Photo session as a gift: 3 original productions, which one to choose?

Gift Ideas

At the present time, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose a present for a birthday, christening, wedding, new year or March XNUMXth. This is due to the fact that during the development of the Internet, people have the ability to order anything from anywhere, bathe in a cornucopia. Because of this, the actual process of selecting a gift becomes more complicated. However, there is one win-win and very interesting option - a photo session as a gift. And that's exactly what this article is about.

Photo session as a gift

Along with the photo session, you can also give a certificate for a visit to the make-up artist to shine in front of the camera in all its glory.

Regular gift photo session 

Sessions are completely different, and depending on the interests of a person, you can choose for him one that he will remember the most and be deposited in his memory better than others. But nothing can prevent situations when a regular, native photo shoot is the best gift imaginable.

First of all, this applies, of course, to ordinary girls. For them, a studio session already - with a bit of makeup and a beautifully styled hair, as well as the right clothes - will be a great gift. In terms of money, this is not too expensive: you only need to pay for the studio and the work of the photographer.

Also, such shooting is suitable for school graduates.

Animal session

All people love different animals, you should not forget about this if you have an idea to give a photo shoot. Someone likes ordinary dogs and cats, and then there will be no particular problem with the implementation of the present. Someone, on the contrary, loves something more exotic, for example, snakes. It will be much, much more difficult to organize such a shooting, but it is possible: breeders of terrarium animals who provide their pets for photography are easy to find on the Internet. They also usually have iguanas, geckos and chameleons.

Photo session as a gift

Animals in a photo shoot can be the most incredible, such as an owl

Guinea pigs, ferrets and hedgehogs are now not too unusual animals, they can be easily found and rented. But in the case of horses, everything is different: it is better to look for a photographer who specializes in shooting with them. Since it is through a photographer who has been engaged in this business for many years that you can find the most profitable and high-quality offer.

Costume shoot

This includes many different variations: from wedding photography to Pirates of the Caribbean style parties. People who enjoy this type of fun usually don't strive for perfect repetition like cosplayers do. On the contrary, they are more interested in the process, and even if they do not look like any hero at all, it is still quite funny. Moreover, with a good make-up artist and costume designer, anyone can be made into anyone (well, almost; the main thing is that the physiques match).

And although these shootings are not so difficult in terms of finding accommodating actors (as in the case of a photo shoot with animals), another problem arises: the costumes themselves, high-quality makeup, sometimes - with a serious approach - craft. The selection and search for a suitable location is also incredibly important, although usually this is not done by the customer, but by a specially hired specialist.

Photo session as a gift

A man as a king in the atmosphere of the last century

Such shootings need to be planned in advance, and much in advance, so that all the necessary people are exactly in place at the set time - a craftsman costume designer or costume distributor, a make-up artist, a lighting specialist and, of course, the photographer himself. And the birthday boy, to whom the shooting, in fact, is given - where without him.

The main thing is to find out in advance which type of photo session is more to the liking of the person to whom the shooting is going to be given. It is important to get into his interests: someone dreams of having a photo where he rides in a dress or historical costume, and someone would prefer to look like Sponge Bob. It is only necessary to expect that such a pleasure will cost a lot and will require a lot of organizational forces.

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