Wedding anniversaries calendar: from 1 year to 50 years of marriage

What could be more beautiful than the birthday of a happy family? There is simply no other day so bright and filled with love. That is why it is so important to know how to properly celebrate this date, as well as what it means.

Calendar of important wedding dates

Absolutely every wedding anniversary has its own meaning and is filled with a certain meaning. The wedding dates calendar will help you understand all the symbolism and reveal every stage of family life.

Print wedding: 1 year

And we will start our wedding calendar from the very first anniversary. She was nicknamed Sitzeva because the young people managed to live together for a short time and the relationship is still quite fragile.

print wedding

Paper wedding: 2 years

Two years of married life is called a Paper Wedding. Relationships have already grown stronger, but they are like paper - seemingly strong, but easily torn. A second wedding anniversary at home with family is the best way to celebrate.

Paper Wedding

Leather wedding: 3 years

Our calendar reveals the secrets of all wedding anniversaries, but the third in it is special. It's called Leather. The family is already much stronger, and the flexibility of the material indicates that the husband and wife have learned to adapt to each other. However, their relationship needs attention and care.

Leather wedding

Linen wedding: 4 years

The wedding calendar over the years puts the fourth anniversary in an equally significant place and calls it Linen. Over the years, the destinies of the couple, like the fibers of flax, have become firmly intertwined and strengthened the union.

linen wedding

Wooden wedding: 5 years

A wooden anniversary is the first real wedding anniversary. It is believed that it was by this date that the couple had already managed to build strong strong relationships. It is worth celebrating the event according to the round date - loudly and cheerfully.

Wooden wedding

Cast iron wedding: 6 years

Relationships of a couple are like cast iron - strong and fragile at the same time. If this material is hit hard, it can crack, but thanks to careful care and strong heating, it becomes stronger.

Cast-iron wedding

Copper wedding: 7 years

Copper is a durable metal, symbolizing that over the years the couple has already managed to go through many trials that have strengthened their union. You can celebrate the celebration in a restaurant by arranging a romantic date, or organize a quest for a wedding anniversary.

Copper Wedding

Tin wedding: 8 years

The anniversaries calendar characterizes dates by the names of weddings. Eight years of marriage have received an analogy with an even more durable metal. It is customary to give tin products for such an event: jewelry, figurines or kitchen utensils.

Tin wedding

Faience wedding: 9 years

Faience is a dense ceramic, but rather fragile. The calendar interprets such an analogy for this wedding for a reason. According to psychologists, it is in the ninth year of marriage that couples may experience a crisis in relationships. That is why it is better to spend this date together, strengthening your marriage.

faience wedding

Tin wedding: 10 years

Your next big date is ten years of married life. Like metal, relationships are strong and stable. It is worth celebrating this serious event loudly, gathering all your friends and arranging for yourself a real wedding anniversary of the stars.

Tin wedding

Steel wedding: 11 years

The Wedding Anniversary Calendar describes eleven years of marriage as time-hardened steel. Your union is so strong that it is able to withstand any obstacles.

steel wedding

Nickel wedding: 12 years

Nickel is not just a durable material, it is as smooth as your relationship. For twelve years you managed to clean and polish them.

Nickel Wedding

Lily of the valley wedding: 13 years

The calendar claims that the thirteenth wedding anniversary is especially tender and reverent, and therefore it is called Landysheva. The best option to celebrate this date is to arrange a romantic dinner for two.

lily of the valley wedding

Agate wedding: 14 years

Agate stone has long been considered a symbol of longevity, tranquility, well-being and prosperity. For fourteen years, marriage becomes just like that, strong as a stone, and measured.

Agate Wedding

Crystal wedding: 15 years

The next wedding anniversary according to the calendar is associated with crystal. Your relationship is pure and transparent, but at the same time it can be fragile. This is a reminder that even after so many years, marriage needs to be worked on and strengthened.

crystal wedding

Topaz wedding: 16 years

Topaz stone symbolizes the wisdom, prudence and peace that your couple was able to find in sixteen years of marriage.

Topaz wedding

Pink wedding: 17 years

Seventeen years of marriage was called the Pink Anniversary for a reason. Over so many years, romance can disappear from a relationship. This date was created specifically to refresh the senses and remember your happiest moments together.

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pink wedding

Turquoise wedding: 18 years

The turquoise stone is considered a symbol of fidelity and devotion, and the name of the stone comes from the Arabic language, in which it is very consonant with the word "victory". This is what your relationship is like, and eighteen years of marriage is truly your victory!

