Flesh color - what it is, what to combine it with and photos of images


Fashion is unstable, and therefore shades regularly change in the current palette. Flesh color is very relevant now. It is reasonably considered universal, since it can be worn with wardrobe items that have a wide variety of tonality.

Skin color - what is it?

Many women are interested in knowing what skin color looks like:

  1. This is a group of shades of human skin. It is classified as a non-spectral variety, and it is also very difficult to reproduce it.
  2. The palette of flesh includes colors from ivory to dark chocolate. At the moment, fashion includes in this concept the skin color of people of different races.

what skin color is it

Who suits flesh color?

Many fashionistas are interested in who suits flesh color in clothes? Proximity to the shade of human skin provides an opportunity to choose a shade that is close to any color type of appearance. The main recommendations for choosing are as follows:

  1. To highlight the individuality of girls with tanned and dark skin, you can use warm, blurry, ashen and coffee-milk nude tones.
  2. If the girl has light skin and blonde hair, they should choose clear, pronounced beige colors.
  3. You can use grayish and greenish variations that represent skin color. In combination with pale and very fair skin, an aggravating effect is achieved and gives it the same shade, so it is better to use this tone for the bottom of the set or for accessories.

who suits flesh color

Flesh color in clothes

Flesh-colored clothing is characterized by extreme versatility, it includes many different shades. Nude can be combined for the perfect look with the following tones:

  1. White. This is an unobtrusive combination that allows you to become the base of a wardrobe or complex sets.
  2. Cream and cream tones. Due to this, you can create an almost total look that looks incredibly impressive.
  3. Pastel shades. The flesh color is perfectly combined with the pastel palette, everything will look incredibly harmonious. In the cold season, this tone looks good with pink and peach.
  4. Vinous. It can be wine, cherry, burgundy, marsala and other colors.
  5. Blue and emerald. Very beautiful and elegant combination.
  6. Yellow. The best choice for summer.
  7. Brown. A warm combination, perfect for winter or autumn.
  8. Gray. Here you need to act carefully so that the combination does not look too boring.
  9. Silver or golden. A good choice for evening looks or noisy parties.
  10. Black. Provides the opportunity to create the perfect everyday look, which at the same time looks incredibly feminine.
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flesh color in clothesflesh-colored clothing

Nude dress

A dress, for the manufacture of which a beautiful flesh color is used, should be in the wardrobe of every girl. It is universal and appropriate for any situation. A dress made of openwork materials or with lace and sequins looks very nice. For summer collections, light fabrics of natural origin are used. Possible models that represent this wardrobe item are as follows:

  1. Dress-case. You can wear it every day, wear it to any events, create urban and business looks. If you add it with trim, the dress will look more festive and bright. On top of this wardrobe item, you can throw a cropped jacket or a dark coat. In the summer, a sheath dress is combined with sandals, ballet flats or boat shoes.
  2. Lace variations. They help to create an elegant and feminine image, to attract the attention of others.
  3. Polka dot dresses. A print applied to a nude background color will look good regardless of the girl's figure.
  4. Romantic floor length dresses. Suitable for both relaxing by the sea and walking around the city. This dress is very elegant and beautiful.
  5. Summer dresses. Practical and lightweight models in which the body is comfortable even in hot weather.
  6. Knitted dresses, reminiscent of voluminous sweaters, ideal for autumn and winter.

nude dressnice skin color

Nude leggings

The original skin-colored leggings, known as leggings, are classified as neutral wardrobe items, as they look great with clothes in almost all colors. Although you should still be careful with leggings so that the image is not overly defiant:

  1. Leggings can be casual, in which case it is better to prefer dense materials. They look more like trousers than tights. So that this wardrobe item is not mistaken for bare legs, there must be different decorative details.
  2. There are models suitable for dancing or sports. They are made from elastic thin fabrics.
  3. Leggings fit well into casual style, so it is not recommended to wear them to the office or to a gala event. Upstairs you need to take something long - an elongated tunic, a short dress, a long sweater. In summer, leggings can be worn with a long, loose T-shirt. But shoes can be absolutely anything.

nude leggings

Nude bodysuit

Body, elegant flesh-colored underwear, focuses on the beauty of the girl and emphasizes the dignity of her figure. This is a practical item that involves a combination of panties at the bottom and a T-shirt or T-shirt on top. You can wear a bodysuit under any dress, skirt or low-rise trousers. When asked what to wear with this piece of clothing, there are such answers:

  1. You can take a dress of chocolate, coffee color, bright skirts or a green sundress. Any of these options will organically complement the bodysuit, which was used to create a flesh color.
  2. If the upper part of the bodysuit is made in the form of a T-shirt, it would be nice to use an openwork cardigan or a bolero as an addition.
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nude bodysuitnude underwear

