65 gift ideas for the owner of a private home: for work and outdoor recreation

It's nice to be away from the bustle of the city, and inhaling the scent of summer flowers, enjoy the silence and carelessness. And often when traveling out of town as a guest, you need to choose original gifts for giving. Choosing the right present can often turn into torture if there are no ideas. However, in the case of summer residents, the list of options is quite extensive. Each owner of a private house seeks to create a piece of paradise on his site. And this creates a lot of ideas for choosing an original gift. To choose from all the options the most optimal, you need to consider in detail the list of the best.

Original and useful gift

An original and useful gift will create a mood for work and leisure.

Country gifts for women

Summer residents are special creatures. They hold the secrets of growing the world's tastiest tomatoes and fighting the Colorado potato beetle. For them, you definitely need to choose something special:

  • seed or seedlings. High-quality seeds, packed in an elegant basket, will be a nice gift. But the main thing is to remember what exactly the gardener is passionate about and not to give greenhouse eggplant seeds to a person who does not have a greenhouse. But seedlings of some rare plants will delight the gardener for many years.
  • Set of kitchen towels. Elegant textiles for the kitchen are not only a pleasant interior design, but also things that are useful from a practical point of view. And there are never too many towels in the house of a good housewife.
  • Coniferous plant in a pot. Thuja, pine or other evergreen tree in a large original pot is unpretentious and pleasing to the eye, despite the change of seasons and weather. In addition, the aroma of pine needles improves mood.
  • Dressy rubber boots or galoshes. The climate in our country never ceases to amaze with its unpredictability, and a rainy day can ruin your weekend plans. But a fashionable summer resident in pretty boots or galoshes will overcome any bad weather.

Practical and stylish shoes for summer residents

Practical and stylish footwear will please its owner for a long time, even if its service life is over.

  • straw hat. A stylish woman, even in the country, will not miss the opportunity to walk her best outfits. And a woman gardener often has to work under the scorching sun, and a fashionable straw hat is not only a protective headdress, but also a spectacular accessory.
  • Bin. The most convenient container for harvesting crops grown with love is a wicker basket. It is convenient to transport the collected fruits in it, keeping them whole during transportation. Before presenting such a gift to a summer resident, you can fill it with various useful little things.
  • original watering can. Even if the summer resident has a hose for irrigation, a beautifully designed watering can of the original design will not be superfluous in her arsenal. Especially if the summer resident is engaged in cultivation of flowers.

And a few more ideas for thrifty summer residents - accessories:

  • various convenient containers,
  • elegant jars for blanks,
  • canning kit,
  • seaming machine,
  • table scales.

All this will help a woman to preserve the harvest grown with love.

Jars for blanks

Blanks in such outfits seem even tastier

Country gifts for men

The older a man becomes, the more he is drawn to the earth. And carried away by interesting work, he can bring a lot of benefits. And if the question arises of what to give a summer resident for his birthday, it is better for a man to give something that makes his work comfortable. Since some men are especially picky about the usefulness of gifts:

  • Chainsaw. A chainsaw will certainly not interfere with a summer resident man in the household, with its help he will be able to cut a lot of firewood.
  • Motoblock. Useful, albeit quite expensive. She will simplify the hard work of men. With the help of a walk-behind tractor, the owner will be able to cope with the cultivation of a large plot of land much better.
  • Brazier. A good option for a country house. With it, a man will be able to surprise guests with his own cooked kebabs and other delicious dishes. It does not hurt to add an accessory of original design to the gift.

Barbecue and grill

Nothing tastes better outdoors than food cooked over an open fire.

  • Gardener's book. For a book lover, an encyclopedia book on plant care or landscape design can be a win-win gift. As an alternative, a certificate for educational gardening courses is suitable.
  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller. In the name of saving residents from the attack of blood-drinking insects, you can decide on the most extreme measures. But the easiest and most effective way is to use this simple device. And the owners will be able to sleep peacefully.
  • Digital weather station. The weather station will accurately determine the weather forecast for the near future, which is extremely important for a summer resident.
  • Lawn Mower. Some modern modifications of lawn mowers are able to grind the grass so much that it does not need to be removed later. And the soil is additionally fertilized. Undeniably an expensive gift, but modern technology is not cheap.

