How to update your wardrobe in spring 2024 - fashionable images in the photo

Wardrobe spring 2024 Female

Rarely do items from fashion shows quickly appear in stores at affordable prices. But in the spring collections of luxury brands there are many basic items that can already be purchased even in the mass market. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention to styles, fabrics, length, and freedom of fit.

What to buy clothes for spring

Basic things also need to be brought in line with trends. Plus, clothes that are worn constantly wear out faster. For example, a common mistake when buying suits is that skirts and trousers are worn and washed more often than jackets. This leads to a change in color, the suit loses its shape and appearance.

New white shirt

Voluminous and fitted white shirts with wide cuffs and long sleeves are in fashion. Pair white shirts with black or gray palazzos and a white tank.

Wardrobe spring 2024

White blouse

Romance is in trend, so a white blouse with ruffles, flounces, a wrap, and a neckline that reveals your collarbones should appear in your spring wardrobe. Pair it with loose jeans to neutralize the deliberate romance and femininity.

Trends 2024

Milky sweater dress

A warm dress is not exactly a spring option, but it is a trend. For spring, choose white and milky models without adding wool. If your figure allows, the dress can be completely fitted. For every day, pair with sneakers, or for going out with an elegant classic.

Now fashion and sales are leaning towards universal models that will look equally stylish with casual and dressy accessories.

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Sweater dress

Suit in a business style

There are several options for fashionable suits. Stripes never go out of fashion; gray is the leading color. Wide trousers and a short jacket for those who like visual figure correction. The business classic trend is skirt suits with a pencil skirt and a fitted jacket.

Suit in a business style

Jacket with jeans

Trousers were a monopoly for a short time, jeans are back in trend. But today they don’t go well with T-shirts and hoodies; combine jeans with classic jackets, long vests and romantic blouses.

Wardrobe spring 2024


It is impossible to imagine spring without a raincoat, even if there is no time to wear one in your climate. French length is still relevant. Choose khaki, cocoa, sand and chocolate.

Trends 2024

Jean jacket

It's hard to imagine something more banal than a denim jacket on your spring shopping list, but it's back in fashion. The trick of the season is combining denim with long skirts and tight dresses.

How to update your wardrobe in spring 2024?

Black knitted noodle dress

This has been a macro trend for several seasons now. The black ribbed knit bodycon dress is so loved by everyone that even luxury brands continue to be inspired by minimalism with a dash of spice.

Black knitted dress

Black vest

The vest can be voluminous or fitted; it is important to come up with a complex look using a minimum of things. For example, wear a transparent dress or skirt under a long vest.

Tight-fitting long sleeve

The appearance of this item on the catwalk and street style is associated with the fashion for loose bottoms. The fit compensates for the volume of the lower part of the set. The long sleeve is complicated by open shoulders, cutouts, and texture.

Women's fashion 2024


This is still an amateur idea, but I am sure that soon everyone will wear capris. Compensate for fit and length with a voluminous top.

Lace skirts and trousers

Summer is the time to play with lace, these are not fancy things, the whole point is in the everyday life of lace.

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2024 fashion trends


The white jersey can be changed several times during the season. But it should appear in your wardrobe in the spring of 2024, because it will help you create unusual sets with trousers and formal skirts.

2024 fashion trends

White dress

The style of the white dress is secondary, the length is primary. Long and very short white dresses in the style of minimalism are trendy.

Denim dress

If last season everyone went crazy for denim skirts, then this season it’s time to buy a denim dress, preferably a long one.

Denim dress

Polka dot dress

“Pea” (polka dot) is the most fashionable print. Try to choose polka dots that are unusual in shape and frequency so that the dress does not look simple.

Polka dot dress

Volumetric flower

Nobody believed that voluminous flowers could conquer the world. “Let stylists and fashion bloggers wear them, why buy, the fashion will soon pass” - everyone thought so, but designers do not stop decorating clothes with voluminous colors. Therefore, if you haven’t had time to buy something similar, there is still time.

Current trends 2024

It’s not at all necessary to buy all the things on the list, but the list is not that big, especially since many of the spring trends desired by everyone are already hanging in your closet.