What to give a 15-year-old teenager boy on his birthday: the best ideas

Gift Ideas

The article will tell you what to give a boy for 15 years. It presents gift ideas for boyfriend, son, brother and friend. There are also options for gifts for a teenager who himself does not know what he needs. 15 years is a small anniversary, so you need to make the boy's birthday memorable.

What to give a 15-year-old teenager for a birthday boy

It is better to choose a gift that will surprise and delight the hero of the day.

A gift from friends or a girl

If you do not know what to choose a gift for a 15-year-old boy from friends, then this section will help you. Choosing a gift for a friend is not at all difficult, because it is friends who spend a lot of time together and know almost everything about each other. Friends necessarily have common hobbies or just interests, so you don't have to bother with a gift too much. In addition, you can always ask for advice from mutual friends, or you can casually ask who and what has decided to give the birthday boy, so as not to get overlapping. And you can ask the hero of the day what he wants, friends are usually the easiest to do this.

Often friends at this age are faced with the main problem - a limited budget. What to give a boy for 15 years, for his birthday, if the budget is small? In fact, there are quite a few options, but the most interesting are presented below:

  1. T-shirt with original print or photograph.

Of course, if you present an ordinary T-shirt, unremarkable, it will be very commonplace. But a custom-made T-shirt will definitely appeal to the birthday boy. Anything can be on a T-shirt: various inscriptions, drawings, a photograph or several photographs, and even wishes. By the way, if the boy is fascinated by the hero of a movie, some musical group, a fan of a hockey, football team or something like that, then give him a themed T-shirt with symbols or images.

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BackpackA backpack is an irreplaceable thing for a guy

Lacoste Gift SetGift Set Lacoste - a gift for real fashionistas

Touch keyboardThe touch keyboard is an unusual gadget for advanced guys

  1. Interesting gadgets.

In the modern world, you can find many original, but inexpensive gadgets. For example, flash drive in an unusual case, wireless mouse ringto put on your finger sound amplifier stand or mini speaker for phone. By the way, such gifts are suitable if the girl does not know what to give a 15-year-old boyfriend for his birthday. It will be nice to receive any gift from a girl, but if it is useful, then this is especially good. Another funny, and most importantly, the necessary gadget will be runaway or flying alarm clock... It is suitable for those who can hardly get out of bed in the morning.

  1. Puzzle games.

15 years is the age when the brain needs to be intensively developed, so puzzles are a necessary present. We are not talking about ordinary, boring puzzles, but, for example, about 3D-puzzles, neokuba or five-, seven-layer Rubik's cube.

There are a few more fun things that a teenager will love, namely:

  • Fortuneteller ball;
  • Glow-in-the-dark headphones or laces;
  • USB Heated Cup.

By the way, friends can get together and give one significant gift instead of several small ones.

What to give a 15-year-old teenager for a birthday boy

A sweet gift for your beloved sweet tooth.

From parents and close relatives

If you have visited this section, it means that you still do not know what to give your son for 15 years. On a birthday, parents, as well as close relatives, should present something desirable and not entirely cheap. Close people should understand that they are no longer a child, but a stable personality. They must respect the preferences and interests of the teenager, therefore, when choosing a gift, the views of the birthday person should be taken into account. Below is a list of the most anticipated boys present:

  1. The most versatile thing as a gift for a teenager is electronic equipment, for example, smartphone, board, a laptop... Electrical engineering has long been an integral part. The life of any person, so there is no need to resist it, and even more so if the child is already 15 years old. If the birthday person already has the necessary gadgets and does not need to be replaced, then you can pick up accessories for them, for example, Covers, headphones etc. True, such a gift is appropriate, rather, from a brother or sister.
  2. If a teenager is a creative person and expresses himself, for example, through photographs or music, then guitar or professional camera will be a practical and welcome surprise.

    USB flash drive KryptexUSB Kryptex flash drive - for those who love riddles

    Oldschool playerOldschool player - for lovers of retro style

    Fitness braceletFitness bracelet - for athletic guys

  3. Apparel, accessories - these are exactly the things that are puzzled not only by girls, but also by boys, and even more so in adolescence. It is important to choose high quality, branded clothing. You need to accurately determine the size, design, brand, so that the birthday boy really likes the present.
  4. Fifteen-year-old guys love to play various toys on computers, so give a birthday boy gaming keyboardpowerful video card or special chair.

Sports Equipment

If you still have not decided what to give a teenager-boy for 15 years, for his birthday, then a present with a focus on sports is an excellent way out. Many teenagers go in for sports, and those who are far from sports will be able to reconsider this area if they receive a sports gift. What could it be:

  • Board... It can be either a regular skateboard or a flowboard, longboard or rollersurf.
  • Balls... Maybe the birthday boy is keen on volleyball, football, basketball? Then present him with a professional ball, he will definitely come in handy.
  • Skiing... Such a gift is especially good if a teenager has a birthday in winter.
  • Tourist equipment... Anything will do: a tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack, ropes, etc.

What to give a 15-year-old teenager for a birthday boy

A real man should always look stylish.

  • By bicycle... The bike is the most versatile present in this category, because all guys love to ride them. Now the following types of bicycles are popular among guys: mountain, BMX, highway with one fixed gear.
  • Rollers / Skates... Many girls are thinking about what to give a guy for his birthday. 15 years is the age when a guy is most active, he has a lot of energy, so rollerblades or skates will be just the way.

It is already more difficult to please a teenager at the age of 15, but given his interests and hobbies, this is a completely solvable task, the main thing is not to debug it at the last moment.