Nude top

The top is a very beautiful detail of the women's wardrobe, it is a flesh-colored women's T-shirt, which, with the right selection, can be attributed not only to the underwear style:

  • The flesh color is very calm, and therefore the image with such a topic will look aesthetically pleasing and pleasant. It is worth remembering that the top is far from appropriate for every situation.
  • It is advisable not to wear a top without a top. To do this, use large denim jackets, leather jackets, loose cardigans and jackets, jumpers with a cutout. The combination of a top and a sweater with a deep V-shaped neckline looks interesting. If you add a jacket to the top, you will be able to relax the business look.
  • Another good option is a top + shirt. It needs to be refueled at the front and can be released at the back.
  • The top loves layering and can even be worn over a T-shirt, shirt or turtleneck.

nude topwomen's nude tank top

Flesh pants

Easily fit for any situation and fit into any image flesh-colored trousers:

  1. It is advisable to choose a shade that does not completely merge with the skin, because of this there is a feeling of the absence of a bottom.
  2. These pants look good with almost any other wardrobe items. You can combine pants with white or black classics, or bright neon clothes. She loves calm skin color and different prints - from animalistic to floral.
  3. It is necessary to select shoes on the basis of the general image. The same applies to accessories.

The following models of trousers are especially popular:

  • chinos;
  • classic;
  • skinny;
  • jeans;
  • flared pants;
  • culottes;
  • skinny leather trousers.

flesh colored pants

Nude hoodie

The hoodie is a popular wardrobe item, which is represented by flesh-colored women's clothing. The following combinations with other things are allowed:

  1. With a jacket. A hoodie can act as a shirt or blouse, fitting into a business wardrobe. The jacket must be oversized.
  2. With over the knee boots, wearing a hoodie like a dress. This is a very effective combination, especially if you add a corset belt.
  3. With jeans. The model of jeans can be absolutely any.
  4. With a midi skirt. The most important thing is to emphasize the waistline so that the image is feminine.
  5. With sweatpants. And this tandem ends with shoes and a handbag.
  6. With a dress. This is a win-win option when you want to put on a flight dress ahead of time. You can just throw a hoodie on top - and the image will be great.
  7. With wide trousers. Girls who love oversize and layering will appreciate it.

nude hoodie

Nude swimsuit

An ambiguous piece of clothing that looks very original and interesting is a nude-colored swimsuit for the beach. It creates a "bare skin" effect that is very attractive. At the same time, the swimsuit can be both merged and separate - it depends on the preferences of the girl. It looks best when matched to the color of the skin. The most important thing is to choose a product according to the figure.

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nude swimsuit

Nude tights

A controversial thing that needs to be chosen wisely is flesh-colored nylon tights:

  • Girls are still arguing whether to wear them or not. They are not appropriate in every image. For example, you can wear them with a closed warm knit dress and boots.
  • It is desirable that the tone of the tights matches the skin tone. Do not try to imitate a tan or play on halftones. This looks out of place. Body tights with patterns or drawings look even worse.
  • Ideal tights are those that are initially not given the opportunity to be seen on the legs.

nude tights

Nude shoes

Flesh-colored shoes can be worn anywhere - to work, a date, a celebration or a party, shopping and so on. Nude pumps, heels or platform shoes look best in this color. You can wear them with any clothes - the most important thing is that the image looks harmonious.

body-colored shoes

Nude sneakers

Sneakers have long gone beyond sports shoes. At the moment, leather options, models made of textiles, suede and synthetics are very relevant. These flesh-colored shoes look good with the following clothes:

  • jeans;
  • light dresses;
  • knitted skirts of medium length;
  • pleated skirts;
  • sweatshirts;
  • cardigans;
  • denim shorts.

nude sneakers

Nude manicure

An interesting option for feminine looks is a nude manicure with or without a pattern. This is the best choice for gentle girls with a calm character. There are so many options for nail art with nude polish that you can just get lost. The most fashionable design variations are as follows:

  • beige with black;
  • matte nude manicure;
  • flesh with light pink;
  • hot pink in combination with flesh;
  • moon manicure with body.

nude manicurenude nails

Nude pedicure

A pedicure that creates flesh-colored nails looks as natural as possible. He always looks sophisticated and unobtrusive. The design options are:

  • Body pedicure in French style. You can add patterns and colors, abstract motifs.
  • A nude pedicure looks good with various decorative elements: rhinestones or beads. You can make beautiful patterns from pebbles.
  • Various patterns and prints look very beneficial in a flesh-colored pedicure. Geometric patterns, floral motifs and stripes or polka dots look beautiful.

nude pedicure