Ruby wedding: what to give for the 40th anniversary of marriage

Loving couples celebrate their anniversaries with special trepidation. Each year, lived together, has its own name and traditions. After how many years is the ruby ​​wedding celebrated, what to give the spouses for the celebration? These and other questions are asked by both the heroes of the occasion and their guests.

The ruby ​​wedding is celebrated 40 years after the wedding. Like a ruby ​​- a stone that is durable and incredibly beautiful - families celebrating their fortieth anniversary are considered strong and harmonious.

jewelry with ruby

Expensive ruby ​​jewelry - the most significant gifts on this date

Traditions and customs

On the day of the wedding, the "newlyweds" should present each other with memorable souvenirs. What to give a spouse for a ruby ​​wedding - everyone decides on their own, focusing on imagination and financial capabilities.

According to tradition, spouses on this day change their wedding rings for jewelry with ruby ​​elements, the old ones become a family heirloom and are given to grandchildren as a guarantee of a strong, long, happy life.

Another custom on the day of the ruby ​​wedding is the joint eating of a pomegranate. The head of the family breaks the fruit into two parts and the spouses take one grain at a time, while naming an affectionate word to each other. If the pomegranate is over, and not a single affectionate word is repeated, the couple has successfully passed the test, it can be called loving and harmonious.

How to celebrate 40 years of marriage

The choice of venue for the celebration does not play a significant role. It can be your own home or a banquet hall - it all depends on the personal preferences and health of the anniversaries. Whatever option is chosen for the celebration, the best gift for a ruby ​​wedding is the warmth and love of relatives and friends.

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In the design of a hall or room, it is desirable to use ruby ​​tones (curtains, napkins, decor, dishes, tablecloths) and fresh red flowers. Be sure to put dishes of red berries on the table - a pie with berry filling, red wine, as well as fresh red berries. It is also recommended to choose products for main dishes in the same colors - beef, red fish, red vegetables.

journeyJourney - a trip to the most beautiful place on the planet only together or with family

river tram rideA ride on the river tram is an incredibly romantic and inspiring pastime.

dinner at the restaurantDinner at a restaurant - spouses who have lived together for 40 years deserve to celebrate this date in the best institution in the city

What to give parents for a ruby ​​anniversary?

The main question that children of anniversaries ask is what to give their parents for a ruby ​​wedding. For parents, you always want to choose all the best, so that the gift is not only pleasing to the eye, but also beneficial:

  • Ruby Gifts

The very name of the anniversary is self-explanatory. A gift for a ruby ​​wedding should contain ruby ​​elements in one form or another. You can give your father ruby ring, and mothers braslet, ring or earrings with the same stone.

Not all children have the opportunity to give ruby ​​jewelry to their parents. In such cases, you can consider more budget options. For example, decor items in red tones or with ruby ​​imitation - caskets, figurines, tea-set, desktop decorative fountain.

  • Gifts for health

For a ruby ​​wedding, the right gift will be a present chosen with health in mind. These include orthopedic mattress, massage chair or sports simulator, tonometer or inhaler.

Can be a great gift for parents a trip to a health resort or recreation center. Such an unplanned vacation will allow parents not only to change their usual surroundings, but also to take care of their own health surrounded by professionals.

salt room

A subscription to a salt cave is a wonderful gift that allows you to combine business with pleasure

  • Handmade gifts
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Creative people know that any gift can be given to parents for their 40th wedding anniversary, the main thing is to make it with soul.

There are many options:

  1. bottle of champagne and glassesmade in decoupage technique;
  2. knitted or textile dolls tilde in the clothes of the bride and groom;
  3. Handmade soap in the shape of a heart, ruby ​​or a bouquet of flowers;
  4. handmade postcard or photo albummade in scrapbooking technique;
  5. big icon, picture or photo of anniversaries, made in the technique of cross-stitching;
  6. cover or plaid handmade in red tones or with red inserts.

Handmade gifts are unique in their essence. They are always made for a specific person, and you will not find a second such thing from anyone.

  • Gifts for the soul

Over 40 years of living together, couples find many favorite activities for themselves (joint and individual) - growing vegetables and fruits in the garden, hunting, fishing, needlework, breeding exotic plants, collecting, sports and others.

An excellent gift for parents who are passionate about any activity will be items for hobbies.

For example, to give a fisherman a new spinning, a needlewoman - expensive material that she cannot afford, a collector - rare piece for the collection, gardener - something necessary and useful for the garden.

Such a present will be perceived as a dream gift.

jewelry with pomegranateGarnet jewelry is a worthy alternative to ruby ​​jewelry

red bouquetRed Bouquet - Roses and other scarlet flowers are perfect for a gift, especially if the bouquet is impressive in size

rocking chairA rocking chair is a comfortable seat that everyone dreams of. Both spouses will love it.

Ruby wedding present for friends

When choosing a gift for friends anniversaries, it is best to focus on memorabilia. The main thing is to support the theme of the ruby ​​holiday.

Not many people know what to give for a 40th wedding anniversary set of dishes, bed linen sets or cover in scarlet colors glasses pink glass.

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You can also present something from household appliances - iron, mixer, yoghurt maker, vegetable cutter.

Do not forget about creative gifts for friends. T-shirts with photos anniversaries and funny or cute inscriptions on them, favorite moments videospent together with friends, performed at the celebration self-composed song - any of these gifts will be pleasant and touching at the same time.

Every anniversary of living together is important for a loving couple. A ruby ​​wedding is a great occasion to bring children, grandchildren, and friends together. After all, the most important moments in the life of any person are the warmth and attention of loved ones.

red multicooker

Red multicooker - a practical gift in the color of the ruby ​​date

Choosing the best gift for "newlyweds", first of all you need to find out, 40 years old - what kind of wedding? What to give to parents or close friends, everyone decides for himself, starting from the symbolic name of the celebration, or from the preferences of the anniversaries. The main unshakable rule is to give gifts from the heart and with love!


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