Indigo color - this is what color it suits to whom and with what it is combined


Indigo color, both in clothes, shoes and hair, as in accessories and manicure, is considered one of the noble shades. It is not flashy and not flashy, but rich and chic, combined in varying degrees with the entire rainbow palette and pastel colors, especially beautifully - with white, black, red and gray.

What color is indigo?

What does indigo color look like? This unique shade is located between dark blue and purple tones, as if a transition from one color to another. It is distinguished by originality and richness. Traditionally, according to I. Newton's classification of the color spectrum, this tone is in the seven-color optical spectrum, but in modern times it is not distinguished as an independent color in the rainbow palette.

what color is indigowhat does the indigo color look like

Color history

The color of indigo blue has been known for a long time, its history began more than 5 thousand years ago in the Indus Valley, where from tropical plants, by boiling leaves and fruits, a persistent sediment of a deep and beautiful blue hue was obtained, dried in the sun, then cut into pieces. It was one of the most persistent dyes at that time. It was brought to Europe in the 15th century by Arab merchants, and this was the beginning of a long journey of a royal, persistent and chic color that won the hearts of millions of fashionistas around the world with its deep beauty.

indigo color story

Indigo color includes several shades. These are electric blue, imperial, Japanese, Persian, deep blue, eclipse, even the color of the astral aura, and some others. Each of these halftones is good in its own way, but they are all considered noble, look amazing in fabrics and furs, and range between purple and basic blue. They are widely used in manicure and hairdressing.

indigo blue

What is the combination of indigo color

What combination of indigo colors in clothes is distinguished by trendsetters and used in their collections of fashionable things?

  1. A classic combination since the days of royal robes: red, blue, white. Indigo products also look amazing with black and orange, interesting with green when the shade is closer to purple. He also wins against the background of soft and pastel colors: heavenly, blue, beige, light yellow, pale pink, cream and pearl.

what is the combination of indigo color

  1. Stylists recommend combining indigo color with gold and silver, yellow and gray tones, when, as in tandem with white, indigo opens up completely and creates around a certain aura of mystery and saturation in the play of contrasts. It can be neatly combined with light blue and purple flowers.

combination of indigo colors in clothes

Indigo color in clothes

Indigo women's clothing will never go out of style because the deep blue-violet hue is so popular. In this tone, a lot of diverse things are produced, starting with denim products, and ending with fur coats and sheepskin coats made of natural and artificial fur. Even mink is often dyed in this noble color, and jeans were originally indigo, and only then, with the development of the clothing market, light blue and light blue pants began to appear.

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indigo color in clothes

Who suits the color of deep indigo? Almost all women, especially those with blue and blue eyes. Against the general background, blondes and red-haired beauties who have chosen clothes of this tone will stand out remarkably. It perfectly sets off, adds a luxurious game of contrast to the appearance, both with light and dark skin of the face. It goes well with things and accessories in the main rainbow spectrum and other tones, for example, with burgundy, marsala, pink and trendy pearl-milky shade.

womens clothing indigo

Indigo dress

An indigo cocktail and evening dress is a choice with a claim to luxury and chic. It can be of a diverse style and length, and if it is perfectly matched to the figure, then its owner simply becomes an irresistible beauty. What models are at the peak of popularity?

  1. Along with the timeless classics, sheath dresses, short knitted and openwork knitted solutions are in demand, designed for club events and light parties. A beautiful option is a free-cut maxi dress with an open back and large flounces instead of sleeves.

indigo dress

  1. Guipure and lace dresses with a train and puffy outfits with bare shoulders are suitable for a celebration, the indigo color itself does not need additional decor, but designers decorate their masterpieces with embroidery, rhinestone placers, and in laconic versions with thin light belts that emphasize the waist. If the dress is sewn with a slouch, or in the Greek style, then the line of the hips or chest.

indigo evening dress

Indigo jeans

Classics of the genre - indigo denim trousers. Among the hot hits of the new season, leading fashion designers include solutions in the hippie style, equally perfect for grunge, boho and urban chic - flared jeans, both from the hip and from the knee, they consider it not only a stylish choice, but also a tribute to the prevailing retro . Boyfriend jeans with the effect of aging have remained in fashion, on the catwalk you can find indigo bananas and even corduroy harem pants, both with and without additional decor.

indigo jeansindigo trousers

Indigo sweater

Another great solution would be to use a dark indigo color in knitted and crocheted clothes. So, a sweater of this shade even visually looks warm and soft, immediately there is a desire to put it on and thereby add interesting cozy colors to the snow-white winter everyday life. Due to the depth of the indigo, these things do not need an elaborate decor, they look great when they are made with a large purl or front satin stitch, English or bulky elastic.

sweater indigo

The indigo color allows you to wear one sweater with a variety of clothes several times a week, and this will not be conspicuous, because different combinations will constantly be obtained. For example, light blue jeans and a dark sweater, black leggings or dress pants and solutions in rich colors, white and red pants, mustard or brown skirts and blue-violet sweaters.

