Gift ideas for everyone: perfect gifts for all occasions

Gift Ideas

The article gives advice on how to choose a present for family, friends and acquaintances. Good gift ideas don't always come to mind. And I want to make a person pleasant and give him something worthwhile.


When choosing a gift, do not forget and underestimate the packaging, sometimes even the simplest inexpensive present "wrapped" in a beautiful symbolic box will delight and delight no less expensive.

Gifts for mom, girlfriend, girlfriend

The girl will be happy to receive an item for her hobby or collection for her birthday. If she is into anime, she can be gifted manga comic book... For a fashion lover, you can present glossy magazine with photos of models in the clothes of the new season.

The girl will be glad to receive fitness club membership, paid invitation to courses on the crafts that interest her, certificate on purchase cosmetics or a visit to a beauty salon.

An act can also be a gift. Can be ordered dinner on the rooftop by candlelight or banner, which will have a beautiful birthday greetings. To do this, you need to contact a special agency.

Jewelry always relevant, they can be presented to mom. Also, mom will be happy with a beautiful fur coat.

Gifts for grandma

You can give your grandmother vintage items: original statuette in the old style, unusual flower pots. Linens, made in the old fashioned way, antiques, and альбом for family photos or genealogy book.

levitating plantA levitating plant - such an unusual pot will truly shock (in a good way) a grandmother and will take a special place in her house

embroidery kitEmbroidery kits - many grandmothers are great needlewomen and will be glad of the new opportunity to create beauty

massage setMassage set - pillow and mat for a beneficial relaxing effect

Gifts for your beloved man or boyfriend

Guys love practical gifts. The thing should be useful. Originality and the ability to show off for a man is not in the first place. When choosing a gift, especially for a husband, it becomes clear the degree of respect for him and awareness of his interests.

Here is a small list of gifts for a man for all occasions:

  1. Gadgets of all kinds are suitable: player, navigator, card reader etc.
  2. A man will be happy to receive things designed for productive sports: wristbandmeasuring pressure, gym membership, sportswear и equipment... It is always relevant and is sold not only online.
  3. Good idea - the bag or accessories, giving the guy a stylish and at the same time brutal image.
  4. Perfume can be given only if the man chooses it himself, or you are 100% sure that you know about his tastes.
  5. Shaving products or ухода behind a mustache and beard are necessary for every man.
  6. If it gets cold, you need to give a warm scarf or beautiful sweater handmade.
  7. If he is fond of some hobby, it is necessary to give what is lacking for him.
  8. Always relevant attributes for the car.
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In short, there is always a suitable gift idea.

keychain with license plate

Keychain with a license plate of his car in a cute elegant box.

Gifts for the child

Developing objects or something beautiful and cute are suitable for the child. Gift ideas for a child:

  1. The child will be happy soft toy... The toy can also be musical or interactive.
  2. A lot of balloons someone will be pleased with even more toys. It is important that the balls are bright and colorful.
  3. Microscope, binoculars, telescope, Spyglass or compass - not only interesting, but also useful gifts.
  4. You can give a girl a beautiful vintage hairpin.
  5. Creative girl will be delighted pottery set or embroidery... This is useful for the child's hand motility.
  6. Board games interesting for a child of any age.
  7. Home fountain or star projector for the ceiling will decorate the life of a little person.
  8. The fidget child will like videos.

Gifts for colleagues

Colleagues can make a present cheaper and at the same time also original. For example, order portrait from his photograph. You can present branded business card holder or purse, in which several banknotes will be invested. Will fit and Notebook or interestingly intertwined calendar. Brand pens, barometer, pendulum of newton will be beautiful gifts.

designer table lamp PythagorasDesigner table lamp Pythagoras - an office lamp with touch control, a harmonious interior decoration in the style of hi-tech or minimalism

decorative organizer for jewelryDecorative organizer for jewelry - a deer with fantastic antlers, which will accommodate all kinds of accessories

office survival kit"For survival in the office" kit - it includes a wooden organizer "Perpetual calendar", a book for the development of memory "Remember everything", coffee beans and chocolate

Gifts for newlyweds

It is always a pleasure for newlyweds to receive as a gift money... Young people will be able to buy with the donated bag what they really need. Although sometimes a particular couple cannot be surprised with money. Sometimes the best option might be certificate to visit some romantic institution or a ride in the sky in a hot air balloon.

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Gifts for a person who does not need anything

The most difficult thing is to find a gift for a well-to-do friend or loved one. However, even in this case, you can surprise with something pleasant.

