Is it possible to give socks: 5 ways to give socks according to a sign

Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift is never an easy task. There are many superstitions and beliefs associated with the process of giving. There is a whole list of "bad gifts" that, according to our ancestors, bring trouble. For example, many are wondering if it is possible to give socks. There are many different opinions about this, despite the fact that this is almost a traditional gift. About whether it is worth doing it and why, is described in the article.

socks in a bouquet

Sock bouquet with a good smell

Signs and superstitions

Almost all superstitions and signs about giving socks give a negative answer. An item donated “on your feet” portends a long hard road, leaving home:

  • If the wife gives her husband such a gift, she should expect a long separation or parting.
  • If a girl gives them to her young man, he will go to a rival.
  • Another popular belief says that a son who receives socks from his mother will leave the family back to his father's house and spend a whole year there.

In addition to family and love problems, this wardrobe item portends illness and misfortune. It was assumed that when transferring clothes, a person transmits various diseases. Now it is hard to believe in it, as things are presented completely new.

An interesting fact is that all these negative superstitions indicate that it is impossible to give socks only to men. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that in ancient times it was not considered possible for a woman to leave the house.

When you receive socks as a gift, give the gift giver a coin. This will allow you to pay off the threatening troubles. By the way, this method also works when receiving other unwanted gifts.

fashion socks

Stylish version of socks you need to be able to wear

There are other signs associated with socks:

  • Worn inside out, they mean revealing your secret.
  • Unpaired promise a quarrel with a loved one.
  • Leave in one sock - incur loneliness.
  • The loss of a sock threatens problems at work and in business.
  • Stockings not in pairs - to quarrels in the family.
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Since there is no scientific evidence of veracity, today not everyone believes in them, but it is impossible to state with full confidence that signs do not work. Everyone decides what to believe. And even if you are not at all superstitious, do not give socks to superstitious people - this will only give them cause for alarm.

When you can't give socks

Such a gift, first of all, is a bad omen. And it is unlikely that anyone will be satisfied with ordinary socks in a package. It's humiliatingly cheap. Moreover, you should not give such an ordinary item for a major holiday, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary.

On Defender of the Fatherland Day, many women give their men this piece of clothing. Such a penny and indifferent gift not only does not bring joy to her husband, but also becomes an occasion for many jokes, and sometimes insults. A more meaningful and emotional gift is expected from a beloved wife.

marine socks

Marine knitted socks

By giving socks, for example, to a colleague or boss, you will definitely destroy the friendly atmosphere between you. The gift seems to hint at uncleanliness.

When can you donate socks?

Despite all of the above, there are situations when you can give socks as a gift. The main thing is that the occasion should not be a solemn event, but an insignificant one. In this case, they will be appropriate:

  • Socks made by hand.

They will be a valuable gift for a husband or other family members. First of all, such a thing will carry the positive energy of the donor. A thing connected from natural materials is expensive, and the time spent on their manufacture is completely priceless. Without a doubt, such a gift will be highly appreciated.

For knitting, five knitting needles are most often used, but a hook can also be used. Before work, do not forget to check the size of the legs so that the gift fits. Natural wool is the best material. The gift will be even more original and expensive if you use unusual, healing materials, such as fluff or dog hair. Clothing made of dog hair not only warms in the cold season, but also treats the owner: they improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and prevent colds.

women's socks

Women's knitted socks

  • Makes a practical gift set of seven pairs of socks.
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A couple for every day. Choose high-quality models with an unusual design, for example, from your husband's favorite sports store. To receive such a present for a man is as pleasant as a set of expensive underwear for a woman. When choosing a color, it is worth considering the preferences of the person to whom the present is intended. For business men, it is recommended to choose dark, strict colors - blue, gray, black. Pack them in a pretty box and include a wish card.

  • Bouquet from socks.

With a creative presentation of a gift, even such an ordinary thing as socks will surprise you. In order to make an original "bouquet" for a friend or sister, roll each sock into a rosette and put it on wooden sticks. Decorate the present with crepe paper and paper flowers. For a man, you can roll your tank or dumbbell shaped socks with tape.

  • Christmas socks with sweets.

Another great idea is to use socks as wrapping for another gift. In the cold season, a Christmas-style stocking stuffed with sweets will be appropriate. To pack a bottle of wine in an original way, place it in one sock, and tie a bow with the other.

Christmas socks

Christmas socks for gifts

  • Hide the main gift in socks.

You can play a prank on a friend by giving him a box of ordinary socks, inside of which something valuable will be hidden.

Using the advice of the article, you will definitely decide for yourself whether it is possible to give socks to a man or a woman in your case, and you will certainly please your loved one with your gift. Giving someone socks, the main thing is to do it right and with soul.