5 trends that Gen Z is wearing


The first representatives of Generation Z were born in the late 90s, what are their features? They do not remember the times without the Internet and social networks. They are open, mobile and flexible, yet critical and demanding. Generation Z, also called digital or post-millennials, looks different from their predecessors at first glance. Young people of today dress boldly and love to experiment. The trends chosen by Gen Z seem strange to the older generation, and the baby boomer generation does not understand them at all.

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Bucket hat

Generation Y is associated with childhood and family trips to nature. Despite the fact that millennials have a strong liking for hats, most of them will not wear them.

Meanwhile, Generation Z has made the funny headpiece the most fashionable accessory of recent seasons. According to teenagers, this is a great addition to street looks. A bucket hat replaces a baseball cap, and on a hot day, a straw hat. You can wear it both outdoors and on the beach - it's unisex and practical. It looks good both in combination with bulky jeans and a leather jacket, and with an airy girlish dress.

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Today it is difficult to find any fashion collection that does not use tie-dye. Lockdowns have shown this method to work very well. Housebound teenagers tried to redo their clothes on their own. They experimented with unusual colorful designs. Tie-dye is nothing new.

He was born in Manhattan's trendy Greenwich Village neighborhood in the early 1960s, when Don Price decided to sell T-shirts dyed this way. However, generation Z has gone even further and uses this print wherever possible. Sweatshirts, shorts, dresses, phone cases, backpacks or popular bucket hats - the more, the better and more interesting.

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Oversized sweatshirts

Post-millennials are a generation that, compared to their predecessors, pays very little attention to gender issues. Tolerance and openness are the foundation of modern adolescents. Generation Z are people raised in a time of ubiquitous political correctness. We won't find high heels or tight mini dresses in the wardrobe of this generation of fashion influencers. They were replaced by oversized hoodies and limited edition sneakers.

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Long socks

While Gen Y prefers to bare their ankles - even when the outside temperature hasn't dropped, Gen Z will cover them whenever possible. Ankle-length socks are an integral part of post-millennial style. In their opinion, they go well with everything from sweatpants to mini dresses. Plus, they add comfort and keep you warm, even on cold days. Gen Z influencers show that long socks can be white or colored - it all depends on the idea and concept.

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Baggy trousers

Jeans are worn by almost everyone, regardless of which generation they belong to. However, while the older generation is used to the fact that most of the styles are based on straight or skinny jeans, Gen Z is experimenting a lot more. Modern youth is abandoning popular figure-flattering pipes in favor of trousers with very wide legs.

As trends are increasingly not split between women and men, this applies to both girls and boys. The narrow cut that reigned on the streets several years ago is gradually being forgotten. Generation Z also often opts for patchwork or distressed jeans. The low waist has also gained popularity in recent seasons.

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