What to give a guy for his birthday - the best ideas

Your boyfriend's birthday is coming soon and you don't know what to give. Maybe you still don’t know each other very well, or he is such a silent man that it’s simply impossible to figure out his addictions. Or is it your brother, classmate, colleague, and you are unsuccessfully puzzling over what gift would suit them? We'll help you decide. In this article you will find a selection of ideas on what to give a guy for his birthday, for all occasions. Official presents, unusual gifts, handmade gifts and congratulations that will be remembered for a lifetime, as well as the top 7 universal gifts that will suit any man.

gift for a man

Make yourself happy by bringing joy with a birthday present to a guy of any age

How to choose a gift for a young man

Choosing a gift for a man is always difficult. Guys are not as emotional as women, and less talkative, so it’s hard to understand what they are really into, what kind of gift they will like and need. It is even more difficult when you know a man a little, but you want to congratulate him so that he remembers. What do you do when no ideas come to mind?

  1. The most desired will be a gift associated with hobbies young man. Try to find out what his hobby is, what he likes. When you talk, remember what he discusses with interest. If a guy talks excitedly about some subject, it means that he is really important to him.
  2. Any man can be given practical, a useful gift that he can use in everyday life.
  3. If you want the congratulation to be remembered, the unexpected will come to the rescue. surprise, bright show or extreme competitions.

Here are some birthday gift ideas for a guy depending on his hobbies, your creativity, and your budget.

Pamper your beloved man on his birthday, a gift can be practical and associated with hobbies, which is doubly pleasant

Computer geniuses

Many men are crazy about computers and various electronics. Such a guy can be presented with various computer accessories and technical trifles:

  • cooling board for laptop;
  • flexible keyboard;
  • wireless mouse;
  • Webcam for a desktop computer:
  • professional headphones;
  • creative usb stick;
  • licensed a disk with Windows or an antivirus program;
  • Printer or scanner;
  • computer кресло;
  • smartphone or it is better to give a tablet after consulting with the birthday person.

If you are afraid of making a mistake, present your friend with a gift card to an electronics store.

gift for boyfriend

The chair is not only a computer one, a special chair for a gamer guy is a creative brilliant gift

Car owners

If your boyfriend is a car enthusiast, you can safely give him useful car accessories:

  • DVR;
  • navigator;
  • antiradar;
  • wireless headset hands-free;
  • car radio;
  • powerful speakers;
  • creative accessory;
  • Covers on the seats;
  • massage car pillow;
  • automotive a vacuum cleaner;
  • automotive shower;
  • organizer for the trunk;
  • set of tools for auto;
  • summer or winter set rubber.
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If your friend is still dreaming of driving a car, the best gift would be a gift certificate from a reliable driving school.

guy on dr

A car tool kit is a versatile and very practical gift if the guy is a car enthusiast.

For those who like to play

All men are boys at heart. Therefore, when choosing a birthday present for a guy, pay attention to all kinds of toys. You yourself will laugh, watching how your smart guy with childish delight will take up new entertainment.

Video games and accessories gamers will be pleased with them:

  • license key for computer the game;
  • playroom keyboard;
  • game steering wheel for car racing;
  • helm for flight simulator;
  • consoles PlayStation, Xbox and games for them.

If your friend prefers communication to computers and gadgets, give him board game according to his interests:

  • checkers or chess;
  • domino;
  • monopoly;
  • desktop hockey;
  • billiards;
  • darts.

Active children can be presented real toys:

  • radio-controlled car or helicopter;
  • quadrupter;
  • hoverboard;
  • programmable robot.

