What to give a girl for 20 years: interesting gift options

When a solemn date is approaching for a person close to you, a logical question arises what to give a girl on her 20th birthday an original, memorable, and most importantly, necessary one. The main aspect when choosing a presentation is your closeness of relationship with this person. The birthday girl can be your sister, colleague, close friend, classmate, or daughter. Gifts in this situation will be different, but the common fact is that they should bring only positive emotions.

This age is characterized by a certain level of maturity, but there is still irrepressible energy, faith in miracles and a craving for romance. This is one of the most difficult and eventful periods of life when you need to get a decent education, find yourself in choosing a profession, pay attention to relationships and personal life. A 20-year-old girl wants to look attractive, be sociable in communication, have many friends and interesting hobbies. When choosing a present, try to take into account these nuances, they will help you avoid buying trivial and useless things. Much depends on the character of the girl, her temperament and life values, therefore gift ideas for twenty years can be very diverse.

The main criteria for choosing a gift

Most young girls want to get especially nice for their anniversary. surprisesthat will leave only delightful memories. Considering the options, you should initially decide on the amount of money that you can spend on the birthday girl. This will simplify the selection somewhat and limit the search segment.

The main criteria that should be considered when going to search for a gift include:

  1. Lifestyle and character. A girl can have a closed character and it is difficult to get along with people, preferring home comfort and solitude, or vice versa, love noisy parties, vacation with friends and be light on your feet. In the first case, preference should be given to classic presents, and in the second, any original gift to a girl for 20 years will be appreciated.
  2. Hobbies. Many young girls have different interests and hobbies. Finding a present in this direction will be the right decision and will please the birthday girl.
  3. Family status. Lonely girlfriend can order any comic surprises, including inviting a stripper to the party. For a young lady with a family, such a surprise may not be appropriate.
  4. Practicality. From a practical point of view, many young people approach gifts. Not everyone will be pleased with the strange statuette or unknown purpose souvenirwhich are of no use in everyday life. An exception can only be if a person collects small figurines of a certain thematic focus.

Practical persons will prefer to receive money as a gift and choose the right thing on their own.

Wrapping a gift beautifully and adding to it air balloons, you will definitely please the birthday girl. It is from these nice little things and creates a festive mood.

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Birthday gift ideas for a 20 year old girl based on hobbies and interests

To choose the right gift for a girl for 20 years, you should first of all study the circle of her interests and the presence of a hobby.

Based on these criteria, you can choose:

  • A trip to the SPA-salon for a young lady accustomed to watching her appearance. Perfect as a gift for these girls. set cosmetics famous brand or sheet masks for face. The mirror of the original shape with LED-backlight will be an ideal assistant when applying makeup.
  • Dumbbells, mat for yoga, fit ball or a set of fitness bands for a young person who keeps fit. It would be appropriate to give кроссовки or a set of sportswear.
  • Heated cases for auto lady, DVR, car wash subscription or radio with touch panel.
  • Food processor, multicooker, a blender or a set of branded non-stick frying pans for a lover of cooking. It will be appropriate certificate to participate in a master class by a famous chef, where the birthday girl will be taught how to cook sushi, rolls and other dishes of Asian cuisine.
  • Easel or oil paint set with branded brushes for a young artist.
  • A set for needlework for a lover of embroidery or knitting.
  • Great backpack or sleeping bag as a gift to a girl who prefers outdoor activities, hiking and spending the night by the fire.

Regardless of interests and hobbies, it is always appropriate to give a girl a 20-year-old bouquet of flowers, even if it is small, or consists of one beautiful rose. In this situation, attention and a creative approach to congratulations are important.

Exclusive gifts for elegant ladies

An exclusive option for a young lady will be Jewelry. cute little ring interesting design will be an exquisite gift, the memory of which will be kept for a long time. Small earrings or a stylish bracelet are perfect. The choice of these products in stores is simply huge, so there should be no difficulties, especially if you find out in advance which stone is the talisman of a young person. It is important to take into account the preferences of the hero of the occasion and the presence of interest in various cute little things.

When making a gift to an unfamiliar girl, it is better to refrain from expensive gold jewelry so as not to put the birthday girl in an awkward position.

Choosing from among the more budget options, you can give a girl for 20 years:

  • Stylish accessories to complete the look. Leather gloves, beautiful stole, elegant strap or a handbag may turn out to be exactly the item that the birthday girl dreamed of.
  • A box with several levels for storing jewelry and bijouterie.
  • Warm plaid with sleevesin which it will be comfortable to relax after study or work.
  • Wrist Watch - a useful accessory that looks luxurious on the hand, complementing the image of an elegant lady.
  • curling iron for hair styling, making it possible to always keep your hair in order.
  • foot bath with hydromassage, which will allow you to relax after walking in heels and relax your legs.
  • Hairdryer with several nozzles and the ability to change the temperature.
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20 years is a serious date, and if a loved one celebrates it, it is better to take care of the gift in advance. It's nice if on this day a happy smile does not leave the birthday girl's face, which will bring joy not only to her, but also to those around her.

