What to give a godson for christening from a godmother - the best gift ideas

Baptism is a joyful moment and a special occasion, but choosing a christening gift is often a challenge for godparents and invited guests. What to give a godson for christening from a godmother? Should it be something serious and classic or maybe funny and practical? Or maybe you prefer something more original, which will be a souvenir and, at the same time, will serve the child when he enters adulthood?

What to give a godson for christening from a godmother

The first set of the baby - a cross, a medallion and a spoon

Most Popular Baptism Gifts

Baptismal gifts are not only money, jewelry, or religious items. First of all, this is a great opportunity to give a gift to a child that will be appreciated in the future. We offer gift ideas to make the child and his parents happy.

Jewelry, religious items, money - you immediately think of them when you consider a baptismal gift. What to give a godson for christening? What presents are chosen most often?

Over the years, these have been similar things, including:

  • religious items: lockets, chains, beads, Icons;
  • souvenir decorations: silver nipplesmusical caskets и rattles;
  • books, albums (for example, memorial books about baptism);
  • large premium gifts, previously agreed with parents (car seat, Chair for babies, arena, stroller etc.)
  • money - invested in an envelope, as well as in the form of a deposit or sub-account, to which regular transfers will regularly arrive.

Most of these gifts are universal, and you can give them to both a girl and a boy.

Developing matDeveloping mat - a great and versatile gift
Photo diapersA diaper photo is an unusual way to celebrate a baby every month
Toy projectorProjector toy - will quickly lull the baby

Personal gifts for baptism

Increasingly, godparents strive for things that will be one of a kind. What to give the goddaughter for christening if there is no way to create something on your own? You can personalize some things. Here are some ideas that go beyond the usual templates:

  1. Bed linen set, blanket, pillow. In this case, you can choose colors, create your own compositions. You can choose from the offers of large companies, as well as people who perform various types of needlework.
  2. Engraved memory box is an amazing way to capture the most important moments. Souvenirs stored in it will accompany the child all his life. There you can store a lock of hair, the first tooth, your favorite baby pacifier and much more.
  3. Original compositions from diapers make a special impression. There are many unique patterns, such as a teddy bear on a bicycle or a two-story cake. For a girl, a stroller with satin ribbons, a bow and a name will be an ideal offer. This is a very original gift and will certainly amaze everyone.
  4. Framed christening card - This is an extraordinary souvenir not only for the child, but also for the parents. The name, date of baptism, poster motifs and a photograph of the child will decorate the walls of the children's room for many years.

Gifts for the godson for christening from the godmother

A box of delicious sweets will always come in handy

With the help of engraving and embroidery, you can decorate many things - a jewelry box, silver rattles, toys ... it all depends on your imagination.

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Practical christening gifts

Although some people believe that a baptismal present, first of all, should be a souvenir. But as you know, young children need many things to make life easier. If you want to give your child a practical gift, ask your parents if there is something they need. It can be:

  •  electronic babysitter;
  •  rocking chair with carousel;
  •  playpen.

Thanks to such additions, the life of the father and mother will become easier, and the child will be much more fun and safer.

Of course, different types of vouchers will also be a good gift. Children grow up very fast and gift cards on clothes will save a daily budget.

Unusual gifts

Are you looking for something original? There are a lot of such things. For example:

  1. Photo session voucher - a great gift idea. Today, when everything is on disk, "normal" photos are even more valuable.
  2. Moneybox - you can give your child a present (for example, in an envelope and in the form of a fixed transfer) or give a piggy bank with a symbolic amount in the middle. You can choose a standard "pig" or a more decorative one made of metal.
  3. silver brush - a gift that will be more of an ornament than an item of everyday use. But if you are looking for an unusual and original gift, a silver brush is a hit.
  4. Medallion "Моё wish". It looks like an elegant piece of jewelry on a chain, but inside there is a card with written wishes for the child.
Warm play matWarm play mat - great for toddlers and older kids
Electronic swingElectronic swing is a very useful gift for both mom and baby
Gift certificate to a children's storeA gift certificate to a children's store is always a necessary and useful gift

A gift from people who have been chosen as godparents will forever remain in the memory of children and parents, so it should make the biggest impression.

