Calendar with author's photos or posters as a gift

Gift Ideas

Modern printed calendars are used by many people. Stylish and informative desktop copies are an integral part of the interior of the desktop in the office, and the wall in the apartment is often decorated with a nice flip analogue. And in a ladies' handbag, and in a men's purse, there is a place for him. The size of the calendar received as a gift is not so important when your copy is with author's images. It is much more pleasant to use such a present.

Exclusive photo calendar - an original choice for a present

Calendar in electronic form

Your gift calendar dates can come alive with a little imagination to create a mockup of an original item. You will need to select suitable family shots from the photo archive, and use the online designer to create an electronic image. Further, it is a matter of technology - to order the printing of your layout on sheets of coated paper and get a finished copy in any convenient way.

The size of the calendar and the choice of subjects for photos depends on the intended purpose. Ideas might be:

  • Wedding pictures will help to make up the calendar - the event is an excellent present for newlyweds or for a memorable wedding anniversary.
  • Photos of beloved children are always a joy for their parents, and a wall calendar with 13 flip sheets with pictures of your children will be pleasing and uplifting every day.
  • You can add a touch of optimism to raise the morale of the work team, and create a wall calendar in the form of a collage based on any corporate weekend. After all, common tasks and complex problems are much easier to solve with a smile.
  • Friends are separated by countries and continents - one calendar with photos of your company can be ordered in several copies and sent by post to each friend. Your comrades will be incredibly pleased.

Photos, colorful pictures and posters, coupled with heartfelt wishes - the arsenal that will help turn the idea into an exclusive present.

Analogues in corporate style

Corporate calendar

In the business environment, the calendar also found application. After all, the presented pocket copies with author's posters are an unobtrusive advertisement for the services provided by the company. An effective alternative to a business card. And desktop and wall calendars of large and medium formats with a corporate logo of the company are one of the excellent options as souvenirs for advertising presentations.

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