What to give a neighbor for her birthday or how to keep a good relationship

Gift Ideas

Neighbor or neighbor - people are not very important in a person's life, but you have to reckon with them: in the end, it is with them that you need to share the staircase. What to give a neighbor or neighbor for a birthday, while not being left in the loser, is an extremely good question, and this article is intended to answer it. And for convenience, the gifts are divided into different categories.

What to give a neighbor for her birthday

Make a gift with your own hands - collect a basket of the most necessary things for your neighbor

For noisy neighbors

Neighbors are people too. And sometimes it happens that they enjoy listening to music. Highly. Loud. You can give them a gift and at the same time save yourself from torment: good headphones, preferably on bluetooth, - are not too expensive, but they are guaranteed to improve the quality of the donor's sleep.

In the same rare case when the donor shares the musical tastes of his neighbors, he can give them bluetooth speakersto enjoy hard rock with them.

If the noise from neighbors is at a household level, you can try to fix this problem as well. For example, robot vacuum cleaner it costs not so much, but in itself it is much quieter than a stationary one.

For florist neighbors

What to give a neighbor if he has so many plants on the balcony is not really a question. Considering that such florists usually cost orchids best case scenario, palm or little thuja uniquely diversify their collection.

However, the fertilizer и earthen mixtures с minerals for plant care is also a good option. Do not forget about the convenient spray guns.

What to give a neighbor for her birthday

Any woman will be delighted with such a curiosity.

For athletes

It's easy to calculate neighbors' sporters, so the question of what to give a neighbor for his birthday, if he is a healthy lifestyle lover, arises quite often. And - in some cases - acutely.

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For example, if the stairwell is littered with neighbors bicycles, skis, snowboards and scooters, you can donate sheds и shelves for sports equipment... This will free up space and make the storage of bicycles with skis much more convenient and aesthetic.

If the neighbor loves to run, you can always give him sneaker purchase certificate (or just a certificate to a sporting goods store: there he will definitely find something to his liking). Suitable for sports neighbors pilates mats and yoga. And, of course, no one canceled the good old dumbbells - you just need to be prepared that they will rumble at night and in the early morning.

For "God's dandelions"

Elderly neighbors are quite common, and they also need gifts from time to time. Granny-neighbor will be happy with a new one putter or Orenburg shawl; grandpa is good slippers or tubeif smokes.

What to give a neighbor for her birthday

Cute and warm slippers will definitely become a necessary and good gift.

Even more, older people are usually happy paid specialist doctorswho - ideally - come to their house. This is especially true for ophthalmologists and dentists. In some places - mostly private clinics - it is possible to arrange a house call for a doctor, and it is not very expensive.

For a young couple

New settlers are often a good sign. You can quickly make friends with them, and young people are much more predisposed to communication than the elderly, and the choice in terms of gifts for such neighbors is much greater.

Linens - a win-win. Even if they have their own, no one will refuse one more set. It is worth choosing the best one, which is pleasant to the touch and will withstand many washes.

What to give a neighbor for her birthday

A gift for those who have order with a sense of humor.

Bulk vases - for example, buckwheat, rice and other cereals, as well as sugar and flour, will be useful on the farm. Kitchen scales with a measurement accuracy of up to two decimal places can come in handy when preparing complex dishes with spices, the weight of which is in milligrams. Frying Pans и pans - they will also decide what to give a young neighbor, especially Asian ones woks.

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One way or another, when choosing a gift for neighbors, it is always worth remembering that they are people too, and they would prefer to receive an interesting gift. Giving is a great way to improve your relationship with your neighbor or neighbor, so it's definitely worth taking advantage of.