Towel as a gift: complex shapes and simple solutions

Home textiles have been and remain a popular and pleasant present. The original packaging makes the present doubly interesting. Beautifully folding a towel is a whole art. An ordinary piece of terry cloth can be turned into a toy, a bouquet or turned into a decor. Such a gift will be pleasant not only to close relatives, but also to friends and colleagues.

Reasons to give a beautiful towel

What holiday to give a towel

  • New Year. A holiday when you can give anything and do not limit your imagination. Preference is given to textiles with New Year's patterns - snowflakes, deer, snowmen.
  • Birthday. Textiles will appeal to fans of fitness, swimming pools and going to the bathhouse.
  • Wedding. On the occasion of the celebration of marriage, they give textiles with symbols of love and fidelity. Hand-embroidered products look especially advantageous.
  • Baptism and the birth of a child. The surprise will definitely appeal to families in which small children have appeared. Towels with animal appliqué will look thematically.

How to present a gift from textiles

Tape towel

Incredibly, a piece of terry or waffle fabric can take on the most original and bizarre shapes. The easiest way to pack a towel is to fold it into a geometric shape and decorate with a ribbon. You can collect a holiday set. To do this, you need to beautifully roll the canvas into a roll, put a postcard on top and complement it with the main gift - for example, fragrant shower gel.

Complex figures from towels

How to fold a towel

It is easy to make textile presentations with your own hands, but for a beautiful figure you need a small master class. In order to turn a towel into an interesting figure, you will need several auxiliary materials for fastening and decoration. Would need:

  • Towels.
  • Small elastic bands to match textiles.
  • Boxes, baskets, baking dishes.
  • Decorative ribbons.
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Towel Animals

Textiles make beautiful swans. You need to turn the canvas horizontally and fold the corners "airplane". Two sharp corners at the base of the resulting triangle need to be curled in a spiral. The blank, similar to inverted horns, remains to be folded in the form of a swan. "Horns" become wings, and a sharp peak - a neck.

A very cute present is obtained if you turn a towel into a bunny with your own hands. Terry cloth is folded into a triangle and twisted into a tube. The workpiece is shaped like a horseshoe and pulled together with an elastic band, stepping back from the free ends - these will be the ears. Then the ears are folded up and secured with decorative tape. The bunny is ready and you can steal it with a pompom.

In order to beautifully present textiles in the form of a bear, you will need two canvases and small elastic bands. A towel base of a suitable color is folded into a tight roll, folded in half to make hind legs. The blank is placed between the halves of the folded second towel. With the help of elastic bands, the paws and, the head and ears of the bear are formed. It remains to decorate the finished bear with a bow.

Sweets and flowers

flowers from towels

With the help of a towel, you can effectively present bath and shower sets, turning an ordinary bundle into a festive basket. To do this, take as many bright towels as there are body care products. Each jar is wrapped in terry cloth so that the free ends form petals. Ready flowers are placed in a basket.

Appetizing cakes come out of the towels. To create a terry work of art, you will need two canvases: for hands and a large bath. Both canvases are rolled up and stacked on top of each other. A soft textile toy is placed on top and the layers of the cake are tied with ribbons.

Towel Cake

If you are going to present small kitchen towels, they can be packaged in the form of a cupcake. It is enough to roll the canvas into a tight roll and place it in a baking dish.

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As a presentation, choose high-quality, natural textiles. Waffle towels are useful for the kitchen, terry - for the bathroom or visiting the bath. Bright patterns, embroidery and decor give textiles an elegant, festive look. A gift made with your own hands, remember for a long time.

Towel Gift Ideas and Folding Patterns

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