Modern robotic lawnmower

A modern robotic lawnmower will do the job without outside participation

Vacation gifts

After tiring work, the summer resident spends time, as a rule, in the open air. Therefore, when choosing what to give to a summer resident, you need to remember that a rare owner will give up the pleasure of ennobling a personal plot, transforming it into a recreation area. And you can help him do this with the help of a suitable present:

  • Garden furniture set. You can equip the veranda by placing a summer table with chairs on it. Such a gift will appeal to the summer resident, because it will make his rest comfortable.
  • garden bench. A necessary element of arranging a garden is a bench or bench. It will ennoble the territory and allow you to relax during the day in the shade of garden trees, and in the evening admire the stars.
  • Hammock. It is unlikely that any summer resident will not be able to appreciate the hammock. An unusual gift, but a necessary one. Suitable for households of all ages. It can be placed on the veranda or outdoors, complemented by a pillow and a cozy blanket.
  • Badminton. So that the rest of summer residents is not always passive, you can give them badminton. Such a gift will be a great occasion for joint sports, strengthen the spirit of competition and the desire to win.

badminton game

Playing badminton is one of the best outdoor sports

  • Inflatable pool. Adults will certainly appreciate this gift, but children will especially like it. The pool is just an indispensable thing in the summer heat.
  • Games. On quiet evenings, when the whole family gathers after dinner, a variety of games will be a great way to pass the time. "Mini football", "Twister" and other entertainment will help make the leisure of summer residents exciting.
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Country gifts for work

For many, a suburban area is not only a place of rest, but also an opportunity to grow vegetables, fruits and berries for the family table with your own hands:

  • Equipment for the gardener. Items such as handy rake, good sapa, reliable plane cutter or new shovel are sure to be in demand. Garden tools will be an appropriate gift for both professional gardeners and amateurs.
  • Shrub trimming kit and trees. A set of pruning tools will be a useful gift for work and will certainly come in handy for a summer resident. After all, having such a kit, you can cut all the shrubs and trees in the area in a short time. The set usually includes a set of garden knives and secateurs.
  • Ladder. For those who have a lot of fruit trees growing in the garden, a stepladder will be an indispensable gift. And along with it, a fruit picker will come in handy.

Stepladder for a summer resident

Thanks to the stepladder, the summer resident will be able to harvest the entire crop to the last apple

  • Vacuums. A garden vacuum cleaner will clean up the area. This is especially useful for those summer residents who cannot leave their site until the onset of winter.
  • Glove set. A budget and symbolic gift, but always in demand in the country. The kit may include gloves from different materials and different colors. So the gift can be practical and stylish at the same time.

Country gifts for home

For those who like to relax outside the city, a dacha is a second home, so there is always a desire to make it cozy and beautiful. And all kinds of accessories or stylish household items as a present will contribute to the creation of a unique interior of a country estate:

  • Decor items: сtattoos, paintings, decorative pieces of furniture, plants in original pots, watch or other decorative elements can transform the interior of a country house.
  • Vase. A popular gift for a summer residence. A vase can be matched to any interior style, and it will harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the house. In addition, a lot of flowers usually grow in a summer cottage, and a vase, in addition to its aesthetic functions, will also bring practical benefits.

flower vases

An equally valuable gift will be a vase made by yourself.

  • Plaid. A country house is not only a place of work and outdoor recreation. Sometimes you want to lie down on a cool evening, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, read a book and drink hot tea. Therefore, a warm, beautiful blanket will be a pleasant surprise for the residents of the cottage.
  • Key hanger. In the house, everything to the smallest detail should be stylish, because it is the little things that create a cozy atmosphere. And a vintage key hanger will become a necessary and beautiful present.
  • Carpet for front door. An inexpensive, but pleasant and useful gift option.
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Country gifts for the bath

If a bathhouse is built on a summer cottage, you can safely choose everything connected with it as a gift. And if the owner of the cottage, in addition to everything else, is a passionate lover of the bath, is proud and improves it in every possible way, a useful gift will be appreciated:

  • Banya broom. You can present as a gift one or just a set of brooms: from birch, oak and spruce. And women who love bathing procedures will highly appreciate the bamboo broom, which is incredibly beneficial for the skin.
  • Fan for baths and saunas. This thing is much more convenient to use than a regular towel, because it has a special shape to capture a large amount of air and at the same time weighs little.

Stylish fan design

The stylish design of the fan will make the gift elegant.

