Signs that come true: what to give is undesirable

Gift Ideas

There is an opinion that presents do not always bring pleasure, joy and luck to their owner. Naturally, this has a direct bearing only on those people who believe in national omens. It is necessary to think very well about gifts for such people, because there are a number of things that are not recommended to give. Of course, certain beliefs still justify themselves, but most of them are completely devoid of reasonable meaning. In this article, we propose to dwell on what cannot be given, or rather, on those signs that really come true and have a right to exist.

What presents are not worth presenting: folk signs

Watch as a gift

First, it is, of course, a watch. It doesn't matter whether wrist or wall-mounted - in any form as such a gift, they do not have the best consequences. A towel, stole or scarf is also not suitable for a presentation role. These accessories represent quarrels, separations and ailments.

IdeaBy the way, the most ancient ancestors believed that giving a watch as a gift can shorten a person's life. It is not for nothing that in China, with the presentation of a watch, a person is invited to a funeral, which means that such a thing is one of the things that cannot be given under any circumstances.

Never donate knives. From time immemorial, the donation of piercing and cutting instruments has been considered a bad omen and bad form. These items also include forks, needles, scissors, etc. Black forces are said to be very fond of sharp edges and corners. And having handed, for example, a knife or a weapon, you at the same time give a demon, which in turn will bring grief and disagreements to the house.

Animals - is this a good gift

Oddly enough, but giving animals as a gift is also undesirable. Be sure to take a fee for such a "live" present, otherwise the pet will constantly try to run away to its former owner. By the way, about money: it is forbidden to present an empty wallet or other items whose role is to store and save something. It is imperative to put money in them, which will subsequently bring success and income.

You may ask: why can't you give an empty wallet as a present? The thing is that, on the contrary, it will become for its future owner the personification of poverty and inferiority.

What should not be presented to loved ones

Gift for your beloved: watch

Signs say that it is not allowed to hand over socks to a beloved man. They say that having put on a gift pair, a husband can leave you forever in the same socks.

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IdeaOn a note: smart daughters-in-law (those who believe that their spouses are sitting under their mother's skirt) use this sign for their own purposes. They seem to hint the mother-in-law to give these woolen products to their sons, who, as a result, very soon leave their parental home, get married and create their own family.

If you believe the nationwide signs that it is not allowed to present to a girl, then perhaps the most undesirable present is natural pearls... For a long time, the Greeks thought that pearls were tears from the eyes of sea nymphs. Later, the concepts changed a little, but still the pearl as a gift remained a symbol of the tears of widows and orphans - this is the answer to the question why jewelry with pearls should not be given.

Religious gifts: what is better to refuse

There is an ambivalent opinion about the donation of pectoral crosses. Some are of the opinion that crosses, donated not from the bottom of their hearts, have every chance of bringing bad luck to their owner and will not protect him from external unpleasant influences and circumstances.

Gifts for Orthodox people

  • The opinion that crosses can be presented as a gift only by godmothers and dads is also erroneous. The cross can also be donated by someone close. However, he must certainly remind the recipient of such a gift that the cross must be consecrated in the cathedral.
  • It is preferable to present icons to your children: for example, with an icon, mothers give their children a blessing. However, about such a gift, you must also consult in advance with the priest in the church and find out from him which icons with the faces of which saints are most correct to give as a gift.
  • Handkerchiefs are another thing that Orthodox people should not be given as a present. It is believed that other people's tears and worries are transmitted with this matter. So it's better to cross the scarves off your gift list, as they also predict quick separation from a relative.
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A mirror as a gift is not the most suitable option

Mirrors should not be bestowed under any circumstances. No matter how people need a new mirror, it is more correct to just give cash, with which a person can buy a mirror on his own. Indeed, many mystical situations and legends are associated with this subject, which attribute to it interconnection with other worlds.

Why you can't give a mirror

In addition, by placing mirrors one opposite the other, you run the risk of filling your house with bad energy and providing yourself with the pressure of black forces. It is no coincidence that in all fortune telling, as well as in dark magic, sorcerers and witches will certainly use mirrors.

And if the mirror is a valuable antiques, run as far as possible from it: under no circumstances should it act as a gift. Antique mirrors have seen a lot in their own time, including bad ones, and you cannot know from which era it came to you, and what kind of energy it carries.

Why it is forbidden to redistribute gifts

A sign that explains why it is not allowed to donate gifts arose more than one hundred years ago. The problem is that in the old days, gifts were prepared for a long time and in the most careful way. People believed that any object presented with pure thoughts could bring luck and prosperity to its owner. The donor invested part of his own positive energy into a good wish, therefore, over-donation has always been considered a criminal act.

Today people also believe that by donating unnecessary or unnecessary things, you can lose luck with them. Only today it is very difficult to find a person who would devote so much time and energy to gifts, as was generally accepted in the old days. Therefore, the sign has partially lost its own importance and is now almost not observed.

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There is a modern belief that assigns to such things the presence of the energy of denial. This is a kind of negative energy that is formed as a result of the emergence of negative feelings and emotions while receiving an unnecessary thing as a gift. Consequently, many people believe that such gifts should never be received, as they can give you or the recipient a feeling of discomfort.

China dolls made of porcelain

Porcelain dolls

Many travelers bring dolls from China and Japan, which are distinguished by virtuoso design, grace and unprecedented beauty. However, few people know that keeping them in their own home, as well as presenting them as a gift, is highly discouraged. But the fact is that living people who really exist in reality serve as prototypes and modifications when creating these porcelain figurines, and as a result, any doll adopts the properties of its prototype from the world of people.

It is believed that a doll, made in the image and likeness of a real person, also becomes the owner of all the innermost thoughts and properties of the "model's" disposition. It's great if this individual is a good-natured and noble person. But if he has bad attachments, a hard character or evil thoughts, then such a doll, donated to another person, will have a direct impact not only on himself, but even on those who are next to him. As a result, over time, the life of these people collapses, or does not change for the best.

So, in this article we have answered the question of what gifts cannot be given. Try to remember all of the above signs and superstitions, and this will help you not to be mistaken and choose a really good and worthy present that will bring its recipient good luck and success.