What can be edible gifts, and what is needed to create them

Choosing a gift can be confusing if it's a stranger or boss, or a friend with "special" needs. Unusual edible gifts will always be relevant, this is a win-win option that you can admire or eat.

Edible Gifts
Edible gifts for any occasion

Hand-made or custom

Of course, the best and most memorable is the gift that is made with your own hands. But for this, it is necessary to prepare the ingredients and constituent frames, packaging, etc. in advance. The soul is invested in a hand-made present, so it becomes twice as expensive.

One of the creative ideas that has become popular lately is the creation of a gift that can be eaten. Mistresses always brought as a present;

  • Pies;
  • Loaves;
  • other home "delights".

Now this tradition has become much more interesting and creative!

Delicacies in baskets

A stylishly decorated set in a basket will please gourmets with exquisite, exotic products or ready-made food sets. Gift basket with delicacies can be filled with:

  • wine news,
  • noble cheeses,
  • handmade sweets, etc.

As a gift, you can present snacks from other countries, exotic preservation and much more.


If the recipient is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, products from the “green list”, as well as valuable oils: sesame, real olive or vitamin cedar, will be very relevant. Often, such gift sets or useful baskets include dried fruits, candied fruits, cashews or macadamia nuts.

Bunch of Dried Fruits
Delicious and healthy bouquet of dried fruits

Edible bouquets

Bouquets of sweets and fruits have become very popular. This is a great choice for March 8 or Valentine's Day. An edible gift is suitable for the fair sex at any age, the main thing is to choose as components what a loved one loves:

  • candies;
  • marshmallows;
  • marshmallow;
  • jujube.

A bouquet of fruits and berries will be original, for example, pomegranate, strawberries, together with red, white roses, look stylish and “tasty”. No less interesting would be a gift, which will include kiwi halves placed on culinary skewers, blueberries or citrus halves are used for “zest”. A real fruit composition will bring a colleague or girlfriend, wife to a real delight.

grocery sets

There are a lot of options for choosing food packages, as well as choosing a presentation method, for example:

  • in baskets;
  • in wrapping paper;
  • beautifully packed products in a box;
  • sets tied with ribbon.

You can collect such a present yourself or choose the ones offered, made to order. This is a universal present that is perfect for both men and women, so food edible sets are used as corporate gifts, presentations at fairs, in lotteries.

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Gift Baskets
Gift sets that can be eaten are easy to fill with monotonous products or make assorted dishes


If the birthday boy or colleague, the boss is a fan of cheese products, such a set will come in handy. The gift can be filled with noble blue cheeses, imported products and diversified:

  • A jar of honey.
  • Greek olives.
  • A bottle of expensive wine.

farm basket

Today, more and more people give their preference not just to a healthy diet, but to farm products. If the recipient of the gift prefers natural products from farms, this set will be the best choice. You can assemble an amazing present from farm products by choosing:

  1. dairy products;
  2. conservation;
  3. Homemade meat;
  4. Organic vegetables, greens.

Vegetables and fruits

For a beautiful presentation, it is not necessary to form a “bouquet” of fruits and berries, you can beautifully fold exotic fruits or vegetables beloved by the birthday man into a gift box, tie it with a ribbon, bow, leave a commemorative inscription on the box. It will look stylish and no frills.

Bunch of fruits
A bouquet of fruits is complemented by flowers and greenery

Sausages and meat

A father, husband, lover or just a close friend will surely enjoy a gift of meat abundance along with a bottle of beer or small "camping" bottles of hard liquor. As a meat platter in the set you can choose:

  • acute basturma;
  • different types of sausages;
  • smoked products;
  • boiled pork;
  • fat.

Cheese products will be a good addition to meat sockeye salmon, you can use crane hot pepper as a decoration.

Sets "Assorted"

Sets with a variety of goods are limited only by the author's imagination, for example, handmade noodles, expensive collectible alcohol, gourmet caviar or red fish look exquisite. In this case, it is important to know what the gifted person loves.

Unusual edible gifts

Interesting options for gifts - author's fish or meat rolls. These are cakes, rolls or rolls, which are based on bread cakes with filling and sauces. To decorate such an unusual gift, you can use thinly sliced ​​ham, vegetables. For example, for men, a fish roll decorated with salted pretzels or nuts will be interesting. Such a composition will be not only tasty, but also aesthetic, a gift that you can admire.

Meatloaf prepared according to a special recipe will please the meat-eater

Corporate gifts

Giving gifts for corporate or professional holidays, New Year, March 8 is part of etiquette, corporate culture. It would be useful to present an interesting and memorable thing to the boss, dear colleague, to please partners, investors - even useful!

Sometimes such bright, unusual edible gifts are given by company executives to their subordinates in order to increase corporate spirit.

For this, jars of honey or jam, author's sweets or a set of Carpathian teas are best suited. Each of the goods can be branded with a company logo, write a slogan or a congratulatory wish.

