Thanks to the floor-length outfit, the fashionista looks mysterious and extremely feminine. A light sundress in a delicate shade is suitable for everyday summer walks. You can complement the look with a brown jacket and a belt that will highlight your waist.

blue dress shoes

The choice of hue saturation depends on the color type. For example, for a “Summer” girl, a muted, discreet color is suitable, while a “Winter” girl can afford a brighter one.

Blue celebrity dresses

A long dress of this color will look luxurious at a gala reception, as the photos show. Especially made of satin or silk, with an open back or immodest slits, trimmed with lace or rhinestones. Such evening outfits require a laconic clutch, it can be black, and the same shoes. Jewelry, earrings and bracelets should be chosen from gold or silver.

Stars in blue dresses

Short outfit

Fitted blue dresses

A short product looks no less interesting than a floor-length one. After all, it reveals beautiful legs. The brighter its color, the more restrained the accessories should be. Combinations with white are always relevant, for example, it could be a belt. A black clutch and beige sandals will help create an everyday look. Biker jacket is relevant for rocker style.

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When choosing what new clothes to buy, you should pay attention to the dark blue sheath dress. This is an excellent solution for office everyday life, as can be seen in the photo. You can wear it with a white, black or beige jacket. Suitable footwear is black or beige pumps.

Blue sheath dresses

A richer, brighter color looks less formal. Pair it with a cream jacket and a pair of pink shoes for a romantic look. The set will be completed with a light clutch and discreet earrings and other jewelry.

Summer ensemble

Blake Lively's blue dresses
Kate Middleton in blue dresses

Although similar outfits can be found for any time of year, blue looks especially trendy in the summer. After all, it evokes thoughts of a cloudless sky and the sea. A light shirt dress or an airy floor-length sundress is perfect for hot weather.

dresses from the runway

White in an outfit will greatly refresh the look; you can play with the nautical style. And for a casual style, a combination with brown is indispensable. The ensemble allows you to experiment and choose shoes to suit your taste: from gladiator sandals to loafers and slip-ons.

Blue dress for summer

Which jewelry to choose

blue boho dresses

To make the image complete, you need to think about decorations. In this case, you need to take into account the style of the dress. If it is bright, lace, with an open back, then the earrings and bracelets need to be quite laconic.

Dresses made of blue lace and guipure

For a business set, it is also not recommended to get carried away. It’s better to limit yourself to, for example, a string of pearls. But in everyday style, noticeable large jewelry would be appropriate.

The win-win solution is gold and silver. Both of these precious metals pair well with dark and light blues. They will complement both evening outfits and every day. This is a worthy option when you want to look discreet and sophisticated.

Accents for dresses

Jewelry for a blue dress can also decorate the ensemble. But it’s worth remembering a few tips:

  • Large beads and bracelets of any shade of blue are best worn only with a dark-colored item.
  • Combinations with jewelry of a different color look more original: light green, pink, yellow.
  • An amber necklace would be appropriate if you combine the set with brown shoes and take the same clutch.
  • An ensemble of a dark blue dress and black pumps looks good with red accessories and lipstick that repeats the color.
  • You should not refuse coral jewelry, be it a bracelet, necklace or earrings. They go well with a light summer dress.
  • You can also pay attention to mother of pearl. Moreover, it can be either jewelry, shoes or a clutch.
shoes for a blue dress

How to choose shoes

Finding shoes to go with an outfit like this is not that difficult, you just have to look at the photo. Although this color cannot be called universal, it still allows you to experiment. The simplest and almost win-win combination is with a beige pair. Graceful pumps of a similar shade will complement business or evening outfits with an open back; ballet flats or sandals are suitable for an informal setting.

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Printed dresses

Patterned shoes go well with a dress like this. For example, black with a white pattern or beige and pink with blue.

Shoes for a blue dress

Black and white are also neutral colors. There is no need to select matching accessories for them; they are self-sufficient. And if you want a brighter look, then you can try red, yellow, lilac shoes. But then you need to make sure that the chosen color is still present in the ensemble: it can be a clutch, earrings and bracelet, a belt. The combination of blue shoes with a similar dress is possible, but they should be noticeably different in shade.

Shoes for a blue dress

Evening dresses with an open back should be worn with high-heeled shoes, as shown in the photos. Satin, lacquered, and decorated with rhinestones look festive. Although a lace dress, which is eye-catching on its own, is best paired with more discreet shoes.

Guipure dress

A blue dress made of light, flowing material or lace goes well with stiletto heels. A thick heel is suitable for a product made of thicker fabric. Floor-length evening dresses are combined with elegant shoes with fairly high, medium-thick heels.

Tights - yes or no

Whether tights can be worn with similar clothes depends primarily on the choice of shoes. Sandals and open-toed models should be worn on bare feet. In other cases, tights can be worn. They can be flesh-colored or black, without shine. Other colors should be used with caution.

Shoes for a blue dress

The dark blue color complements the tan beautifully. Therefore, it is worth trying a shade of cappuccino or milk chocolate. If you pick up a similar clutch, the image will turn out to be unusual.

dark blue dresses

A blue outfit suits any fashionista thanks to the variety of shades and styles, examples can be seen in the photo. This could be a lace dress with an open back, which will be decorated with interesting earrings and a necklace, an elegant sheath, or an intriguing floor-length model. Properly selected accessories, shoes and handbag will add zest to your look.