Young men who are fond of comics and science fiction films can be presented with an accessory with the image of their favorite hero, his figurine, a movie poster autographed by its participants.

guy on dr

If a friend likes to play board games, give him a mini pool table, for example, for his birthday - a great alternative to a large table: just as exciting, but does not require much space, and this is not trivial


Those who play sports will be pleased to receive something for their birthday. for training:

  • football ball;
  • boxing gloves:
  • tennis racket;
  • jump rope;
  • dumbbells;
  • simulators;
  • pulse meter.

guy on dr

A man who lives in sports mode will suit almost any game equipment. Table tennis rackets will be nice to get, at least as an excuse to go warm up

Avid hunters and fishermen

Those who cannot live without hunting or fishing can be given professional tools or travel inventory:

  • set tourist;
  • cauldron;
  • hunting the bag;
  • inflatable boat;
  • tackle;
  • gun;
  • professional literature.

a gift for a guy

Here is such a tourist set with a set of skewers and a cookbook suitable for a hunter, fisherman, lover of going out into nature and cooking for the whole company

economic guys

Useful little things for those who repair sockets, nail and repair plumbing:

  • wireless electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • set tools.

gift for boyfriend

Men should have a lot of kits and with different tools for all occasions; dedicated to economic guys - a luxurious set for golden hands

Gifts for respectable men

What to give a man for his birthday, if his only hobby is work, and all hobbies come down to negotiations, business partners and the interests of the company? We present to you top 10 gifts business man:

  1. Elite a pen Parker or waterman.
  2. Notebook organizer from genuine leather.
  3. Gold braslet or chain.
  4. Brand cufflinks.
  5. Fashion darling belt.
  6. Exclusive cigarette case.
  7. Road travel bag.
  8. Collectible things, cigars and cigarettes.
  9. Elite spirits beverages.
  10. Swiss wrist watch.

gift for boyfriend

A high-quality belt, fashionable and stylish, will never be superfluous in the wardrobe of a respectable business man.

Cheap gifts

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a gift. After all, the main attention, not your tight wallet.

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  • T-shirts, mugs, pillows with inscriptions and drawings;
  • cake to order, unusual shape, with congratulations and candles;
  • shaving kit or a shower set;
  • plaid;
  • phone case with a joint photo;
  • bottle whiskey, cognac or tequila.

gift for boyfriend

Another option for a men's set is an inexpensive universal and practical gift that is nice to receive for a birthday.

DIY gifts

In order for the gift to be stored for a long time and evoke romantic memories, you will have to try and make it yourself. Here are some good ideas shared by creative girls:

  • Bouquet from socks - a fun alternative to boring postcards. Take socks, pins and cocktail tubes. Twist the sock into a flower, stab it with a pin, insert a tube into the resulting bud. Collect a bouquet of socks and tie it with a bright bow.
  • Collage of photos: choose funny and romantic joint shots, complete with wishes, candid confessions and drawings.
  • Describe a bottle with stained glass or acrylic paints on a theme that is close to the birthday man. Add marine romance by wrapping the bottle in leather and sprinkling it with shells.
  • Make beautiful photo frame and insert a joint photo.
  • Bind funny slippers, tie or glasses case. For a serious guy, a scarf or sweater will do.
  • Weave for memory beaded bracelet or sew a beautiful leather bracelet.
  • Embroider pillow or t-shirt.
  • Bake печенье unusual shape.
  • draw it portrait or order it to the artist.
  • Print or make your own beautiful calendar and mark on it your common important dates.

gift for boyfriend

A spectacular antique beaded bracelet looks beautiful on a man's wrist - a stylish birthday present for a guy

  • Make it bright shiny postcard and nicely sign it.
  • If you cannot attend the celebration or want to congratulate your loved one before everyone else, you can send him electronic postcard. Unlike paper, electronic greetings are more original. You can add music, video, voice or animation to them. There are a huge number of electronic cards on the Internet, you are sure to find one that you like.
  • Make him massage with aroma oils.
  • Dance to him dancingdressed up in an unusual costume. Don't forget to capture this surprise on camera.
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Write and read a poem to him. It is not necessary to be able to do this, the main thing is that your poems come from the heart. You can come up with a playful rhyme about a funny incident that you experienced together. If you can't write in rhyme at all, write prose. You should not write off from the Internet, it is better to write in bad language and with errors, but sincerely, sincerely, from yourself. You can view several ready-made congratulations from others, write out the phrases you like and use them in your essay. Be sure to read your poem aloud to the birthday boy. And so that the guy will never forget this unusual gift, print the poems on beautiful paper and insert them into an elegant frame.

