What to wear for women after 60 years - style for all times and 50 photos


A woman is beautiful at any age. And, of course, you want to dress beautifully even at 20, even at 60. Who said that after a certain age a woman cannot be stylish in clothes?
We believe that a woman's wardrobe after 60 should consist of beautiful and comfortable things for her. In which you can take a walk with your grandchildren, go to work or just about your business. It is possible to choose the right clothing options in the modern world of fashion, and to facilitate the task, we have chosen a couple of win-win options.


After 60 years, different options for outerwear are relevant for women. The only unspoken rule is that the length of the garment should be extended. This will give a woman of this age a more stately and efficient look.

A jacket

Many women, even after 60, continue to work and therefore they are accustomed to jackets. Or it is a long-term habit. In any case, a jacket in a woman's wardrobe after 60 is necessary. With him, you can easily modify a simple image.

For example, put on a jacket over a short sleeve dress and some age-related changes in the arms will hide. Or another option. Combine trousers and a jacket, possibly the same color, but not necessary. And so you will have an almost business-like office style.


A coat is an integral part of a basic wardrobe. And, of course, women over 60 are no exception.
Choosing a coat at this age suggests classic models. The most suitable are straight and trapezoidal models. They can be easily girded with a belt if you want to highlight the waist.

The color of the coat is chosen from basic shades or rich noble ones, such as dark blue, emerald, dark purple. Saturated bright colors will look odd and out of place.
Pockets should not be overhead and without additional elements. This will all add unnecessary volume.

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Now the cardigan can perfectly replace both a jacket and a coat. They are made of a wide variety of materials and have become so versatile that it is impossible not to include them in your wardrobe.

Women over 60 can easily add this element of clothing to their image. You can choose shorter models, they will look good with straight dresses. Or universal models just above the knee, fit both trousers and a skirt. With such a length you will feel as comfortable as possible, and in beauty it is as stylish as a jacket.

The cardigan can be worn in different ways. It is now in vogue to gird it with a leather belt. You can also add a bright scarf or stole.


Blouses are always able to highlight your femininity. Their loose, flying cut is ideal for women over 60. At this age, tight-fitting clothing looks out of place and can emphasize what you want to hide.

There can be a lot of blouse options. Made of thick cotton, soft viscose, silk models also look amazing. It is better not to use blouses made of transparent fabrics, such as chiffon, or cheap satin. Firstly, they went out of fashion and after 60 the classic options are more reliable. Secondly, the skin is no longer so elastic and once again you don't want to expose it.


Accessories should be present in the image of every woman. They make the image special and memorable.

After 60, you should not wear long earrings, colored beads, huge brooches. These are all relics of the past, and we need a stylish look.

The image can be changed by adding a hat, a scarf, throwing one edge over the back, a scarf, tying like a tie.
A long chain in several turns or beads with medium-sized beads will be a great addition to a monochrome dress.

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