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dark indigo

Indigo fur coat

The furs are dyed with a rich indigo color, which gives things not only a truly royal velvet shade, but also enriches with inner visual radiance, adds color to the starry night. These products look great and are self-sufficient in order to use them to create chic respectable images in any of the chosen styles, from street to glamorous evening.

indigo fur coat

Fur products, which are dominated by indigo color, are wonderfully combined with various clothes, and depending on the length and purpose of the created images, they will look stylish:

  • with smart and casual dresses, skirts and blouses, tunics and elongated sweaters, both with tights and fashionable shoes, and with leggings and lace-up boots;
  • with jeans, leather and velvet trousers, especially designed in a single color ensemble.

deep indigo color

Indigo jacket

The beautiful indigo color is revealed not only in furs, but also in down jackets and jackets of any style. Effective and balanced, it gives even sport-chic outerwear a touch of charm and noble tranquility. An excellent play of contrasts will be presented if, going to a ski resort, or just for a walk in the snow-white sparkling snow in the sun, you choose an indigo jacket or down jacket, and red or mustard sweatpants will add bright colors to this ensemble.

jacket indigo

The combination of an indigo jacket and warmed jeans, black, blue and purple leggings will also look stylish. In the new season, leading couturiers have proposed trendy combinations with plaid pants, both catchy and traditional Scottish tones, as well as gentle ones, for example, muted white and gray shades. An interesting solution is an elongated purple indigo down jacket and beige or sandy wide leg pants with white shoes.

beautiful indigo color

Indigo coat

The ideal choice for stylish beauties for spring is a women's indigo coat in any of its shades. Mini coats dressing gowns look beautiful in a two-tone combination of indigo with cream, beige or sand inserts on the pockets, sleeve cuffs, neckline and collar. To the hits of the new season, stylists include oversized single-breasted and double-breasted coats with an English collar, which are perfect for many street style looks.

coat indigo

Original models with a beautiful mid-calf length hood, dominated by indigo violet, with patch pockets and a wraparound effect, are in demand. They will look chic with ripped jeans and sports shoes, and midi cocoon will fit tight pants and high heels, for example, sneakers or retro lace-up boots, interestingly - in brown.

womens coat indigo

Indigo scarf

If you have fair skin and blue or blue eyes, then a deep indigo color will definitely suit you. The best choice, playing on tint combinations, will be an indigo scarf and hat, you can add mittens or mittens to the kit. The trend of this spring will be long narrow and wide patterned scarves, both plain and with additional decorations in the form of embroidery and a combination of several tones in one product. Scarves-snood and a collar, scarves-hats and stoles remain in fashion.

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indigo scarfdeep indigo color

Indigo shoes

Indigo lacquer, suede and leather dress shoes are a chic choice for a respectable evening look for beautiful velvet, pan-velvet, velor and satin maxi dresses of a diverse style. Pumps are suitable for any outfit, even an office suit. The solutions of the season - elegant tango-style glass shoes with straps and shoes with a hidden platform with a transition to high heels will be appropriate both at a club disco and in urban chic ensembles, as well as at a solemn and evening event.

indigo shoesindigo shoes

Indigo bag

If you like the dark color of indigo in accessories, then you have excellent taste. After all, a lacquered clutch of this shade is equally perfect for a chic velvet dress in dark and rich colors, and for ripped jeans with a leather jacket. The indigo color is good for its versatility, and the accessories presented in this tonality will not be catchy, but a stylish final accent that will give the image a presentability. There are many bag options in the trend, here the choice will depend on the purpose of the created image and personal preferences, no one has canceled the experiments either.

indigo bag

dark indigo

Indigo manicure

The indigo blue color is also widely used in manicure to get an extravagant design of a rich and dark shade. In the fashion of the new season, the trends of past years: cat's eye, matte varnish and manicure with the effect of broken glass. The novelties include combinations of light matte indigo with dark glossy varnish, indigo-based mirror and pearl rubbing powder is in demand. In the evening options, you can add rhinestone blotches, painting on one or two nails, highlighting the lunula and the French “smile line”.

indigo manicureindigo blue

Indigo hair

In hairdressing, indigo color is used to give the hair a deep and rich tint dark effect. Brown-haired women and brunettes with long wavy curls with a blue tint look gorgeous. The indigo color looks great on such haircuts as bob with bangs, garcon, gavroche and cascade for long hair. If you like the Cesson haircut, then you will also benefit from the use of indigo dye, it will give your curls a noble velvety shiny sheen.

indigo hair

Another indigo color in its various variations will look great on both short and long hair, when they want to make the effect of feathers in violet-blue combinations. The only thing that experienced hairdressers do not recommend is to use the tones of blond and indigo at the same time, since a sharp contrast can play a negative role, and the result will be a sharp and catchy transition with a hint of vulgarity. You can do a lot of experiments on dark hair, especially if you want to create an extravagant and daring image of a glamorous diva.

deep indigo color