guy on dr

Funny and elegant slippers, hand-knitted in a nautical theme on a felt basis - a warm, sincere gift

Original gifts

It's no secret that every girl would like to give a guy an original gift for his birthday. But how to make it so that it was really unusual, but at the same time doable and liked by a young man? First you need to decide what type of activity your friend prefers:


This guy needs an adrenaline rush:

  • air flight balloon;
  • bounce with a parachute;
  • Flight to paragliding;
  • helicopter excursion;
  • flight to wind tunnel;
  • a trip to ATV safari;
  • jumping on a trampoline;
  • jumping jumping;
  • play in paintball;
  • races for karting;
  • session Diving;
  • master class on rock climbing;
  • Master Class the champion in fights without rules.

gift for boyfriend

Hot air balloon flight with your loved one is unusual and romantic


These men prefer to relax in a calm environment, massage, sauna, meditation:

  • visitation spa;
  • Thai massage;
  • visitation salon beauty;
  • anti stress massage;
  • bowling or billiards;
  • romantic weekend in a country house.


A person who loves adventure is driven forward by his curiosity and thirst for the new:

  • visitation oceanarium or water park;
  • ticket to a concert of a famous rock band;
  • happy a rally with the kidnapping of a guy and tasks for release;
  • passing quest.

gift for boyfriend

A certificate for completing the quest is a fashionable hobby and a wonderful gift with adventures

Friendly company

Such a young man does not like loneliness, he needs communication and fun. You can organize his holiday. Be sure to think ahead:

  1. Place holding.
  2. Quantity guests.
  3. Topic for a party.
  4. Menu.

A rented apartment, a country cottage, a restaurant, a sauna can serve as a place for a holiday. It will be original to go to a ski resort or the sea coast. As guests, it is better to invite close friends, good acquaintances. Keep the menu light, focus on drinks. You can order pizza or other food to take home.

guy on dr

A restaurant or a country cottage, the main thing is a huge pizza for all invited guests


If your man prefers sexual entertainment, it is better for him to arrange an intimate celebration. Such gifts are not for the modest, but the birthday boy will definitely not forget this birthday for a long time:

  • Your frank Photo. You can put them in an album or photo frame. The most daring can print a large poster.
  • Sheet-Kama Sutra. After handing over a gift, immediately start using it.
  • Sexy Toys: handcuffs, whip. Also mandatory.
  • arrange sexy romantic evening. Put on a nurse costume, dance a striptease for your man.

Original souvenirs

Any guy will be delighted to receive some funny accessory as a gift:

  • magnetic board;
  • ball desires;
  • flying alarm clock;
  • annual stock of socks;
  • book safe;
  • caricature on canvas;
  • table boxing pear-anti stress.

gift for a man

A cruel, but original gift for a guy - a flying alarm clock

Expensive gifts

If you are ready to spend a lot of money, a round date can be met with such a surprise:

  • home cinema;
  • round to a seaside resort;
  • car;
  • real estate;
  • small house on the shore of a lake or sea.

gift for boyfriend

A gift "in a big way" - a house on the seashore. The layout of the future joint property is also not bad, the man immediately gets motivated

TOP 7 gifts

And finally, the top 7 universal gifts that can be given to any guy in any situation:

  1. Perfume or toilet water.
  2. Purse or purse. Be sure to put a coin or a dollar in there.
  3. Multifunctional knife with the name of the owner on the handle.
  4. Electric shaver.
  5. Gift certificate general store.
  6. BOOK.
  7. Money.

Among the ideas listed above, there is sure to be one that will suit the guy who invited you to his birthday. And so that for him the choice of a return gift does not become the same torment, hint at your desires louder!


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