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Gifts for girls

What to give the goddaughter for christening from the godmother? Medal, rings, earrings - the most common options for a girl on the occasion of baptism. But sometimes it's worth letting your imagination run wild and choosing a unique gift, thanks to which the memories of this event will be preserved.

  1.     Music Box with a rotating figure on the lid - a charming souvenir that makes soft and pleasant sounds. Children love them and will be able to enjoy the sounds and mood it produces.
  2.     A special type of baptismal gift is graffito - a souvenir in the form of a medallion, most often with an engraving of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  3.     Silver rattle - an alternative to classic jewelry. This unique gadget can be a wonderful gift for a little princess.
  4.     Bedding linen with engraving is an elegant and versatile gift that can decorate a baby's crib.
  5.     Knitted shoes. A little lady will surely appreciate a beautiful gift in the form of handmade knitted shoes with romantic decorations in the form of flowers or ribbons.    Christening gifts for a godson
  6. Cross and christening diaper - attributes that need to be saved
  7.     Decorative box - the perfect idea for a surprise. It can store not only jewelry, but also small souvenirs for the girl.
  8.     Mystery box - a place for a trace or a child's pen. Thanks to the attached stand, you can make an additional, interesting decorative element to create a unique souvenir for the little lady.
  9. The original christening gift will accompany the child for many years. After a while, each girl will excitedly look through her memorabilia, which will remind her of this special day.

Original baptismal gifts for a boy

A special day requires a unique setting. If you are wondering what to give the godson from the godparents?

In fact, these gifts are no different from those chosen for girls.

  1.  Soft pillow with photo protagonist of the event.
  2.  Man with prints, funny subtitles or quotes, attracts attention with interesting graphics.
  3. Bib with costume prints: uniforms of a policeman, a firefighter, a football player.
  4. Magic box with engraving.
  5. Bouquet of blue socks - a composition that will surprise guests. On a satin ribbon, you can order embroidery with the name of the child and the date of baptism. This bouquet will never fade, it can be stored for years.
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BusyboardA business board is a great way to keep your baby busy and let him explore the world.
sorterSorter is a good and developing gift for a baby
Children's gurneyBaby stroller - helps the baby learn to walk

Here are a few more options:

  • Photo frame child with space to run hand and footprint.
  • Blue carousel with a pony.
  • Silver pacifier This is a great alternative to classic jewelry. Some models allow you to engrave a name.
  • Souvenir piggy bank in the form of a racing car, a ship or a football shoe.
  • Cake from diapers. Intricate designs made from disposable diapers are decorated with special figurines of fairy-tale characters creating multi-story cakes.
  • Electric cars – adult car miniatures are very popular as christening and birthday gifts.

Let's not be afraid of original ideas. Non-standard, unique and sometimes funny gifts will remain in your memory for a long time and will make this day even more special.

Thanks to Godparents

Why give gifts to godparents for christening? The role of godparents is very important, not only because of the great gifts of baptism. They must accompany and lead the baptized child on the path of a Christian attitude to life.

Great thanks to the godparents in the form of beautiful sincere wishes cards, frames with photos of the godson и boxes of cute accessoriesbring them special joy. Thanks to these souvenirs, godparents will remember this important event for a long time.

christening gifts

Lovely gifts for godmother and godfather

What to give godparents for christening to please them?

Depending on the interests and preferences of the godparents, you can give them interesting apartment accessories, personalized souvenirs or fun gadgets:

  1. Crёengraved plate - a beautiful, personalized gift. Cast and hand-painted souvenirs are especially good. On the inside, you can engrave the name and date of the child's baptism, wishes for the godparents or the image of the baby - a pleasant memory of the first years of her godson's life.
  2. Photo book called "My godson" is a good idea for a present. In this way, the godfathers can participate in the development of the child and regularly store all the photos of the baby.

If the godparents have a non-standard interest or hobby, you can find presents that they will surely like:

  • perfect for wine connoisseurs personalized glasses or decanters;
  • For passionate grill fans, we recommend fun and useful accessories.

Christening gifts are easy to choose, the main thing is to be creative and add a little imagination.


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