What to give for the new year 2023: gift ideas for all occasions

what to give for the new year 2023 Gift Ideas

New Year's celebrations are always accompanied by a lot of hassle associated with choosing an outfit, compiling a menu and inviting guests. In addition, the list of obligatory pre-holiday events includes a choice of gifts that will correspond to the symbols of the year and the preferences of the recipient. Moreover, the symbol of 2023 is the Black Water Rabbit, standing guard over the family, friendly unity, love and fidelity. Therefore, the question of what to give for the New Year 2023, perhaps, should be puzzled in the first place.

what to give for the new year 2023

General characteristics of gifts

The symbol of 2023 is the Black Water Rabbit. He belongs to the sign of the feminine "Yin", so he loves simple things without too much pathos, but with a deep meaning. In addition, gifts should reflect the image of the water element, which the following products will do just fine:

  1. Glass vases, which can be either transparent or decorated with floral patterns.
  2. Jewelry with precious and other natural stones
  3. Paintings with seascapes, as well as other items decorated in accordance with the theme.
  4. Aquariums with fish.
  5. mini fountains.

In general, you can pick up any item of blue, blue or transparent color that will personify the water element.

what to give for the new year 2023

Gifts by zodiac signs

Wanting to maintain some individuality in the offering, it is worth considering a gift that matches the sign of the zodiac.


Representatives of this sign will appreciate gifts that express purposefulness, status, hard work and responsibility. Therefore, they may be suitable:

  • whiskey sets;
  • watches, whether magnetic, hourglass or other options;
  • carved handmade chess.


This diligent and responsible sign will appreciate gifts related to innovative progress and the outside world. Suitable options would be:

  • board games like backgammon, chess, checkers or poker sets;
  • quadrocopters;
  • equipment in retro style;
  • live plants.
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They belong to the family signs of the zodiac, to which the Rabbit is very supportive. Their interests are often related to cultural values, art, literature and music. Therefore, as gifts suitable:

  • live plants, including succulents;
  • wall or table clock;
  • karaoke set;
  • a book of classical literature.


These are rather contradictory personalities, so gifts will have to be chosen based on the personal knowledge of this person. He may like:

  • sommelier sets;
  • author's portraits;
  • elite coffee set;
  • unusual alarm clock, etc.


This is a royal nature with its inherent solidity. In addition, lions are risky guys, and the rabbit calms their animal nature. Therefore, for a gift to lions it is worth considering:

  • collection sets;
  • nominal diaries or glasses;
  • barbecue kits;
  • power bank.


A calm and wise sign of the zodiac, appreciating sincerity and reasonable behavior. Gifts for girls can be:

  • models of ships or aircraft;
  • wine with good aging;
  • stationery;
  • hobby accessories.


An outgoing zodiac sign with versatile interests. You can enjoy the following gifts:

  • thermo mug;
  • sweet presents;
  • housekeepers;
  • figurines and figurines.


It can have a harsh character and a unique sense of humor at the same time. Scorpio will always appreciate gifts according to interests:

  • chess;
  • motivational posters;
  • fixtures;
  • chocolate puzzles.


Optimistic and desperate people who are unlikely to be upset if you fail to please with a gift. Of the possible options:

  • electro corkscrew;
  • exotic tea;
  • funny slippers in the form of animals;
  • purse.


It will not be the gift itself that is important to him, but your attention. However, Capricorns are also unlikely to refuse useful and long-awaited gizmos. Try giving them:

  • beautiful service;
  • newfangled gadget;
  • construction tool;
  • certificates or discount coupons.


Extraordinary energetic personalities who will appreciate the long-awaited gifts of various categories:

  • powerbank and a set of pots;
  • carved backgammon and a warm scarf;
  • beautiful jewelry and an unusual pillow.
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They love status gifts as well as unexpected surprises. Therefore, they may like:

  • warm blanket;
  • favorite book;
  • beautiful night light
  • wine glasses.

One way or another, when choosing a gift, it is better to focus on the personal wishes of the recipient. But in case suitable ideas do not come to mind, you can always use the ones given in this article.

what to give for the new year 2023

DIY Present Ideas

The home symbol of the New Year will surely appreciate the warmth of handmade offerings. These include:

  • homemade cookies, sweets and cakes;
  • knitted hats, mittens and scarves;
  • homemade soap;
  • Christmas tree and interior decorations;
  • embroidered blankets and pillowcases;
  • panels and paintings.

In this case, it is better to take into account your own skills and abilities in order to make a really high-quality gift that will remind you of yourself for many years.

what to give for the new year 2023

Gifts for children

Little connoisseurs of New Year's celebrations are waiting for the holiday more than any adult, including because of the desired gifts. Surely the children have already written letters to Santa Claus and will be waiting for a miracle until New Year's Eve.

Gifts for children are of course chosen according to age and interests.

The most popular right now are:

  • lego sets;
  • robots with a control panel;
  • quadrocopters;
  • soft toys in the form of favorite characters;
  • Board games;
  • creator's Kit;
  • magnetic tablets;
  • devices for gadgets;
  • game consoles, etc.

what to give for the new year 2023

In addition, it is unlikely that at least one kid will refuse the very symbol of the year - a live decorative rabbit, which will become a true friend of small household members. Finally, sweet gifts - this is always a win-win option for children and adults, which may not stay in the house for a long time, but it will give a lot of fun! In the end, the main thing is not the value of the presented present, but the attention and joy that it will be accompanied by.

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