Muslin wedding - choosing what to present for the 37th anniversary

Gift Ideas

This article explains what to get for a muslin wedding for a married couple. It presents different categories of presents for any wallet. Spouses can be pleased with symbolic souvenirs, surprise with impressions or make practical gifts for them. After reading the article, your arsenal will have 14 options for gifts that will help you congratulate a married couple on a significant day, but you will not have to spend unthinkable amounts of money on a present.

Muslin wedding what to give

Couples mugs in the style of Love is ... every day will remind spouses of their youth /

Symbolic gifts

Few know what to give for 37 years of marriage and what kind of wedding it is. The memorable date is not a jubilee and is called "Muslinovaya" and this is no coincidence. A long and happy marriage is always a difficult job, when both spouses have to make efforts to find compromises on controversial issues, not take offense at trifles and support each other in any situations. Muslin fabric has long had a high price, since its production was not only expensive, but also very time consuming, therefore there is a symbolic parallel between the date of 37 years of marriage and expensive material.

For 37 years of marriage, it is worth giving the spouses products made of this delicate and beautiful, but very durable material:

  • Tablecloth and napkins... The set will be an excellent present and will delight, first of all, the mistress of the house. The gift is not only beautiful, but also practical, as the family will always find a reason to get together at a beautifully set table.
  • Linens... In addition to the richness of colors and an unusually pleasant texture, duvet covers and sheets have another advantage - they perfectly dissipate heat, so even in the hot season, sleep will be calm and comfortable.
  • Scarves and shawls... It is best to choose a muslin based on silk. Accessories made of this material look expensive and sophisticated, differ in original colors.

Muslin wedding what to give

An unusual gift will be napkins with the initials of the heroes of the occasion embroidered on them.

If it is problematic to find products made of muslin, you can present gifts that will symbolize the number 37:

  1. Cognac 37 years old... The collectible drink will please the owner of the house and will decorate the home mini-bar.
  2. Jewelry with number 37... Such a gift is made to order, it can be an unusual pendant, ring, cufflinks or bracelet.
  3. Number cake... An interesting and unusual present can be baked with your own hands, and the cream and filling can be made in accordance with the tastes of the married couple.
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You should not buy symbolic gifts for the sake of simply having something to give to a married couple. If finances do not allow you to make an expensive present, you should pay attention to practical and inexpensive things that will certainly come in handy for spouses.

Useful presents

The 37th wedding anniversary is called a muslin wedding, and often invited guests do not know what to give for this holiday. In this case, practical gifts will come to the rescue. These are things that are always needed in any family and are constantly in use:

  • Towels for kitchen or bathroom... It is worth choosing products in neutral colors or carefully inquiring about the tastes of the owners of the house. Towels should be made of natural fabrics, since synthetic, although they have an attractive appearance, are inconvenient to use, since they poorly absorb water and give it away poorly.

Muslin wedding what to give

Wonderful, soft bed linen is always a necessary and welcome gift.

  • Bathrobes... A nice and warm bathrobe will come in handy not only after a shower, but will also serve you well if it is cold at home. An interesting solution would be to decorate things with original embroidery or a short congratulation.
  • Service... It can be both tea and canteen. It is worth giving preference to quality products, but it is not necessary to give fabulous money for them. It is best to buy universal cookware that can be safely used in the microwave or dishwasher.
  • Small household appliances... These are small items that will greatly facilitate your work in the kitchen. These include a blender, a mixer, an electric kettle with a beautiful design, a modern iron, a hairdryer with an ionizer, and a small coffee machine.

Such gifts always delight the heroes of the occasion, it is almost impossible to make a mistake with them, but before buying it is worth making sure that the couple does not have these items. This is especially true for small household appliances.

Impressions and emotions as a gift

If the spouses are wealthy people, then there may be difficulties with what to give them for a muslin wedding. However, there is a way out - in this case, emotions will become an excellent present:

  1. Cooking course for two... The spouses will not only have fun helping each other in preparing new dishes, but will also replenish their home recipe bank. Subsequently, these foods will always remind them of the celebration.

Muslin wedding what to give

Make a cookie for your parents for their wedding anniversary - they'll love it.

  1. Hike to the spa... Many centers offer a two-person program. This is not only a great opportunity to relax and unwind, but also to be together in a romantic atmosphere.
  2. Horse rides or balloon flight... This is a very special adventure that will leave spouses with a lot of positive memories and will help them experience unforgettable emotions.
  3. Theater tickets or to the concert... It is worth finding out in advance which performances or performers the spouses love, and give them the opportunity to enjoy their favorite works.
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Before making such a surprise, you should carefully find out the hobbies of the husband and wife, so as not to get into a mess. There is no need to make too expensive presents, since 37 years is not a round date.

The muslin wedding is a special day as few families come together for this important anniversary. A gift for this date should not be too expensive, but you should try to make it original and memorable.