Funny gifts: when appropriate and what are

Funny gifts come to the rescue when other ideas are exhausted. Or a worthy gift, but boring, banal, long-awaited. Sometimes an expensive gift is inappropriate. Because it will put a person in an awkward position if he is not ready for the same return gifts, or the gift will look like a bribe. Humor will save you in any situation! Here are some practical tips: where to find funny gifts, how to choose, how to come up with a cool gift.

What gifts with humor are appropriate

We must remember that all people understand humor in their own way. Cheerful fat woman in years will laugh at a lunch box with the inscription "Nutrition for weight loss" when she finds one cracker inside. And a plump young girl will be offended to tears, because diets do not help her. Funny gifts should not hurt the hidden complexes of the birthday man. Therefore, funny birthday gifts for unfamiliar people are chosen carefully. In the company of friends and colleagues, they first find out how a person perceives jokes.

What fun gifts are

Funny items, or jokes, are offered by online gift shops. Marketers are working on the design of such goods, so the humor embedded in the gift is universal and understandable to everyone, for example, it can be such surprises:

  • Diary, designed as the cover of the book "Notes of a Madman".
  • Linens with inscriptions on pillowcases "Barin", "Mistress" or "Satan No. 1".
  • T-shirt “The father of this child. Instruction".

Among the many T-shirts, mugs, aprons, medals "For Services to Mother-in-Law" there is a gift suitable for any occasion. Or an idea how to make fun gifts.

Services for applying any inscriptions and images are offered by copy centers. If the birthday boy is going on vacation, you can order for him T-shirt or beach mat with a map of the resort and the words "Don't get lost!".

If there is an idea, approved by friends, it is easy to arrange a gift with your own hands. For example, Birch broom instead of a bouquet for a sauna lover. Bouquet of dried fish beer lover. Bouquet of mannequin hands and tools "jack of all trades".

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Men's funny gifts

In a single company, any jokes are appropriate, even from a store for very, very adults. But if ladies are invited, delicate situations will arise. A birthday can turn into a scandal, because women are wives and lovers. Anyone who has ever been in a similar situation has learned forever that funny birthday gifts for a man should be without erotic hints.

A man will be flattered by making fun of his hobby, his car, his nickname (harmless) in the company. A funny adventure in the recent past or success on the labor front can be played up. Funny birthday gifts for a man can be ordered, you can build from improvised means. For men, the idea is more important than the practical benefits of the gift:

  • A lover of cooking barbecue will be flattered by a real chef hat.


Beautiful and funny personalized chef's hat

  • Football lover - a selection of monsters printed on the printer with inscriptions: “Leaf of Anger. Tear when ours are in flight. Inscriptions like a double-sided pennant "Today is angry" "Today is kind."
  • Fishing lover - multimeter tape measure to measure the catch.

An example of turning a banal thing into a joke filled souvenir shops. it canned food with socks "Commander", "Business". In the development of the idea, a pair of socks from each guest are folded into roses, arranged in a bouquet with other banal gifts like shaving cream.

Funny gifts for lovely ladies

There are several topics that will forever quarrel friends: weight and figure, her man, motherly love. The gift should look aesthetically pleasing and it is desirable that it fits into the interior. The humor in women's gifts is sweet and silly, but not provocative. For comparison: hip apron in lace panties or apron "Goddess" with the image of the hips of an Egyptian priestess.

A funny birthday present for a wife or girlfriend is better for men to buy. Simply because it will be a proven harmless joke. And it will be possible to make a gift immediately from yourself and from children. For example, kitchen clock "Mom's daily routine".

Children's funny presents

Children expect miracles from birthdays, not jokes. Let the long-awaited toy be the main gift. A funny birthday present will be a fun addition. Children love things with which to play pranks on their friends. plastic cookie, which can be slipped to the present. Chocolate cockroaches - like the real ones! foam brickto leave safely.

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Funny gifts for the boss

Gifts to bosses are a big problem for subordinates, because the boss "has everything." This is the case when funny birthday gifts should be presented to the accompaniment of poems and ditties of corporate amateur performances. Even in the most friendly team, the relationship between superiors and subordinates is not simple. It is necessary to say out loud that the gift is without hidden hints, everyone respects the boss and sincere congratulations.

In fact, a birthday is an occasion to flatter the authorities, but within the framework of business ethics. And donate frame set "Business Relations", "Corporate Rules" and "Agreements". It is easier for the team to chip in for a small fee for a good script than to look for another souvenir, expensive and useless, like chess with Khokhloma painting.

An entire gift industry creates original items. They are worth it to smile and cheer the birthday man. A little imagination, and the holiday will turn out.

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