Color navy in clothes - combination and photo


If we talk about psychology, the navy color in clothing determines and sets such guidelines as depth, awareness, intelligence, luxury and determination. 

Many people ask: “What color is this?” It is one of the shades of dark blue - muted and discreet. It can be compared to an expensive wine that keeps the secret of its taste until the last and reveals itself more and more with each new sip.

And if we talk about the ability to combine, combine, mix clothes with such paint, then the main thing here is to arm yourself with knowledge and understand how “naval” color suits you.

Regarding the Christian religion, the tone carries purity, divinity and a special sacrament. Maybe that’s why the navy color seems so familiar, noble, close.

And if we take into account that the color in clothes greatly influences a person’s behavior, his character, his manner of communication, then you need to turn to the blue color on special occasions.

Navy color in clothes

Who suits the color

In a business style, the shade will look good on all ladies and men (maybe that’s why it is so often used when sewing uniforms for flight attendants, conductors, and surgeons). It signals to others that in front of them is a purposeful person, accomplished in life, strong, and decisive.

For business, such a suit, especially when paired with a white blouse, would be appropriate. It will emphasize rigor, show your willpower, and lead to spiritual harmony and order. A sheath dress paired with a neutral jacket and pumps will look more feminine.

At the same time, careful use must be observed. After all, a dark color without bright accents can lead to depression or an overly calm, even indifferent state.

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who suits the color navy in clothes

Color combinations

This tone is considered a neutral base tone. Any clothes (dresses, trousers, jackets, trench coats) will be relevant. At the same time, it will not be too brandy (like light), or too dark (like black). In general, combining with others is a pleasure, especially for beginners.

navy palette

+ White

Such a union is luxurious and universal. Immediately associated with naval style, or a strict uniform. No matter how you mix it, everything will turn out to be suitable and stylish. Snow-white, milky, cream colors will look good in this design.

Tandem is appropriate in an official business version or a simpler one (casuak, urban).

Wear dark shorts, a striped T-shirt, a white jacket, a yellow belt - you definitely won’t find your equal!

sets with white

+ Beige

Another pastel shade that will highlight and embellish any appearance, regardless of color type.

This includes all the most neutral shades (natural, flesh), as well as denser shades (cream, sandy), even such as wheat or caramel.

Such a tandem may seem mediocre, but thanks to the subtle charms and charm of all its lightness, you will not go unnoticed. A beige blouse with the same shoes, or a nude bag and a watch would look ideal.

with beige

+ Black

Darker, but another basic shade. How is it combined?

The main thing here is not to overdo it, and therefore luxury and a sense of style will appear when using black (anthracite) in details.

If you notice that the outfit is too gloomy, lighten it with gray or play with bright accessories.

color navy and black

+ Gray

Light gray (gray-blue, dove) is especially relevant for creating a beautiful universal combination.

For everyday walks, you can choose an outfit (pictured) with white jeans, a gray jumper (sweater), a dark blue blazer (jacket, coat), a beige bag on a chain and ballet shoes (slip-ons, sneakers, loafers, ankle boots).

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images with gray

+ Brown, Orange

Rich and noble brown range, especially mid-tones - cappuccino, terracotta, milk chocolate, pewter, chestnut, bronze.

It works well as an accent as an accessory. Since both colors in a duet will “argue”, they should be diluted: beige, milky, sand.

Otherwise, you risk getting a boring and uninteresting image.

paired with brown

Cheerful orange (tangerine, carrot, pumpkin, apricot, peach) with navy navy forms a contrasting and expressive combination.

navi, navi and orange

Coral items with muted dark colors are a spectacular tandem.

with coral

+ Pink

Powdery, dusty, pastel, pearl tones of pink will emphasize the depth of blue and soften it, giving the set femininity and romance.

combination with pink

Fuchsia or magenta can play beautifully as accent colors in a dark outfit.

navy and pink combinations

+ Red

Dynamics and expressiveness. This tandem of dark blue with energetic red (scarlet, cinnabar, alizarin, garnet) has proven itself well both in the classic style (trousers, jacket and white blouse in the spirit of “a la tricolor”), and in a less strict (casual, street ).

Red perfectly focuses attention on itself and gives gloomy sets (with black, or in a total look) brightness and character.

combined with red

+ Green

A noble, harmonious, decent combination, close to aristocratic.

Any green is appropriate (emerald, jade, herbal, khaki, green-turquoise, mint), the main thing is to follow the formula - in such an ensemble there should be only one juicy color. The second is basic and compensating.

Complemented with either pastel (beige, nude) or dark (black, gray, anthracite, charcoal).

in images with green

Total look

A classic way to simply and stylishly use all things of the same color in your outfit. Especially such a solution will look stylish and expensive when performed by navy. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a trouser suit, a skirt with a blouse, or a dress with shoes or a clutch.

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However, if you want to dilute your appearance, highlighting your taste, style and knowledge of fashion, add a suitable accessory (natural, red, green, yellow, gold). Any of our list of colors will work in your favor.

Navy color in clothes

What to wear with navy clothes

Dark blue is a good alternative to black or brown. This is especially noticeable in a total look.

Because the suit looks fresh and restrained in a special way, immersing you in an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication.

It doesn’t matter at all whether it’s a dress, jumpsuit, skirt (pleated, sun, pencil, straight), trousers (skinny, piped, straight, wide) or jeans, jacket, blouse or suit. This is a tone that has no season, age and “figure”.

what to wear with navy color

Find your combination, determine for yourself the limits of using such an expensive and deep color of the sea.

Emphasize your versatility, show your individuality, follow the trends of the year. Exactly - an excellent option that is easy to combine and mix.