  • Bath set. As a rule, such a set includes a ladle, a bowl, a massage roller, aromatic oils, natural soap and herbal teas. Such a "bath set" will delight its recipient for at least several months.
  • Bathrobe with initials. It is best to choose a bathrobe made of terry cloth, 100% cotton with the addition of bamboo fibers for a gift. An irreplaceable thing that will give a feeling of comfort after visiting the bath.
  • Rubber slippers. To ensure a good “grip” of a summer resident with a wet floor in a bath or sauna, special slippers should be presented to him as a present. So you can show attention, and at the same time take care of the safety and health of the recipient of the gift.
  • Bath hat. You can cheer up a sauna lover by giving him an original hat with flowers or in the shape of a crown. Options with funny inscriptions also look good. Such a cap with a spectacular design will be a practical and fun gift at the same time.
  • A set of cosmetics for a bath. All kinds of masks and scrubs made from natural ingredients, which you can choose yourself or purchase a ready-made set. A good gift would also be a set of healing clays for the body and face.

Bath set

This set will allow you to get real pleasure from bath procedures.

  • A set of essential oils for the bath. Oils are used quite often in the bath, especially coniferous and eucalyptus. Therefore, such a gift will not gather dust on the shelf waiting in the wings.
  • Terry towel. A versatile and always needed gift. The main thing is not to miss the size, the larger the size of the towel, the better.
  • tea set. After visiting the bath for complete relaxation, it would be nice to drink hot tea. And here a cup of fragrant tea from the collection you donated will come to the rescue, which will make you forget about the hardships of the past day and fall asleep peacefully.
  • Thermos. When vaping, people usually sweat a lot. They constantly need to replenish the supply of water in the body. The best way to do this is with tea. And so that hot tea is always at hand, you just need a good thermos.
  • Samovar. A beautiful and pot-bellied samovar will take pride of place on the table. And a lover of a bath will be able to mannerly drink tea from a samovar and treat his guests to it.
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Country gifts for the garden

A garden is a place where the soul rests from city stress and fuss. Here you can realize any fantasies, create an unusual design and a special atmosphere with the help of decorative elements. Such gifts will decorate the garden dacha territory and create a good mood:

  • garden umbrella. If there are no gazebos in the summer cottage, you can give a pair of umbrellas that will allow you to organize a picnic in the fresh air and hide from the sun.

garden umbrella

A garden umbrella is a great alternative to a gazebo

  • Bird feeders. Modern summer residents really like to decorate their backyard with bird feeders. The material, shape and color of the feeder may vary. They can be chosen based on the general style of the dacha and the preferences of the summer residents themselves.
  • Swing. This attribute will certainly find its place in the garden area. The swing is easy to install and at the same time they are reliable and safe. Children and even adults will be happy to ride on a swing at the end of the working day.
  • Vane. A good and unusual gift would be a beautiful wind direction indicator. You can choose a weather vane of any shape and design. Bird, horse, sailboat, dragon or pirate flag - there are many options to choose from.
  • Figurines for the garden. Unusual garden sculpture will delight the owners of the garden. A large number of types of sculptures will allow you to choose something amazing. It can be a statue, an animal figure or a character from a famous fairy tale.

Set of garden figurines

A set of cute figurines will certainly please gardeners and create a unique atmosphere in the garden.

Funny gifts

To surprise or make a too serious cottage owner smile, you can come up with a gift that will definitely create a joyful mood:

  1. Magic beans. If you give a summer resident a magic bean sprout, then an amateur gardener, along with his favorite thing, will receive unusual inscriptions-wishes on the leaves of the plant. For example, "Great mood" or "Grow, my profit."
  2. Summer resident's certificate. You can order a comic certificate or letter for the gardener, which briefly describes his most significant achievements in the field of agricultural activity.
  3. Photo Album. A good idea is to capture the summer resident in the process of work and make a special photo album. This will create a positive attitude and dip him into pleasant memories.
  4. Scarecrow. If you install a funny, smiling scarecrow in the garden, when you look at it, the mood will rise without a doubt. And the birds, timid, will fly away to get food in neighboring areas.

Scarecrow on the site

Such a scarecrow can be ordered from masters who are engaged in sewing dolls

Summing up, I would like to add that there are many gift ideas based on different budgets and preferences. You can choose the original or traditional version. According to its purpose, it can be something designed for work, for recreation, or for decorating a yard area. The gifts themselves are universal, which can be presented regardless of the age or gender of the summer resident.

But there are categories that can only be presented separately to a woman or separately to a man. Purchasing gifts for summer residents allows you to choose a thing that will not only meet the interests of a person, but also benefit.

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