Creative birthday gifts: turn on the imagination

Choosing a gift for a birthday is a very interesting and at the same time difficult task. You can always buy something banal, like sweets, a bouquet of flowers, a simple souvenir. It's not popular anymore. Now originality, uniqueness are in fashion, which means it's time to make truly creative birthday gifts. Of course, this is more appropriate when it comes to gifts for loved ones, well-known people. Shops now offer a lot of interesting souvenirs, presents. In addition, you can make a gift yourself with your own hands.

night light pig

Cheerful night light in the form of a pig with a luminous head and a cute heel

Gift Ideas

To choose a truly unique gift, it is advisable to know in advance what you are looking for. So, your search will be crowned with the greatest success, you will not be at a loss in front of a huge number of goods presented in store windows. It is also not worth hoping for the acquisition of some “first liked” little thing.

Creative birthday gifts for a man, a woman, a guy, a girl are represented by a huge number of a wide variety of options. For convenience, we divide them into several categories:

Gift for boyfriend

Does your boyfriend's friend have a birthday? This is a great opportunity to please and surprise a loved one. Representatives of the stronger sex will also be happy to receive original gifts. So, creative gift for boyfriend might look like this:

  • interesting excursion the places your friend has wanted to visit for so long;
  • extreme vacation (assuming you know your friend's preferences). It can be bungee jumping, diving, skydiving and much more;
  • «adventure quest"for those who like to solve riddles, look for different objects, in a word, for those who like to "play" and are not averse to returning to childhood;

    Stand "Surikatus"Stand "Surikatus" - is placed on the desk, turning it into a workplace for working not only sitting, but also standing

    wireless air mouse with keyboardThe Wireless Air Mouse with Keyboard is a light, comfortable and advanced novelty that can be useful

    table punching bagDesktop punching bag - a means to blow off steam when everyone around you is tired

  • massage mat for car or just a massager for legs, back;
  • when your friend collects, you can buy him item to complete this collection;
  • for a programmer or just a guy who is fond of technology and prefers to spend time at the computer, well suited fancy mouse pad, laptop case, Smartphone.
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When choosing a unique gift, you can focus not only on interests and hobbies. Professional activities should also be taken into account. Thus, you can make both an original and useful gift that will not lie idle.

Gift for girlfriend, girl

creative birthday gift for girlfriend, a girl can be as follows:

  • Portraitdrawn from a photograph. It will be an unexpected surprise: what girl does not want to get her own portrait. Most people will definitely like it.
  • When a girl goes in for sports, a warm blouse with built-in headphones for running or кроссовки for fitness with a special sole. Can be presented gym membership hall or dance classes.
  • Great gift - master class invitation in those areas that the girl is fond of: needlework, art, crop production, modeling and much more;

bouquet of vegetables and fruits

Nice, and most importantly, a healthy bouquet of vitamins in the form of vegetables and fruits

  • extreme pastime may also be relevant. There are girls who will be happy to dive to the bottom of the sea with scuba gear or go on a camping trip;

Sometimes the best gift is an experience that is stored in memory for almost a lifetime. The so-called emotional gifts will especially appeal to the female sex.

Gift for spouse

Often couples know each other very well. Especially when they have been married for many years. It would seem that it would not be difficult to buy a gift for such a loved one. On the one hand, it is. However, there may be some difficulties here. Therefore, below are a few original gift ideas for spouse and spouse that may prompt you to search for your own.

Creative Gift for Husband

For a connoisseur of the most original, unique gifts, there are the following options:

  • mosaic и puzzles with joint photos;
  • portrait on canvas (some men will be very happy to receive such a present, no matter how strange it may seem at first glance);
  • Memory card with a recording of music that the spouse prefers;
  • rock garden.
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In addition, a man will appreciate such gifts as cake decorated with his photo or with an unusual congratulation (for example, in poetry). Such a gift will appeal especially to lovers of sweets.

motivatorMotivator “Success is…” is a painting on canvas created for people who want or have already achieved success

photomosaicPhoto mosaic - a portrait consisting of hundreds of small photographs of moments of life

portrait coloring bookA portrait in the form of a coloring book is a ready-made set with a blank portrait from a photograph, and you need to paint it yourself - according to the instructions

For a man who prefers outdoor activities, a great option would be rafting on a mountain river, skydiving, diving (depending on preference). Can be given as a unique gift tent, folding chairs, rest tables Outdoors, binoculars, Swiss knife.

The list of original gifts continues:

  • projector to watch movies;
  • electric device for cooking shish kebabs;
  • beloved reading game.

A creative birthday present for a man - a handmade gift:

  • embroidery;
  • photo collage;
  • designer thing;
  • knitted case for smartphone, key holder.

Original gift for wife

An original gift can be bed linen set with your marital photos. Luxurious lingerie in itself is a worthy gift. And applying the image in the form of photographs will make it truly unique, in a single copy.

For those women who love comfort and coziness, a relaxing holiday reading a book or watching TV, a good gift would be plaid. And not just a plaid, but with sleeves. You can wrap yourself up in it and do needlework or just relax at the end of the day from everyday worries. By the way, there are similar blankets designed for two persons.

inscription from book pages

Volumetric inscription composed of book pages

Figurine 3Dtaken from a photo. A very creative and modern gift. In addition to the fact that she perfectly accurately conveys all the parameters, features of the figure of the birthday girl, she will also decorate the interior of the room.

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Gift wrapping

A creative birthday present is wonderful. However, do not forget about the design. You can make a unique gift in original packaging. Below are a few design ideas.

Non-standard boxes

Among the unusual boxes there may be do-it-yourself packages, for example, heart shaped - for a loved one or in the form pyramids - for a colleague. Interesting packaging option books. There are many options for how to make a box with your own hands.

For wrapping, you can even use the pages of old books, music sheets. As a decor - add decorating elements, little things.

Particular attention should be paid to fabric decorations. They came to us from the land of the rising sun. This is a purely Japanese tradition. It has been used there for over 100 years.

fresh flower packagingPackaging with fresh flowers - Kraft paper, black and white markers, thick tape and a sprig of fresh flowers

packaging with lyricsWith the lines of the song - notes, a ribbon and a package with a memorable melody are ready

packing with wax sealWith a wax seal - any gift becomes secret if it is sealed with a wax seal

What not to give

There are some gifts that should never be given. They are simply banal or may be inappropriate. These "gifts" include:

  • sets of dishes;
  • bijouterie;
  • appliances for the kitchen;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • perfume, perfume.

You should not buy clothes, even if you know exactly the size, style preferences in clothes. This can make a person uncomfortable and fall into the category of “extra things”. If you do not want to increase the number of unnecessary things and not burden the happy birthday, you should not give the above gifts.

So, creative birthday gifts are a good way to show your attitude to a loved one. As a rule, we know the preferences of our friends, girlfriends, and even more so - spouses. The article contains just a few creative gift ideas that can help you find and purchase your own personal creative gift.


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