Do-it-yourself birthday gift for brother - we delight our beloved bore

What to give a brother for his birthday is a rather difficult question, because it is the brother who is often the closest person who will always support in difficult times and give valuable advice. If, moreover, the elder brother, then he has a special authority for us throughout life. A gift for him should be useful and, at the same time, be a pleasant surprise. In this article, you will find 5 ideas for yourself. We offer you a gift for your brother's birthday with his own hands, which, of course, he will like.

DIY birthday gift for brother

Care, love and attention are the most priceless gifts

What to consider when choosing a gift

Choosing a gift for a man is never an easy task. Unlike women, with whom everything is more or less clear, and for whom sweets and flowers will be relevant in any case, men are more secretive. In order to understand what to give your brother for his birthday with your own hands, you should conduct a whole study of the gifted person:

  1. What is he interested in?
  2. What is his profession?
  3. What does he love the most?

Home slippers do it yourself

Slippers for home - this is the thing without which not a single person on earth can do. Such a do-it-yourself gift to a brother can be considered a win-win and is quite easy to make.

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to find the material that will serve as the sole. But there is a trick - many stores sell thick insoles for shoes, which are quite cheap. It is enough to know the size of the brother's foot and purchase such a sole several sizes larger. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is best to take measurements in advance. So that no one guesses about your gift, just take a piece of paper and a pen and circle the outline of his shoes. If the insoles of the right size were not found, a clean piece of carpet, or a thick fabric folded in several layers, will help out.

DIY birthday gift for brother

A photo blanket with your baby photos will definitely not leave your brother indifferent

After the base for slippers is ready, you need to make it pleasant for the foot. You can make a soft lining from synthetic winterizer or any other and sheathe it with a fabric that is pleasant to the touch.

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Anything can serve as the material for the top - plush, hand-knitted, or any other fabric that is at hand. To make the birthday man even more pleasant, you should come up with an application made of fabric that will talk about his hobby, profession, favorite animal or musical group. An embroidered inscription will also look good. Such a do-it-yourself birthday present for a brother from a sister will certainly be appreciated.


When thinking about what to give your brother for his birthday with your own hands from your sister, you should not forget about holiday card. She is an absolute hit among the presents. You need to find a fairly dense sheet of cardboard and decide for yourself what you can do better - beautifully paint or decorate with appliqué.

DIY birthday gift for brother

The gentleman's set is a great gift for a young and cheerful guy

If you chose the first option, then you should not have any difficulties, except for choosing the theme of the picture. Here you need to remember what your brother is fond of. If his hobby is fishing, you can draw a big goldfish or pike, wishing the fulfillment of cherished desires. If his hobby is motorcycling, you can draw a silhouette on a motorcycle and wish him more happy and emotional moments. For the big boss, a postcard with a large image of a dollar, decorated in gold or green, will be relevant, which will certainly bring good luck to its owner in career growth and financial affairs.

If you opted for applique, then you have a huge scope for creativity - from colored paper to small accessories sold in a hobby store. Also, do not forget that in order to make your postcard more valuable to your brother, you can print his photos and glue a collage inside. For example, you can use clippings from a magazine to portray the fulfillment of his dream. If your brother has been dreaming of a car for a long time, glue the cut out car and stick his photo on the driver's seat. Such creativity, of course, will not leave you indifferent. Perhaps even, thanks to the visualization of what you want, your present will speed up the fulfillment of a dream.

DIY birthday gift for brother

Don't forget the bouquet of socks - it will definitely come in handy

The outer side of the postcard can be decorated as you like - up to soft lining with fabric, or appliqué in the form of a men's shirt.

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But the most important thing is, of course, congratulations, which should come from the heart, expressing the value of this person for you. It will be great if you can write a short congratulatory verse, taking into account the subtleties of the personality of the birthday man.


T-shirts - this is an indispensable element in the wardrobe of every man, they love them for their comfort and practicality. And if at the same time, a T-shirt with an author's drawing, unique in its kind and made especially for him, such a thing will surely become the most beloved, and will always remind you of its donor.

To “cook” a T-shirt, you must first of all find a picture on the Internet that your brother will like. After that, it should be printed on a special, thermal transfer paper, which can also be found on the Internet. Following the instructions, transfer to a cotton T-shirt or sweatshirt, wait until the pattern cools down, then rinse it in cold water.

DIY birthday gift for brother

A personalized bathrobe with a pleasant reminder that he is the best brother will certainly become his favorite clothes

Pillow with a photo

In the same way, you can transfer a printed photo of a brother, family, his hobby or a funny childhood moment onto a piece of white cloth. For the pillow itself, it is best to choose a colorful, bright fabric that will look good in the interior of the birthday man's apartment. It will be most convenient to sew a square-shaped pillow - then the photo will fit into it without any problems. The photo should be sewn neatly to the fabric before you completely sew the pillowcase.

You will also greatly simplify your task if you order a printout of a photo on fabric in a special shop.

Knitted scarf

What kind of man is alien to comfort and warmth in the winter season? Thinking about what you can give your brother for his birthday with your own hands, you should not forget about knitted scarf. If you know how to crochet or knit even a little, then this idea is for you. There are many patterns of scarves and collars on the Internet. Men's wardrobe is good because it does not require special frills in patterns. You just need to choose a warm, not prickly, thick thread that matches the color of his hat. Deciding on a knitting style is also simple; it can be knitting with a column, without any ornaments.

DIY birthday gift for brother

Complete the scarf with warm socks

The best gift for a loved one is a gift from the heart. Treat the choice of the option with all your heart, and you will definitely understand how to make a gift to your brother so that he will be remembered for a long time. Put a piece of your love into your creation, and the birthday boy will definitely feel it.

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