Do-it-yourself female surprise: what should it be?

Gift Ideas

The best gift is the one given from the heart and with good intentions. But it's even better when you yourself are the creator of this wonderful surprise. Now in stores there are a huge variety of interesting gifts, however, none of them can be compared with the one that you create with your own hands.

It is much more pleasant to receive such presents, because a person spends his own time and energy on their creation. He shows imagination and creativity, tries to think through every detail and take into account the tastes and wishes of the hero of the occasion, so that in the end the gift turns out to be perfect in every sense. This article will discuss the most interesting gift ideas for men.

They are perfect for a birthday or any other occasion. So, how to make a gift to your husband with your own hands, and how should he look so that the man is satisfied?

Sensual Surprises

Sensual Surprise

A wife in beautiful lingerie is what will really please any member of the stronger sex. In addition, for this you do not have to be a jack of all trades. If you have a bright appearance, you have a developed imagination, plus a few reliable friends who could help in the implementation of the idea, then this option is just for you. What is needed to implement this idea?

  • A large box where you could fit.
  • A sexy lingerie set or a lace (silk) robe.
  • A bottle of fine expensive wine (what the husband loves).
  • Elite chocolate or sweets to taste.

Preparation and organization

Cake surprise

The box needs to be brightly decorated. To do this, you need special wrapping paper, which is used for gift wrapping. Prepare also a large bow with ribbons - these details will come in handy for a spectacular design of the box. At this stage, you may need the help of friends, namely their apartments, where you could carefully prepare for the surprise and decorate the box in an original way.

When everything is ready, you should think over your image. Put on beautiful erotic lingerie, bring wine, chocolate and climb into a beautiful gift box. In the meantime, ask your friends to take the box with you to the house of the surprise recipient, and then delicately leave.

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Give your husband the opportunity to familiarize himself with the surprise. Let him untie the bow and open it, from where you, all so elegant and incredibly sexy, will appear before him in all your glory. Believe me, this birthday present will remain in his memory for a long time, especially if an equally interesting continuation follows after a romantic evening.

Erotic dance is a nice present at no extra cost

Beautiful dance

Such an original gift is ideal for a man in his prime. Naturally, if you have poor control over your body and have never done choreography before, then you need to think about preparing such a surprise in advance. You may have to sign up for dance classes in the fields of half-dance, strip plastic, or just be like oriental dances.

In addition, you need to choose the appropriate suit for your number. If you know how to sew, then it will not be difficult for you to make a suitable suit yourself - this is even welcome. If such skills are absent, then just visit an erotic lingerie store, where you will find something attractive for yourself.

Portrait as a way to express your love and attention

DIY portrait

Women who know how to draw can use their talent to embody an interesting idea for a man on his birthday and paint his portrait on a large canvas. Choose the most successful photo from your family album and create!

Approach such an idea with humor: for example, you can make a funny cartoon, and in the future it will cheer up your chosen one. Or just depict your beloved man in a different guise, add some interesting details or inscriptions to the portrait that will warm your soul. You need to give free rein to your imagination, draw with love - then a man will appreciate your work.

In addition to the portrait, you can give an interesting colorful landscape or still life. Subsequently, the picture will harmoniously fit into the interior, and every day will remind your chosen one of what a talented wife he has.

IdeaA great addition to the picture would be, for example, a large bunch of balloons. There can be any number of them, but it is better to choose exactly as many as your chosen one is old. Yes, yes, representatives of the male half are usually very happy with such a gift, and all because at a more mature age (35-45 years old) they become real romantics, and it is the originality of presenting a birthday present for them that comes first.

Anniversary gift for husband

knitted gift

If your man is still very young (25-35 years old), then in this case you can cook something fun and funny for him. For example, as a gift - a joke, a knitted hat with a beard is ideal. If you know how to knit, then this option will be very acceptable. By tying such a miracle, you will not only amuse the chosen one, but also show him how you care about him. Winters are quite cold now, and this versatile hat will help keep him warm even in severe frost, because it also comes with a warm knitted beard!

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For a car-loving guy, a pillow in the car is a great birthday gift idea. You will have to make it yourself, but it will not be difficult. Then comes the creative process: select a good photo of your husband or your general photo on the computer, print it using an inkjet printer using special paper. Cut out the image, place the pillowcase on the ironing board and lay the cut out photo face down. Iron the pillowcase and remove the backing paper.

Delicious present or "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"

Delicious dinner

Why not please your beloved man on his birthday with a delicious dinner? Of course, in family life, every meal should be delicious, but on a particularly important day, the food should also be special. Cook something that you haven't cooked before. Let it be some unusual dish, invented by you personally. But before you feed the birthday man with your creation, you need to test the dish by treating others to them. It is likely that in the end it will turn out beautiful, but not as tasty as it seems at first glance.

Even the most sophisticated recipe can be found on the Internet, so if you can’t develop something of your own, then you can use the advice of netizens. But at the same time, the design of the dish plays an important role in this surprise. Turn on your imagination and bake the usual pancakes with the help of special molds. Or with their use, you can, for example, cut your favorite fruits beautifully.

Unique gifts for lovers of everything unusual

A birthday present for a husband can be not only beautiful, but also necessary, practical, and interesting. For example, from an ordinary men's unnecessary tie, you can make an original eyeglass case or a cell phone case. If your man is a very impressionable person, then it would be nice to prepare a touching presentation for him. This option is especially good if the solemn event is celebrated in the circle of relatives and friends in any public place.

Print on the sheets a declaration of love or just a warm congratulation, tell in general terms about the exciting story of your relationship, etc. It is also permissible to make a slide show of joint photos and add one of the favorite musical compositions of the chosen one to the presentation. By the way, you can record your own song in the studio or sing an existing one yourself. Such an original gift with your own hands will surely cause a sea of ​​positive emotions in your chosen one, which means that he will be remembered for a lifetime.

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Gift for a romantic nature

jar with wishes

Even if a loved one looks very brutal, deep down he can be a real child, rejoicing in pleasant little things and romantic gizmos. It is for such chosen ones that as a present or addition to it, you can give an original jar with desires, confessions or memorable moments that happened to you during your relationship.

The jar usually includes 100 small folded pieces of paper of different colors, each of which has a wish or confession written on it. The container for the leaflets itself needs to be beautifully designed, but this is already a matter of imagination and personal preference. Such a creative gift to her husband will not only be incredibly pleasant for him, but will also help create an amazingly magical holiday atmosphere.

A postcard is an important addition to the main present.

A postcard is an important element of a gift. Many people ignore this detail, but it is the postcard that allows you to keep this or that day in your memory. Opening it after some time, the person, as it were, mentally returns to the day when it was handed to him. And this means that your man can re-experience the same pleasant sensations and emotions. A handmade postcard will bring great joy and delight from the presentation.

For a male surprise gift, you can give a unique postcard-envelope, which will be unique and stylish. You can also make a similar gift wrapping for a similar postcard, so that the result is a complete author's set. Below are the diagrams, as well as how it will look in the end.


This instruction describes in detail the sequence of actions for creating a shirt envelope. In such an original craft, a purchased postcard or money will fit.

Postcard creation scheme

This step-by-step diagram will help you make your own paper tie or bow tie. With this accessory, you can decorate the main gift with your own hands, pre-packed in a special wrapper.

Paper tie and bow tie

gift decoration

Creating a gift for a loved one is a very entertaining and interesting activity. If a man is really dear to you, you will probably only be happy to spend your time on this exciting process and make a gift to a man with your own hands. Moreover, hand-made presents will bring much more pleasure and joy to the hero of the occasion.