You can get by with a completely budgetary present. For example, order designer scarf with a name or a poster with your favorite quote. If this person collects something, then you can donate a thematic thing, for example, vinyl record favorite group.

Gifts for the grumpy boss

The boss can give the impression of an absolutely self-sufficient and very serious person. Most often, these people do not doubt their importance and necessity for other people. But at the same time, one should not forget that these are people too and that they get tired of their own responsibility and sometimes want to rest.

The boss will be happy to receive tea blend or a quality alcoholic drink. The man will be glad sauna certificateand the woman - to the spa.

box of sweets

Sweets, good alcohol and kind words will help to placate the boss.

Gifts for a person who wants nothing

It happens that a person is not interested in anything. It is impossible to understand what will please him. But on the other hand, the field for the giver's imagination is expanding. A person can be presented with a whole hobby. For example, yoga lessons or archery... It is desirable that the certificate be limited in time. Then the present will not lie idle in the closet.

Gifts for the teacher

The present should look like a bribery. Throughout the history of their existence, teachers have experienced many similar stories. In order not to find yourself in an awkward position, you need to think carefully about your present.

In order not to act according to stereotypes, it is worth giving not sweets or a chocolate bar, but a box of cakes or edible curly chocolate... Since a teacher is a tedious job that requires a lot of nerves, it will be right to donate anti-stress items or set of aromatic oils.

Gifts for a new partner

Since the relationship has just begun, partners do not know each other well. Therefore, on the eve of the holiday, you have to think about how not to disappoint your loved one. A universal gift is possible, such as perfume purchase certificate... For the New Year, you can give scarf or thermos, hat, warm pullover... This will be a sign of real concern. If you pick up a good package, you will see that a soul was put into the preparation of this surprise.

personalized external batteryPersonalized external battery - will allow you to always stay in touch

scarfA scarf is always a universal gift for both men and women.

certificate for purchase in the online storeA certificate for a purchase in an online store - if you cannot decide on a gift, let him / she do it for you

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Gifts for husband

When everything that is possible has already been donated, it's time to think about how to do something yourself. The partner will be pleased that the vocal lessons were taken specifically in order to perform for him the song... Or that the skill of sewing for sewing was mastered especially for him original shirt... Or especially for his sake, an oriental dancing... A knitted sweater indicates that the partner is really dear and that he is surrounded by care. The more of your time spent on a pleasant surprise, the better.

Original gifts

For a birthday, it is important to emphasize the personality of the birthday person and put him in the center of the universe. Since your cherished wishes should come true on your birthday, it is not necessary for the gift to be practical. You can present photo session certificateOn paragliding, give telescope, the main thing is that it meets the interests of the birthday person... Here are some creative gift ideas:

  1. For the New Year, you can give your loved one a gadget or voucher to the place that the birthday man has long dreamed of. You can buy a beautiful home decoration or original earrings.
  2. On February 23rd, you can give a man or a boy riding a real tank or rally speed competition... The main thing is that it should be interesting to him.

rest set

You can give any gift in an original way, for example, along with a trip to hot countries, you can hand over a set for rest from a hat, T-shirt, shorts, a camera and other trifles.

  1. On March 8, a woman will also be interested in getting extreme adventures as a surprise. Maybe a woman loves diving or windsurfing, then you can give her southern resort ticket, which is the best place for water sports. But we must remember that it is advisable to buy in the attachment to everything flowers.

Birthday gifts

It is customary to present expensive surprises for a birthday. Sample list of birthday gifts:

  • massage certificate;
  • album with photos, which captures the best moments from the life of the birthday man;
  • limousine rental or convertible, which will take the birthday boy around the city at night;
  • T-shirt with a photo of your favorite band or a portrait of your favorite hero;
  • interesting book;
  • bath set;
  • portrait from photo from a good artist;
  • table gameinteresting for a child or an adult.

Of course, this list of gifts is far from complete. It all depends on the imagination of the donor.


A smartphone is a good birthday present that everyone needs. The main thing to take into account is that the gift is better according to the technical characteristics of the phone already available for the birthday person.


So, a holiday is an occasion to show your imagination to buy gifts for loved ones and friends. The main thing is that the gift is suitable for a specific person, so you need to know about his interests. A gift does not always have to be practical, sometimes it is enough to just make it nice. It all depends on the specific holiday. For example, on a birthday it is necessary to emphasize the individuality of the birthday person, and the New Year is better to fulfill his cherished dream.