How to buy a gift at the last moment and not make the wrong choice - tips from stylists

We will tell you how to choose a piece of jewelry as a gift. The task was complicated by the following introductions: 1) if you do not know the size and style of the person for whom you are choosing a piece of jewelry; 2) if you buy it at the last moment, and there is no time left for reflection. Hard? But our experts did their best! Take an example.

There are several types of gifts that are perfect for loved ones on New Years. You can also please yourself with them.

  • Watch. One of the most common gifts. Can be chosen for every budget, taste, age and style.
  • Earrings. At this point, the main thing is to determine your preferences: either these are trend options, or classic ones, with precious stones.
  • A bracelet. Laconic rigid bracelets will harmoniously fit into almost any look, and chains can become a bright accent.
  • Suspension. The most current design: coins, pearls or in the form of the first letter of the name.

Gifts for loved ones should be special. Therefore, jewelry is the perfect way to please the most dear and loved ones.

If you are suddenly afraid to make a mistake with the choice, not knowing the taste and style of a person, then rely on minimalism. Choose precious metals and precious stones. I am generally silent about diamonds, because we all know that they are the best friends of girls.

It is rather difficult to choose a piece of jewelry “without unnecessary misunderstood hints” and to look dignified and worn.

But we managed to find several options for both the feast and the world:

  • Combined chain bracelet that will look great on its own, as well as in tandem with other bracelets or watches.
  • The most safe option is a pendant with a stone pendant. Of course, the more impressive the stone, the better, but then who has what opportunities. Such an ornament can be presented to a girl at 16 and a woman at 50. Awesome option.

You should not choose jewelry in the shape of hearts, angels, swans, flowers and other deliberately romantic models. Instead, opt for a discreet classic. Believe me, you will not go wrong.

Once we were asked a question, it sounded like this: “What to give a girl if you don’t know, neither her size, nor her taste, in general, there are no sensible introductory notes, but I really want to please a person. More precisely, I want to literally save the New Year! "

Agree, the task is not easy, but nothing is impossible. Just donate jewelry! But not anyhow, but cool! Remember in Sex in the City, Aidan proposed to Kerry with a pear ring? Even if not, the point of the episode is that you don't have to be too smart.

Rely on minimalism and noble shine of natural stones (ideally diamonds). And here it is not necessary to buy cobblestones, pawning all your property in a pawnshop. Small sparks - always cheer up.

And also take a closer look at the decorations - "transformers". Buying this, you get several pieces at once for the price of one piece (for example, earrings with removable rings or a cuff bracelet).

And what can I say about men! Each holiday is a torment of choice so that the gift will be liked and suitable, so that it is not like last year, so that not like everyone else's (at this moment a mean man's tear rolled down) ... Here is a hint cheat sheet, thanks to which you will not need to reinvent the wheel. It's about jewelry.

Jewelry is a way to emphasize individuality. And here's what we recommend you pay attention to when choosing them:

  1. Style. There is nothing complicated here - minimalism, simple forms are in trend. Pay particular attention to the square-shaped gold jewelry that resembles part of a chain.
  2. Figure. It is important to choose jewelry in proportion to the parameters of the figure of the person to whom you are giving them. The basic rule is this: large girls should choose massive jewelry and stones (earrings with accent crystals sunk into my soul), but fragile young ladies should pay attention to the fine decoration, small shape.
  3. Age. In general, you should not get attached to the numbers in the passport. However, it should be borne in mind that laconic jewelry - hoop earrings, square earrings, stud earrings - are as versatile as possible. If you want to emphasize the status and position of a woman, then choose large stones or placers of diamonds. And if the one to whom you are giving the jewelry is a young girl, then pay attention to pearls, small details and natural themes.
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