The color of a tea rose in clothes - photos of the best images


The color of the tea rose is a combination of peach with pink, beige. An image in this range is suitable for gentle romantic images, sets of clothes for work, evening wardrobe items.

Many girls ask the question: “What color is this?” and giving an answer is more difficult than just looking at a photo. The tea room is named after a type of Chinese rose, which has a pleasant aroma of freshly brewed tea.

tea rose color in clothes

It can be either a “warming” milky peach, with a beige element, or a cool, pale pink with a pearl gray element. Depending on this, combinations with other colors are also selected.

shades of tea rose in clothes

The differences are built on nuances and look very feminine.

Who suits in clothes?

Consider on our website the main color types of the fair sex.

  • Girl spring distinguished by a light shade of hair, delicate fair skin, often with a predominance of freckles. Owners of this appearance fit cool pinkish tones. The look can be complemented with gold jewelry.
  • summer girl has light or dark brown hair. Eyes can also be both light and dark. Beige-pink colors are suitable for the image of such a person. They are organically combined with accessories such as white gold or silver.
  • Autumn characterizes the golden color of the skin, red or dark brown hair, brown eyes. They organically look in tandem with a peach, flesh-colored shade.
  • Winter considered the brightest, most contrasting color type. It includes dark-haired girls with fair skin. The color of the girl's eyes can be from green to brown. Representatives of this type look spectacular in clothes of cold semi-tones: pink and gray-pink undertones.
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tea rose color in clothes

With warm tea rose color

Warm shade is beige and peach undertones. This range is suitable for girls spring color type, although for other categories of girls it can take its rightful place in the closet. Tea rose pairs well with warm tones like brown. Such an elegant, feminine and slightly restrained look is ideal for work, and so that the outfit does not look boring, you can choose an element with a check print.

beige and tea rose color combination

You can make a set with white, but do not forget that too pale colors can look lifeless. Therefore, dilute delicate and light shades with bright accents in accessories. Orange, coral, red will help to complete the image in the form of details: a white sheath dress plus a tea jacket and a coral handbag.

with red

For a trip with friends around the city or going to the cinema, simple sets with tea rose-colored things and classic blue (blue, gray, white) jeans and a “chocolate” leather jacket plus white sneakers or ballet flats are suitable.

images with things of the color of tea rose

Muted green, marsh, khaki will make a stylish pair of tea. Such a kit can be used as an independent option, and as a base.

with khaki or marsh

For a romantic date or evening event, add bright colors to the look, such as warm tones of turquoise or light green, lemon. With the help of colors of different saturation and brightness, you can create a more feminine or more daring outline. Pair your tea rose dress with gold earrings for a stunning look.

with light greencombination of yellow with tea rosewith yellow

Tandem with the cold color of tea rose

Cold tone looks a little stricter. Very often gamma has a grayish undertone. The image for going out into the work environment is in harmony with blue, beige, white, gray, cold lilac-beige and dark brown. For example, a tea blouse and a gray or black pencil skirt (straight cut trousers) plus beige pumps.

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black and tea rose color in clothes

Everyday looks will become even more feminine and soft thanks to the tea rose, especially such sets can be paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses.

Beige pink can make friends with blue, gray-blue, mint, gray-green, gray-blue, gray-violet, lilac, lilac. This palette is suitable for light, soft and romantic images.

gray and tea rose color in clothesblue and tea rose color in clothesmint and tea

The color of tea rose in your outfits is unusual and attractive. It attracts the eyes of others and causes genuine interest in your outfit. On our site you can see the combinations of other colors and elements of your wardrobe.

Palette combinations

With this color, black and white images are in perfect harmony. Add one stroke and you will notice how a calm look becomes bright and bold. If you are choosing a dress for a celebration, then complement the delicate color of the evening dress with shoes and accessories of the same range.

tea rose color in clothes combined with black and white

How to wear tea rose clothes

This is a natural question for creating a unique outline. The main combinations are the following colors:

  • White is a good option for a casual look;
  • Light beige sets off the range and softens the brightness of colors;
  • Yellow, though brightening the appearance, must be used with great care;
  • The gray tone can act as both basic and complementary;
  • Blue and turquoise shades will look good in the image of dark-haired girls.

Accessories that play with light are suitable for everyday looks. In combination with pink-beige, jewelry not only made of precious metals, but also wood can be used.

tea rose color

To make the image mysterious, it is important to know what color scheme is combined with the tone of a tea rose and what to combine such clothes with. This is a kind of guide for those who want to change the image.