DIY gift of sweets: the most delicious pastries are here

Gift Ideas

The article will tell you about what to give a sweet tooth for a holiday, since this is a question that every person faces at least once in his life. This is because there are a lot of sweet lovers both among children and among adults. However, giving away a box of chocolates or a shop cake is not always appropriate. Such a gift looks quite ordinary and in no way can convey special feelings for the gifted. A completely different thing is a DIY gift of sweets. Such a surprise will surely surprise you with its originality and delight with delicious content.

a bouquet of chocolates

A real fairy tale for a sweet tooth - a whole bunch of chocolates with a variety of flavors.

How to decide on a gift idea

Regardless of the occasion and relationship with the gifted, the individuality of his personality should always be taken into account. A present chosen taking into account the following circumstances will deliver much more positive emotions:

  • The reason for the gift is the first thing to think about. After all, for example, on Valentine's Day and Easter, presents can be radically different.
  • Human hobbies - it will be a hundred times a big surprise if, for example, a fan of fast driving gets a sweetness in the form of a favorite bike.
  • Your relationship with him and the degree of intimacy. For a loved one or for a close relative, it can be something sweet and romantic, and for a supervisor - something restrained, but pleasing to the eye.
  • What are the taste preferences of the one who wants to make it pleasant?

Only by answering all of the above questions, you can come up with a surprise that the gifted will like.

For the second half

The fact that you decide to make a gift of sweets with your own hands is a romantic and sweet act. It can be a small surprise for no reason, or it can be an impressive birthday present. Of course, the most appropriate in this case would be a heart-shaped present.


Such an appetizing DIY cake will definitely please your young man.

A loved one can bake cakeby shaping the cakes with a knife to the desired shape. For beauty, you can circle it along the contour with whipped cream on top, and lay out the inside with strawberries cut into halves.

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It's just as easy to bake heart shaped cookies - it is enough to find a recipe for the simplest shortbread dough on the Internet and give it a heart shape.

Such gifts from sweets with your own hands can be beautifully packaged in a box and supplemented with a romantic message in the form of a valentine.

For boyfriend or girlfriend

In this case, you should consider primarily the friend's hobby. You can make something truly original if you cut out the base from the foam and be able to give it the shape of your beloved camera or guitars comrade.

If you have a box of the right size at hand, it is enough to work a little with scissors to make the base of the required shape (this can be musical instrument, a laptop or sewing machine). And then glue the outside of it with your friend's favorite sweets or chocolates. To prevent such a structure from falling apart, it is better to use super glue, which will definitely not let you down. For small crafts, double-sided tape will suffice.

candy sewing machine

A sewing machine made of small chocolates is a work of art.

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So, for example, you can make a two-tier base for car and decorate it on top with sweets of the same color as your friend's car.

For a girl can be cut out of cardboard flower silhouette or Butterflies and glue it on top with sweets and ribbons.

Also, they look cute enough fruit shaped crafts (for example, a life-size pineapple, which is pasted over with gold candies at the bottom, and decorated with green sheets of paper at the top).

It will also look good cake made of small chocolates and decorated with colored sweets.

For a teacher or colleague

To get the "wow" effect, you need to hide the sweetness so that it doesn't catch your eye. Homemade are very popular now bouquets, inside the buds of which candies are hidden.

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To create a bouquet, it is enough to stock up on corrugated paper, thick wire and glue. Flowers are cut quite simply - it all depends on your imagination. You can give them the shape of petals or a lush bloom.

It is best to choose candies for this purpose in foil - without tails. They hold well and look like a core.

For the best effect, the bouquet should be decorated with wrapping paper and a small postcard should be attached.

bouquet of sweets

Very delicate pink bouquet with Rafaello sweets, beautiful and simple in design.

For a child

Kids love gifts made from sweets. Especially if they are a collection of varied flavors, and in its original packaging, for example, in the shape of a small animal... To prepare creatively for the holiday, it is enough to buy a handful of various sweets and small chocolates, a translucent mesh for a bag and a fabric from which you can sew a simple head of some animal.

Pour the sweets into the net and make an impromptu bag out of it, sewing it at the top. Then we prepare the toy head from the fabric and sew it on top of the bag. On the sides, the legs should be depicted in the same way.

If you wish, you can make a bag from a denser fabric and stick your eyes, ears and a smile on top - it will be much easier. If you make a bag with a lacing that tightens, then after its contents are eaten, the child can use it to store their belongings.

Girls will also love it candy necklace, which is quite simple to perform by stringing them on a string.

Gift for a relative

A DIY box with sweets is a great idea for a surprise. Preparing it is quite simple - just find a suitable cardboard box with a lid, wrapping paper, sweets and accompanying decor. They can be fresh flowers, beautiful fruits and ribbons.

box of chocolates

Sweets can be not only in the box, but also on the lid and framing it around the edges.

After the box has been given a festive look by wrapping it in colorful paper, you should take care of its filling. It can be either a whole pile of delicacies mixed up, on top of which a note with wishes will be laid, or a neatly structured blank. If you like the second option, so that the filling of the box does not turn into a vinaigrette, you should take care of its separation. For sweets, it is very convenient to use special mini paper baskets, which can be bought in the culinary goods department. They can be neatly glued to the bottom and put into each paper basket one piece of candy. This will make the task of decorating the box easier - the treats will be secured and it will help you carve out space for several flowers, fruits or tea boxes.

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A close relative, you can do craft in the form of a beer mug, pasting it on the sides with chocolate bars and depicting foam on top using cotton candy.

The best present is attention. Any person will be pleased to receive from you a gift of sweets, made with his own hand. And beautiful words of wishes at the time of delivery will serve as the best decoration for a gift.