Gift set of tea - how to choose, features for men and women

Gift Ideas

One of the universal options for a present for any holiday can be a gift set of tea. You can assemble it yourself or buy ready-made in the store. The price of such a gift can also vary from quite budgetary to solid, depending on the capabilities of the donor.

How to choose a tea set?

When you need to congratulate a colleague or boss, a child's teacher at school and your manicurist on an anniversary, many people prefer a gift set of tea for such cases. It's practically a win-win presentation, after all. Choosing a beautiful gift tea set is guided by the following rules:

  1. Decide on the choice of tea packaging. Inexpensive gifts may consist of products in bags, while more solid ones include only loose large-leaf tea.
  2. Choose varieties and decide on their quantity. The more varieties, the higher the price. Many manufacturers simplify this choice by releasing special tea sets in a beautiful box.
  3. Pay attention to the packaging of the present. Nevertheless, this product is purchased as a gift, so everyday framing will spoil the whole impression of the present. Packaging must correspond to the gender, age and social status of the recipient.

how to choose a tea set

Gift tea sets for men

Many representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer to drink not only coffee, but also good quality tea. It is quite possible to present a tea set to a colleague or boss, father or husband as a gift or as an addition to the main present. When buying one for a man, you should pay attention to:

  1. Tea varieties. Men are more conservative, so they prefer classic rich varieties of black tea, although there are also connoisseurs of green, herbal and other varieties of this noble drink.
  2. Product quality. Many men are well versed in the quality of the drink, so it is better to choose large-leaf varieties of well-known manufacturers.
  3. Addition to tea. Often, tea house specialists for men offer to purchase assorted flavors, which consist not only of tea, but also of their different varieties of coffee and sweets.
  4. Clearance at customs. Men's present should be stylish and concise. There is no place for too much detail here. A beautiful basket with filler or wrapping paper with a beautiful satin ribbon will suffice.
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gift sets for men

Gift tea sets for women

When choosing a tea set as a gift for a woman, you should pay attention to several other details than in the male version:

  1. Ladies like to experiment more with tastes, so a friend, colleague or mother can choose unusual varieties. It can be both traditional black and green with the addition of cinnamon, honey, flowers and herbs, as well as unusual healing herbal preparations.
  2. Because of the love for unusual tastes, women can be given packages with smaller packaging, but in larger quantities. So the lady can arrange tea ceremonies more often with testing a new taste.
  3. A gift set of elite tea can be successfully supplemented with Swiss chocolate, marshmallows or handmade toffee.
  4. Women are connoisseurs of aesthetics. Not only the components are important to them, but also the frame. Gift packaging may contain various decorative elements, which are selected individually depending on the age, taste, character and other characteristics of the recipient.

gift sets for women

DIY gift tea set

Tea house specialists will help you collect a gift in a matter of minutes, but you can do it yourself if you wish. In order to assemble a gift tea set with your own hands, you need:

  1. Buy your own tea. It can be both bags and loose tea in cardboard or paper packaging.
  2. Come up with an addition to it. Will only tea be given or also a teapot or other accessories for its preparation, sweets?
  3. A gift set of tea bags, as well as a drink in another package, can be effectively arranged using gift bags and boxes, baskets. Ribbons, wrapping paper, fresh flowers, beads and more will help to decorate products.

Which tea to choose?

Tea ceremony lovers can pick up specific types of tea in a gift box:

  1. Puer. A strong and tonic drink that is often sold in the form of compressed tea tablets.
  2. Darjeeling - a classic variety of Indian tea, characterized by a pronounced strength and rich aroma.
  3. Milk oolong. A unique variety of green tea with a pronounced creamy aftertaste.
  4. Ginseng Oolong. Such a drink is loved by business people for its tonic properties, and the ability to restore strength after a hard day's work.
  5. Baimudan or White Peony. Collection variety of white tea, which has a refined taste and an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants in its composition.
  6. Sencha - green Japanese tea, which the inhabitants of China consider a pleasant everyday drink.
  7. Matcha or green tea powder. Extraordinary expensive gift with a high content of caffeine.
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How to pack tea beautifully?

In order to beautifully arrange gift tea, you can use:

  • Boxes and baskets filled with sisal.

how to pack tea boxes

  • Unusual fabric bags.

how to pack tea bags

  • Wrapping paper with a cardboard base of any shape.

how to pack bkmaga tea

You can decorate the main package:

  • beautiful satin ribbons;
  • fresh flowers;
  • Christmas tree branches and cones;
  • rhinestones and beautiful beads.

What to give with tea?

Often, gift sets of black tea and other varieties are supplemented with details that turn the process of drinking a drink into a real ceremony:

  1. Gift tea sets with sweets, chocolate, toffee or marshmallows, honey or jam are considered a classic gift for a sweet tooth.
  2. Representatives of the stronger sex can also put a bottle of high-quality alcohol.
  3. Beautiful mugs will complement the presentations.
  4. For the ceremony, special tables, teapots and objects for boiling water will be appropriate.