The main trends of the autumn-winter season: photos of outfits


Summer is in full swing, and fashionistas are already thinking about adding to their fall-winter wardrobe. World-famous couturiers took care of their requests in advance, presenting stunning new items to the world at shows in New York, Paris, London and Milan. All we have to do now is to carefully consider the fashion trends in clothing for autumn/winter and choose the most interesting ones.



To find out the trendy shades in clothes, you do not need to go to the top shows, keep track of current trends in the art world, or watch the latest movies. It is enough to take apart the images shown in the fashion capitals into details. So, what colors will be the main ones in the cold season?

  • Intense pink or fuchsia - at Paris Fashion Week, many fashion houses presented outfits in this color, but Valentino was especially distinguished. Fashion designers decided that there is never too much pink, and they showed not only a total look, but also decorated the podium in appropriate colors. Fashion models shone in relatively simple outfits, each of which was complemented by a zest - an unusual neckline or cut, voluminous trim.
Pink by Versace, Michael Kors, Valentino, Carolina Herrera

  • Classic black - the color favorite for many women. Balenciaga's creatives understand this very well. Black looks were shown in extreme conditions - the fashion show was accompanied by a cold wind and snowfall. The main secrets of the collection were hidden in prints and unusual cuts.


  • Bright blue, turquoise and candy - fashion designers Nina Ricci struck the spot with this color palette. They pleased with outfits of various silhouettes, ranging from versatile crop tops to oversize A-line trench coats that look great with skirts, jeans, trousers and shorts.
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moda-osen'-zima-2022-2023-Nina Ricci
Models from the Nina Ricci collection

In addition, the main trendy shades of the autumn-winter season are: olive, cream, red, brick, creamy, green, lilac, salmon.

Blue by Proenza Schouler, Simon Miller, Balmain
Green and olive by Ganni, Etro, Jil Sander

Fur, leather, knitwear

These textures will probably never go out of fashion. Fur and winter weather are inseparable. Fur hats, shoes decorated with fur complement the most fashionable looks of the season. As for the skin, it is quite obvious that this autumn and winter you can dress in it from head to toe. Leather total look beat all records of popularity.

  • Fur - Bottega Veneta, Versace and Gucci chose him for their collections. Few people will be surprised by fur outerwear, ankle boots and hats, but handbags made of fur made a splash at fashion shows.
Fur from Saint Laurent, Gucci, Balmain, Michael Kors Collection

  • Leather. Leather raincoats, dresses and coats continue to be in trend. Moreover, many models do not have a clear silhouette, color and length. The imagination of designers is not limited by anything.
Leather dress by Christian Dior
Looks by Hermès, Peter Do, Bottega Veneta, Dion Lee

  • Knitten things. Knitted fashion for autumn-winter dictates its own rules, the main of which are high requirements for brightness and tight knitting. The trend is cardigans, sweaters, coats with thin silver and gold threads. Knitted oversize looks very gentle in the cold. Extravagance outfits gives a combination of coarse knit and light fabric.


Wide leg jeans and trousers, puffy skirts

It seems that the fashion designers decided that everything should be wide without exception. Oversize rules the ball on the shoulder areas and below the waist. Pants are wide, sweatpants are too, jeans are not only wide, but also with a low fit. The top is a classic vest, jacket or jacket jacket. The skirt is certainly lush, decorated, intricately tailored, even if it is not an independent item, but in addition to the dress.

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Puffy skirts from Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Erdem

Oversize by Vetements, Missoni

Leather jackets and bomber jackets

Prada designers showed the world fashionable bomber jackets with floral print next season. Khaite has stayed true to tradition with the introduction of black leather pilot jackets. As competitors on the catwalks, well-forgotten "old" - black, white and colored biker jackets were presented.

Bomber by Khaite, Prada, Etro, Versace



Where would we be without them in stormy autumn and frosty winter? The trend is colors to match the main outfit. The top also includes tights in contrasting shades for combination with short shorts, dresses and skirts.



Fall-winter shoe trends are all about brightness, creativity and platform, plus lots of fur. Relevant pointed models - shoes "boats", as well as graceful boots with heels. Eminent designers representing fashion brands are sure that in the coming season you need to wear long stocking boots and metallic shoes that have returned from oblivion.


Sequins and sequins

Shine not only on a holiday, images from fashion shows hint. For everyday outfits, it is recommended to choose dresses and skirts with sequins and sequins. Complement them with monochrome sweaters, tops and t-shirts. Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors and other trendsetters suggest making sequined outfits the basis of cocktail and evening looks.

Calmness and restraint

This is exactly what is lacking in our world right now. With such a message, he spoke at Chanel shows. Fashion designers traditionally created fashionable images for them mainly from textured woolen fabric. Tweed was everywhere. Now not only in jackets, but also in accessories, accessories, vests, skirts, jackets. The coming winter will be cozy.

Fundamental images from Chanel

Comfort and freedom

This slogan is increasingly visible in the images of fashion houses. Louis Vuitton expressed a free attitude to life not only in oversized clothes, but also in bags. The images were complemented by stylish bags in the form of bags and chests. But the classics are still in trend.

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These are not all the fashion trends of the season, but only a small part of them. Fashion houses have presented many new products that you can see in the photos. These photos from the world's main catwalks, showing what will be fashionable this fall and winter, will help you choose your own comfortable and beautiful wardrobe.