The right bouquet for a first date is the key to a future relationship

Boy or girl

Almost always, men are accompanied by a painful question, what flowers to give a girl on a first date? The complexity of the choice lies in the lack of knowledge about tastes and preferences, the fear of seeming inappropriate or even choosing a bouquet that is absolutely not suitable for the situation. This is not surprising, a well-chosen flower arrangement can say a lot, evoke deep feelings of admiration, thereby leaving only positive memories of the first date.

What should he be

small bouquet

The flower arrangement must be selected so that it does not bring inconvenience to the girl, does not lose its beauty during romantic walks. On the first date, it is better to give preference to miniature bouquets, selected according to their meaning and decorated with original details. It is important to consider that the number of colors has a certain meaning and it is quite possible that your companion knows about them:

One is a symbol of sympathy, romantic mood. An ideal option when the meeting takes place in a park, cinema, or a trip out of town is planned. More suitable for modest, dressed simply and tastefully.

Three - rated as a compliment and admiration.

Five is a real declaration of love. It is worth giving only if the girl made a strong impression on you.

Seven is a present, usually presented with such a number for anniversaries or other celebrations. On a first date, such a composition would not be appropriate.

Nine is beautiful, wide and tells about the seriousness of your relationship with a girl. On the other hand, such a present can put a lady in an awkward position, and the bulkiness of the composition will also bring some inconvenience, especially if the first date is long.

When choosing flowers, you need to take into account the age of the lady, it is known that the older, the more she likes simple compositions. A win-win option is the selection according to the seasons, until you know the tastes of the girl, you can use the feature of the season.

Spring mood


This period represents lightness, joy and the desire for new beginnings. For this, tulips are the best suited - recognized symbols of spring. You can choose unblown flowers and tell an ancient legend according to which happiness is stored in closed inflorescences. An interesting option to intrigue a lady in advance is with a message about happiness living in a bud. Delicate and fragrant lilac is the personification of the timidity of first love, a romantic relationship.

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In the language of flowers, white lilac means tenderness and innocence, purple means first love, and pink is associated with boundless love. A composition of lilacs of different shades looks harmonious.

The most original option that suits extraordinary girls is a composition of hyacinths. You can present them in a decorative pot. A gift in a pot will be appropriate and will not bring inconvenience if the first date is planned at the lady's house, but the composition can be surprised anywhere. In the spring you will be pleasantly surprised:

  • irises;
  • crocuses;
  • violets;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • hydrangeas.

summer romance

Roses and sunflowers

A universal flower for the summer season is a rose. Just do not make massive compositions, trying to impress with luxury, a minimalistic one will look more romantic. You will be much more appreciated if you refuse bulky wrappers in favor of modest ribbons. It is important to know that pink is a sign of nascent sympathy, purple is passionate love, and white flowers mean boundless tenderness.

In the summer season, gerberas and sunflowers are ideal. They will also talk about your eccentricity. In this case, ask the florist to arrange your composition in a miniature basket. In summer, daisies will be appropriate and you will be rated as romantic. Daisies are symbols of sincerity and good nature and will bring only positive charge. Ideal for a first date, walking through the park or squares, going to the cinema or museum. The story of the legend will also be interesting, according to which daisies grew on the places where the stars fell.

If you want to distinguish yourself, emphasize your originality, give preference to orchids, which also have a beautiful legend that claims that they are fragments of a decaying rainbow. Fits perfectly with the summer theme:

  • forget-me-nots;
  • peonies;
  • cornflowers;
  • phlox;
  • gentians.

Do not be afraid to pass for the original, as a rule, girls like a non-standard approach more. Signs of attention before the meeting in the form of messages will give the girl confidence and tell about your caring.

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autumn fantasy

Autumn Bouquet

Autumn is characterized by an unprecedented scope for imagination. Compositions decorated with dried leaves or fruits of berries will look harmonious. Present them in a miniature basket designed simply but with bright accents. This is guaranteed to cheer up even the most pessimistic girl. At the first meeting in the fall are appropriate:

  • asters;
  • dahlias;
  • helenium;
  • marigold;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • gaillardia.

Bouquets of different colors and shades look the most original. The composition should be supplemented with ripe apples or a rowan branch. Giving such a basket, be sure that you will be remembered for a long time.

Winter fairy tale

Winter bouquet

During this period, you want more warmth and the bouquet at the first meeting should radiate it. It is important not to forget that winter is a real test for the flowers themselves. Therefore, it is important to choose frost-resistant plants, and plan a date in a cafe or cinema. If, however, you have to spend a long time in the cold, replace the flowers with soft toys and sweets. They give such bouquets only to young ladies. Another alternative is the branches of coniferous trees, decorated with cones and small original details, such as beads. This option is given to older ladies.
The most preferred flowers in winter:

  • lilies;
  • hyacinths;
  • anemones;
  • anthuriums;
  • lisianthus;
  • freesia.

When choosing flowers, it is always important to know that some of them are the strongest allergens. Therefore, to meet you it is better to give flowers without a persistent and specific aroma. If the date takes place indoors or at an event where the girl will be uncomfortable with the bouquet, it is better to order flowers towards the end of the evening. To do this, you can leave under the pretext or order from the company using a pre-typed message. A good option for long-term meetings is to give flowers in a porta bouquet, in a special flask with water. It is very easy to make such a flask with your own hands.

Flowers are the epitome of beauty and joy. They carry the giver and the receiver into the wonderful world of happiness and love. Despite the fact that there are opinions that flowers are not given on the first date, it is worth diluting the moments with positive colors that may develop into something more.