Bouquet of sweets for a gift

Gift Ideas

On the eve of the holidays, many of us are puzzled about what to give our loved one. I would like to not only show originality with my gift, but also please with something unusual and exclusive. More often, originality is manifested in those gifts that are made by hand.

Currently, one of the modern crafts is a bouquet of sweets. Such a festive sweet bouquet will become not only a beautiful gift, but also an additional present to the main gesture. And it will certainly be unique and unrepeatable, because the composition was created with his own hand from the material of his choice. How to make a bouquet of sweets for friends, loved ones, colleagues, family members, read this article.

bouquet of sweets

Luxurious delicate pink roses look flawless and taste delicious, and a couple of bears add touching to the whole composition.

How to make a bouquet of sweets

A bouquet of sweets does not require a lot of time to make it, but with a little work, you will learn how to make real masterpieces and exclusive options. To create a sweet candy bouquet, prepare some material.

how to make a bouquet of sweets

Autumn composition is perfect for September 1st and birthday.

What will you need?

Suitable materials are: festive wrapping paper, multi-colored ribbons of different widths, various wrapped candies, durable foam rubber (polystyrene), wooden toothpicks or skewers, scotch tape of different sizes, a beautiful vase for a bouquet or an original basket.

Sweet bouquet

Making flowers from sweets and a bouquet of sweets will not hit your family budget too much, all sweets are selected by you based solely on your economic considerations. As for the improvised means for connecting a bouquet of sweets, you can always find it in any stationery department or in hobby and handicraft stores.

sweet bouquet

Neat bouquets in a cone for loved ones with your favorite sweets.

Composition design guide

  1. The instructions for making a bouquet of sweets are quite simple. First, you need to attach each candy to a toothpick. This is done in this way: attach a toothpick to the tail of the candy wrapper and wrap a wrapper around the toothpick. When the wrapper is tightly wrapped around the toothpick, it must be wrapped with tape. Do not forget that the more sweets you have, the more luxurious and rich you will get a bouquet.

Composition design guide

Marshmallows and marshmallows are flowers too.

  • To make a bouquet of sweets of truffle sweets, you need to cut the original wrapping paper into identical squares, wrap each candy in its middle so that it is individually wrapped in a kind of cap. Next, wrap the wrapping paper around the skewer and fasten it neatly with tape and a beautiful ribbon.

Composition Guide

A fairy in a dress of candy flowers is a fabulous, beautiful composition, you can't take your eyes off.

  • Candy flowers in a conical version of paper can also be made by cutting the wrapping paper into uniform rectangles and making from each bag. Put one candy in this bag, wrap the paper around a toothpick and secure with a strip of tape. Ready-made candy flowers can either be left in the form in which they turned out, or you can make leaves for them from green paper and attach them at the junction of the candy with a toothpick.

Composing Guide

Red poppies from chupa chups.

  • Now you need to start the very design of the bouquet, basket or vase of sweets. How you want to present such a bouquet depends on your imagination and your ideas. To insert ready-made candy flowers into a vase or basket, you need to cut out a piece of polystyrene (foam rubber) of the same size as your container. The cut foam should be tightly inserted into the prepared base and not bend under the weight of the candy.

Composing Guide

Violet charm of a bridal bouquet made of toys and sweets.

  • When the base for the candy flowers is ready, start inserting the finished products in any order. Your imagination will help you to shape and size your bouquet, the main thing is that you like your creativity.
    After the bouquet of sweets is completely ready, you can present it beautifully, or rather, pack it in transparent wrapping paper. To do this, you need to cut the bottom out of thick cardboard, cut off a large square of transparent wrapping paper.

Composing Guide

Bouquet of truffles and Raffaello.

  • Put the bottom in the middle of the wrapping paper, put a vase or basket with sweets on it, lift the ends of the wrapping paper up and tie them with a beautiful ribbon. When you do everything right, you will have a beautiful gift that you can present to your loved one for the celebration.

Bouquet guide

A wonderful delicate and sweet bouquet of sweets and corrugated paper.

In conclusion

The candy-flower arrangement is a pleasant surprise and unusual design of simple sweets, which you can assemble yourself or order from professional candy florists. By analogy with flowers, it can be a bouquet of roses, tulips, sunflowers, a flower basket or a flower tree. But, unlike cut flowers, these bouquets do not fade, they do not need to be watered or pruned, and you can drink tea with them. A bouquet of sweets is a wonderful alternative to fresh flowers.

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