Gifts for guests from the hero of the day - a little gratitude for a wonderful evening

Gift Ideas

Having received an invitation to the anniversary, people think about a present for the hero of the occasion. And no one expects that they will be presented with gifts at the party. But recently it has become a fashionable trend to present gifts to guests from the hero of the day. The article contains the most interesting options, which souvenirs are better to buy for this purpose, and how to present them in an original way.

Gifts for guests from the hero of the day

Show your imagination and prepare a gift for each guest personally.

For lovers of antiquity

No wonder they say that everything new is well forgotten old. It is a mistake to think that the idea of ​​giving gifts for birthday guests is modern. A long time ago, even in the days of paganism, there was such a good tradition. Then the culture was widespread folk dolls... They were made from straw, thread, worn clothes. So, it is known from reliable sources that the craftswomen made special dolls, which meant "a return gift". To prepare it, they did not spare the colored scraps of expensive fabric. Indeed, such a souvenir expressed not only gratitude, but also a wish for prosperity. Often it had the meaning of a powerful amulet.

If the hero of the day is a needlewoman, it will not be difficult for her to make traditional toys according to the number of guests.

Connoisseurs of creativity

Not only those invited to the banquet are puzzled over what to present. It turns out that the owner also has to think carefully. Remembering what they gave him in such cases: magnets, calendars, I don't want to repeat myself.

Gifts for guests from the hero of the day

Make a small, but personalized gift for each guest - you will definitely like this.

To avoid banality, you can organize a stylish party. From here the idea with souvenirs will "flow". The theme of the evening is announced to everyone in advance. For visual perception, it is necessary to think over the design of the hall and props. Gift options:

  • Use the photo editor to make colorful posterswhere the body will be the stars of those years, for example Bruce Lee or Madonna, and the face of the hero of the day. Such a present will certainly generate thunderous applause;
  • "Jubilee Train". To the soundtrack of the sound of wheels, hand over to those present "sets for the road", where are placed towel, napkins;
  • "Beach party". It doesn't have to be held outdoors and in swimsuits. Here we mean a hint of the heat from strong drinks. Suitable as souvenirs cocktail tubes, kerchiefs, fans;
  • "Bath Jubilee". As in the previous version, there is no need to undress. It's just that all competitions, one way or another, will be associated with a Russian bath. And suitable gifts will be soap, shampoo, bast, Birch broom;
  • "Carnival Evening". An interesting present will be paper caps, various masks, crackers.

Gifts for guests from the hero of the day

An unusual and necessary gift will be a compass with a personalized engraving.

For a close company

Not only children, but also adults like to play, participate in competitions, especially if the "degree" of fun rises with alcohol. Throughout the evening, draws are held, and prizes are awarded to guests for winning. In order to stimulate the interest and activity of the company, it is possible to announce in advance that the gifts are prepared for the best dancer, soloist, and merry fellow.

It goes well at such an event "Win-win lottery"... All those present receive lottery tickets, which are drawn closer to the final. Any little thing, very inexpensive, becomes a win. The main thing is to present it with humor. For example, even toilet paper, will be greeted with loud laughter, if you accompany it with the words: “You listened to toasts today, drank gloriously and ate sweetly. By nightfall, suddenly the stomach will press, then our prize will fit! "

Thus, you can make small birthday gifts for guests, and no one even thinks of accusing the host of being stingy.

For honored guests

When celebrating the jubilee of an elderly person, ambiguous jokes are unlikely to be appropriate. Of course, the evening should not be completely boring and official. Here, as a memorable souvenir, those present are offered:

  • pens, notebooks;
  • mugs;

Gifts for guests from the hero of the day

  • T-shirts with bright comic inscriptions;
  • specialized stores offer a wide range of gift attributes, not only for the birthday person, but also for guests: Medals, diplomas, свидетельства;
  • fit and sweet prizes.

For baby friends

A holiday arranged for children must definitely become bright and memorable. It often takes place in a playful way. Presents are given to kids for winning the competition, the correct answers of the quiz. A fairy tale character or a clown can give gifts to guests for a child's birthday. Prizes are sometimes made with personalized ones, but it is better if the friends of the birthday boy get the same things:

  • Balloons, with small sweets placed in advance in them;
  • Kinder Surprisewhere all eggs are from one collection;
  • puzzles;
  • coloring books;
  • markers;
  • badges;
  • small toys.

When preparing reciprocal souvenirs, you need to take into account the age of the guests, their interests. After all, the meaning of "gift" is not a tribute to fashion, but gratitude for your attention, congratulations and a wish for good.

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