Turquoise wedding

Pomegranate wedding: 19 years

The pomegranate stone symbolizes not only fertility and abundance, but also solidarity. That is what you have been able to achieve in nineteen years of marriage.

pomegranate wedding

Porcelain wedding: 20 years

Twenty years is indeed a big date that needs to be celebrated accordingly. During this time, you have become truly native to each other people.

Porcelain Wedding

Opal wedding: 21 years old

The opal stone is incredibly strong, like your union, which is twenty-one years old. Spend this anniversary together and enjoy this luxurious date.

Opal wedding

Bronze wedding: 22 years old

Bronze is a metal that symbolizes power, strength and stamina. This is how you can characterize the twenty-second anniversary of marriage.

bronze wedding

Beryl wedding: 23 years

Beryl is a durable and diverse stone in its shades. He hints that it is time to dilute the daily routine with vivid emotions and pleasant impressions that will only strengthen and make your life happier.

Beryl wedding

Satin wedding: 24 years

You've been through a lot together in twenty-four years. Your relationship has become like an atlas, smooth and strong. Celebrate this day alone or with your family.

Satin Wedding

Silver wedding: 25 years

Twenty-five years is a truly significant date, symbolized by the precious metal. On this day, it is customary for couples to give silver items.

Silver wedding

Pearl wedding: 30 years

Thirty years is a serious anniversary. Your relationship, like pearls, began with a tiny grain of sand, year after year becoming bigger, stronger, more valuable.

pearl wedding

Coral wedding: 35 years

Coral is a strong and durable stone, symbolizing purity and sincerity. This is what your relationship has achieved in thirty-five years. It is customary to celebrate this major date in the family circle.

coral wedding

Ruby wedding: 40 years

Ruby is a symbol of eternal love and unquenchable passion. Having lived for forty years, the couple can definitely boast of these two qualities that have kept feelings for decades.

Ruby Wedding

Sapphire wedding: 45 years

Sapphire is the symbol of infinity. This is what your love has become over the years.

Sapphire wedding

Golden wedding: 50 years

Gold is an expensive and valuable metal that is mined and processed with great labor and time. Such an honorable date deserves special attention, because the couple proved their love, loyalty and boundless feelings.

Golden wedding
But this is not a complete list of wedding anniversaries. Here is the second half of the dates.

51 year - Willow wedding.

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You can give friends for 51 years of marriage all the same willow products. These include: wicker basket; bread box; vase; casket; statuette; ikebana; pieces of furniture or utensils.

52 years - Topaz wedding.

53 years — Uranium wedding.

55 years - Emerald wedding.

Not all couples manage to celebrate this anniversary together. Emerald is a very rare and precious stone, which is very symbolic for such a respectable date.

56 years - Willow wedding.

57 years — Aluminum wedding.

58 years — Uranium wedding.

59 years - Bright wedding.

*56, 57, 58, 59 years old - not customary to celebrate.

60 years - Diamond (Platinum) wedding.

Spouses who celebrate this date have successfully overcome life's obstacles, and their union is strong, like a diamond. As a gift to such people, it is appropriate to present a piece of jewelry with a diamond. But if you are already very limited in funds, then crystal can replace it.

61 year - Rich wedding.

62 years — Aquamarine wedding.

63 years - Mercury wedding.

64 years - Happy wedding.

65 years — Iron wedding.

66 years — Neon wedding.

67 years - Magic wedding.

67,5 years from the day of the wedding - Stone wedding.

An unexpected fractional anniversary reminds us that strong family ties are like a rock that serves as the foundation for any buildings. Don't miss this date: you don't have long to celebrate your grandparents. As a gift, you can bring a large bouquet of flowers and festive dishes prepared with your own hands.

68 years - Chamomile wedding.

69 years — Satin wedding.

70 years - Blessed wedding.

The couple raised children, grandchildren, waited for great-grandchildren. This is true grace sent by heaven, because not every couple is given to live such a number of years together.

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75 years - Crown (Alabaster) wedding.

80 years - Oak wedding.

85 years — Wine wedding.

A family after so many years of marriage is like an expensive vintage wine aged for years!

90 years - Granite wedding.

It symbolizes the strength of the union and the longevity of the spouses.

95 years — Diamond wedding.

A family after almost a hundred years of marriage is like an incredibly beautiful and hard diamond!

100 years — Red wedding.

You are probably thinking, why give a name to that wedding anniversary that no one can celebrate? But no! There is one couple in the world who managed to celebrate their red anniversary after living 100 years together! This is the Ageev family - 126-year-old Niftula and 116-year-old Balabeim.


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