Street trends of Milan Fashion Week 2024-2025

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We analyze the street trends of Milan Fashion Week 2024 without delay. Milan Fashion Week FW24 did not surprise with complex designs, but, as a professor at a fashion institute, taught how to create classic images with elements of seductive femininity.

What trends does street fashion predict for us?

When asked who sets trends, the catwalk or the street, I am inclined to vote for the street. The trend is fringe on clothes and bags, as an element of cowboy and bohemian style, burgundy and red are the leading colors, transparent airy texture is trendy, open armpits and geometric prints are in fashion.


Fringe looks flawless in motion, perhaps this is its success in street style looks. Fringe is difficult to fit into the classic style, but try purchasing a beige fringed bag or belt.

Guests of Fashion Week

Bordeaux color

There will be a lot of red and burgundy clothing everywhere this spring. Burgundy-colored accessories are minimalist with discreet gold decor. Be careful with burgundy in the portrait area.

Guests of Fashion Week

Boho style

Bohemian style echoes safari. Lots of beige clothes with gold jewelry. But boho, unlike safari, is always about maxi length, a loose fit with elements of calm femininity, and safari always has masculine notes of adventure.

Boho is trending

Safari style

Looks from Milan Fashion Week


Airiness is a romantic cloud of pink organza, and transparency in street style images symbolizes dramatic sexuality.

Fashion looks 2024


Unexpectedly, geometric prints have replaced leopard, stripes and polka dots. Classical femininity is moving towards the intellectual avant-garde.

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Geometry is trending

Denim clothing

You could say that denim has never left the list of street trends, but at Milan Fashion Week, denim is devoid of logic and rules. Brutal classics coexist with daring eroticism.

Guests of Fashion Week

Extra long sleeves

An exclusively street trend, it is inapplicable and inconvenient for life, but as a phenomenon it attracts attention with its total restraint and theatricality.

Looks from Milan Fashion Week


Not just red, but complicated by combination with cold blue or transparent texture with snake print.

Looks from Milan Fashion Week

Mint shades

This spring, choose the most complex shades of green.

2024 fashion trends

Open hands

A trend for the most daring and prepared for spring. Open armpits, of course, will not tolerate unnecessary folds or curvaceous shapes, if provocation is not your thing.

Open hands are trending


Combine transparent items with neutralizers. For example, a transparent skirt with a long worker's jacket or parka.

Looks from Milan Fashion Week

Gray-blue color

Blue color is a trend not only in clothes, but also in shoes for the fall-winter 2024-2025 season. Combine it either with red, or take it to a modest pastel.

Women's fashion 2024

Cowboy hats

An accessory trend that makes you smile and not make you want to run to the store to buy something. There is something provocative about it.

Guests of Fashion Week

I liked the boho trend the most, I love this style and will try to create modern bohemian looks in my wardrobe, because old knowledge does not fit into a new interpretation.