Inexpensive gifts for a colleague

Not always the situation allows you to spend a large amount of money on a present to a colleague, especially when there is still a lot of time before receiving a salary. By choosing a budget gift for a girl for 20 years, in any case, you will please your colleague, who will be pleased with the very attention from you. For a small amount, you can purchase various interesting gifts, including:

  • beautiful umbrella, perfectly saving in the rainy season;
  • stylish diary, convenient for writing and planning;
  • mug with a seal where the name of the hero of the occasion or friendly wishes is written;
  • hanging talisman for feng shui lovers with a poetic name "The music of wind" ;
  • laptop stand with additional ventilation;
  • brush set for applying makeup;
  • case for smartphone with mirror;
  • neck pillow in the form of a cute animal;
  • earplugs and mask on the eyes for sleep;
  • running alarm;
  • manicure set.

The best gift is considered to be something that will benefit and serve for a long time. Therefore, it does not hurt to take into account the quality of the selected product, and pay attention to the manufacturer.

Today, large textile flowers are popular in the interior. Before you buy them, you should find out the opinion of the birthday girl. Maybe she prefers exclusively fresh flowers, and such a present will bring nothing but grief.

Options for interesting gifts from a guy

Choosing a gift for a girl friend can be quite difficult for a guy, especially if there is only one-sided sympathy. In this situation, it is advisable to choose a thing that will arouse genuine interest in the girl and create a pleasant impression. You can choose cute plush toy, adding it a bunch of flowersor present stabilized rosegrown using a special technology that can keep a fresh look of a flower from six months to five years. Agree, you get a fairly exclusive and memorable gift, and most importantly - a pleasant one.

It is easier for young people who choose a gift for their beloved, because here you can focus not only on intuition, but on knowledge of character and preferences.

You can consider the following suggestions when choosing:

  • elegant chain with pendant made of precious metal, which looks very elegant and sophisticated;
  • a gift basket filled with all sorts of sweets and favorite snacks and exotic fruits;
  • purchase certificate spirits in a perfume shop, since choosing the right fragrance on your own can be a very difficult task;
  • graceful necklace complete with earrings;
  • romantic dinner for two in a restaurant;
  • portrait printed on canvas, using modern technologies;
  • водонепроницаемый fitness bracelet for a girl who is fond of sports with counting steps and calories;
  • geyser coffee maker for preparation of fragrant coffee;
  • florarium with miniature plants under glass, combined into a single composition;
  • небольшой decorative fountain with lighting for relaxation.
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A girl will always appreciate a guy's ability to notice the little things that are important for her and insignificant details. Complementing the main gift air lanterns, rose petals and a set of candles, you will make a great impression.

For a girl, it is not so much the gift that is given that is important, but the very atmosphere of the holiday, the surroundings and the venue.

Impression gifts

Twenty is that amazing age when a person longs for new discoveries and impressions. Girls are pleased when they give not just things, but emotions. Such gifts mean certificates for visiting interesting places and events, and here one should not be limited to a traditional subscription to a SPA salon.

For those who like to discover new sensations, it will be a pleasant surprise:

  • master class in oriental dances;
  • quad biking alone or with an instructor;
  • extreme driving lesson for lovers of speed;
  • participation in the questwhere you can show your ingenuity and knowledge to get out of the maze;
  • a ticket to a concert with a performance of your favorite artist or popular group;
  • Master Class decorating cakes and various pastries;
  • picnic flight on the air balloon;
  • free fall jump rope jumping;
  • master class in boxing or hand-to-hand combat;
  • romantic sea voyage under scarlet sails;
  • ticket to a sporting event in rhythmic gymnastics;
  • visitation theatrical performance in immersion style, where the birthday girl will also become a participant in the performance.

Such surprises will leave a lasting impression in the memory of a young lady, and the memories will last until next year.


Modern life provides a huge range of creative gift solutions for young ladies with different hobbies and temperaments to choose from. When choosing the best gift for a girl on her 20th birthday, it will not be superfluous to take into account innovative developments and gadgets, which develop the intellect, making everyday life more interesting. Modern smartphones make it possible to shoot video, take photos and post them online, always staying in touch. Such a gadget would be the perfect gift for a 20-year-old daughter who runs her own blog. You can also choose from many other devices:

  • smart watch;
  • wireless headphones;
  • virtual reality glasses;
  • monopod;
  • digital pen.

We should not forget about the beautiful congratulatory words that are pleasant to any girl, regardless of age. But at the age of 20, such speeches are especially pleasant and desirable, so you should not skimp on warm and sincere congratulations.


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