New Year's edible gift

The ideas of New Year's edible gifts are not new, they cannot be called creative, but they cheer you up, build friendships and work relationships. Among the most popular and easy to self-assemble:

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  • Beautiful, festive Christmas house, which does not even need to be decorated, it is both a gift and decoration. For such a gift, you can present an interesting legend, history of creation or a fairy tale. This is a universal gift, from it is perfect for colleagues for tea, a holiday with the family, and children will surely be delighted.
Gingerbread house
Gingerbread house to decorate the New Year's table
  • Classic gingerbread in the form of Christmas trees, little men. You can eat them or decorate the Christmas tree with them. Such a present can be collected in a box or mounted on skewers and wrapped in paper. In addition, it is easy to decorate an edible bouquet with nuts, tangerines, and sweets on your own. Spruce branches as a decor will be very relevant for the new year.
  • Jam for the New Year's sweet table - a trendy edible gift, such as an interesting fig jam or tangerine jam, to make a cozy tea party for friends or colleagues.
  • Honey and nuts in a jar cheer up, such edible jars will appeal to even those who follow their "kg". Such gifts can be easily made on your own, choose glass jars, fill with layers of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and pour layers of honey.

Interesting ideas

Tasty, edible bouquets are a creative, inexpensive sign of attention. The classic filling makes it possible to present gifts even to unfamiliar people. Useful gifts will one day be at hand, for example, delicious tea that you can treat guests to, or author's gingerbread candies that will “sweeten” tea drinking.

Recently, nominal, memorable tasty gifts have become relevant, especially for a loved one, for example:

  1. Chocolate cards with printed personalized inscriptions.
  2. Lollipops with 3D printing (wishes, company logo).
  3. Craft shaped chocolate (tools for mechanics, culinary supplies for chefs, etc.)
Unusual chocolate figurines
Unusual chocolate figurines will appeal to both adults and children

Universal Presents

There are plenty of edible gift ideas to suit any occasion. These are cute “mood jars”, which can contain multi-colored iced dragee candies, author's lollipops, candied fruits or dried fruits. This is a useful gift for relatives and colleagues, you can keep such a jar on your desktop and sometimes treat yourself to something delicious. To beautifully present such a gift, you can make an interesting instruction in which to prescribe - in case of a bad mood, eat and remember the giver. This "jar of mood" is able to lift everyone's spirits!

Promotional chewing gum and lollipops

Edible gifts can be great corporate promotions, such as candy bars with a commissioned promotion or company logo. Chewing gum with the company's brand will be a good option for a "budget" marketing tool.

How to make edible gifts with your own hands

Unusual gifts that you can eat are easy to form with your own hands, for this you will need the following components:

  • Wrapping paper;
  • Glue gun;
  • Skewers (for bouquets);
  • Twine (for bouquets);
  • Scotch;
  • Gift box (for sets);
  • Scissors;
  • Basket.
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An edible gift can be very simple
An edible gift can be very simple, but bring a lot of positive emotions.

Of the products, the variety is not limited to anything; for an edible bouquet, you can choose any set:

  • Cheese, smoked meats;
  • Jars of honey or jam;
  • Bottles with alcohol (beer, wine);
  • A fish;
  • Fruits, berries;
  • Flowers (roses, daisies).

Step by step recommendations:

  • Initially, you need to make a list of gifts (fruits, sweets, beer with fish, flowers and berries, etc.)
  • Choose a composition (bouquet on skewers, box, basket).
  • Come up with a basic design idea and color scheme, such as solid colored fruits (green apple, kiwi, grapes) or a combination of strawberries, red roses and pomegranate. The grocery basket can also be diversified - wine, cheese, grapes or fish, suluguni, beer, pistachios.
  • Prepare the base: lay out the box, basket with wrapping paper. Prepare skewers for bouquets, fasten them at the base with tape.
  • If you plan to have a bottle in a bouquet, tightly tape it to the free ends of the skewers. The bottle is also placed first in a box or basket, so it will be more convenient to stack further products and decor.
  • Pistachios, pretzels or crackers for bouquets must first be removed from the package, planted on skewers. Walnuts need to be peeled, you can create sprigs of decor from peanuts in a peel, plant 5-7 pcs. on a skewer with a glue gun.
Pistachios and peanuts on skewers
Pistachios and peanuts on skewers are waiting for registration in a bouquet
  • Fish, cheese, sausages must be packed in portions in cling film or transparent cellophane, then taped to skewers with tape or carefully placed in a basket or box.
  • The preparation of fruits, berries, vegetables is the most important stage, they need to be washed, and it is recommended to dip them into a gelatin solution to add shine or treat them with lemon juice before packaging. This will keep the appearance and freshness for a long time.
  • Florists recommend that the bananas used in the bouquet are pre-peeled and dipped in hot chocolate. This will help save the gift from a spoiled appearance (darkened appearance).
  • It is better to use grapes in bunches, so it will look more spectacular, beforehand, the grapes are divided into branches and attached to skewers with tape or teip tape. In a basket or box, grapes can be placed in clusters.
  • Coffee, herbal tea, fees are used in the original packaging.
  • Assembling baskets and boxes is easy, they can be decorated with wrapping paper, tied with ribbon, etc.
  • Combine the skewers on which fruits, berries are installed with flowers, tie everything at the ends with adhesive tape, wrap with transparent cellophane, wrapping paper.
Beautiful tasty gift
Simple fruits can turn into a beautiful tasty gift.

There is a tradition of making and giving delicious gifts with your own hands in every country, for example, a vivid example is the Russian loaf and salt. In China, friends and colleagues are often presented with candied tangerines, peach, decorated with beautiful golden paper. In Germany, gingerbread with nuts and icing is popular as gifts and presents.


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