What to give a student: 20 pleasant little things for study and entertainment

Gift Ideas

A holiday is not only a reason to meet, a well-set table, songs and fun. Gifts and the process of receiving them is an important, and for some, the most important component of the holiday. When it comes to a gift for students, it needs to be not only extraordinary and interesting, but also practical. And, of course, you need to take into account the interests of the gifted person, his hobbies and character. Reading this article will help you decide what to give the student for any reason and for a different budget.

clock bike

Original clock in the form of a bicycle for the desktop

Traditional gifts

As a rule, students are young people, and, therefore, funny, mischievous and slightly insane. Therefore, when thinking about what to give a student for his birthday or any other holiday, much effort is not needed. The most ordinary and seemingly hackneyed options can be beaten in such a way that young people will really be delighted. For example:

  • Cup... Quite an ordinary everyday mug. Something that everyone always uses. If this is a gift to a student, then it can be a mug with a light from a computer. Or one on which drawings and inscriptions appear from the temperature. Or something of an unusual shape or a strange color.
  • Money... A bouquet of banknotes, a money cake, a picture of banknotes. The most versatile, but, unfortunately, the most commonplace present.
  • Flowers another banal and most popular gift. Most often given to girls.
  • Covers for documents... A very budget gift that gives an incredible flight of imagination. On the market, you can choose covers from various materials, with all kinds of inscriptions, drawings, quotes, volumetric applications. A student card cover is a good gift for a freshman student. Having the necessary skills, you can make such a gift with your own hands.


An interesting mug with a nurse as a gift to a medical student

  • Gadgets... E-books, calculators, voice recorders, pedometers, smart watches, external batteries. Everything that young people love so much and that makes the student's life much easier.
  • Gift Certificates anywhere - to a clothing store, electronics store, gym, solarium, fitness club, spa.
  • Games - desktop, for a large company, computer - the choice depends on the preferences of the gifted.
  • Different stationery... They are always in demand by students. Since they have a habit of getting lost, ending, breaking. Now there is a huge selection of interesting and unusual study accessories.
  • Well, the classics of the genre - T-shirts! Again, inscriptions, pictures, photographs will make them funny, original and non-trivial.
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Original gifts

  • Based on a joke about always hungry students, you can present cookbook or invitation to a culinary master class.
  • Headphones, decorated in the form of a banana, soccer ball, cartoon character, hamburger.
  • Gum for hands, antistress toys, massager pillows - anything that will help relieve stress.
  • Running alarm clocks, white clean globe with felt-tip pens, musical and speaking piggy banks - stuff from a joke store.


Stylish and unusual desktop organizer

  • Also on sale you can find ready-made student setThe gift usually consists of a tea bag, a dryer, and a contraceptive item. Or chewing gum, tea bags and cigarettes - there is no limit to the imagination of manufacturers. Such a present will be appreciated by young men with a sense of humor.
  • Mugs and other utensils with imitation of dirty stains, lunch bags with disgusting pictures - an irreplaceable gift for students living in a hostel. Roommates and stranger hunters disdain such things.

Emotions as a gift

Well, if you want to give a gift so that it will be remembered for a long time and will definitely make an impression, then let it be:

  • For example, the skydiving or hang gliding... It is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time, will make an indelible impression. The hero of the occasion will receive a ton of adrenaline.
  • Sky lanterns, air balloons, boxes with flying butterflies... Necessarily a lot, certainly bright and only in the appropriate atmosphere.
  • PHOTOSESSION - thematic, classic, with costumes and attributes. In addition to the joy of receiving, it will also leave a visual memory.


Munchkin is an addictive board game to be played by the entire dorm

  • Ticket to a concert, to a theater, to watching a movie, various shows - interesting, original and, in case of an emotional hit, unforgettable.
  • Paintball, rope towns, horse rides, extreme driving lessons, shooting gallery - for active, athletic, well-trained people.
  • Well organized picnic or romantic walk.

As you can see, a gift can be selected according to any interests, for a completely different budget. It is better to think about choosing a gift in advance. If possible, try to talk to relatives of the birthday person to find out about his preferences and not miscalculate. The main thing is that all this should be done sincerely, from a pure heart and always with a smile. And then the gift will bring joy and pleasure.