What to give a girl for 22 years: we choose gifts according to the situation and interests

Choosing gifts for birthdays is a difficult question that everyone faces from time to time. All cases are individual, much depends on the person of the birthday person and his age. Therefore, while looking for what to give a girl for 22 years, try to collect as much information as possible about the tastes of the hero of the occasion. If this is not possible, use the traditional preferences of girls of this age category. How to cope with the choice of a presentation and not lose face, we will figure it out later in the article.

General advice on choosing a gift for a 22-year-old birthday girl

22 years old is the age when studies at a university are usually completed, and a person is looking for a job by vocation or has literally just found it. For most, this is the real beginning of an adult and independent life. A birthday present during such a period should be memorable, especially for girls. But when figuring out what exactly you can purchase, do not forget about the general rules, namely:

  • consider how close the birthday girl is to you, what the girl can expect from you;
  • calculate the budget, if financial opportunities are limited, buy something inexpensive, but beautiful or necessary;
  • think about the environment in which you will congratulate the girl and how appropriate the presentation of this or that gift will be.

Ideally, a gift for a 22-year-old girl should be in line with her interests. But this is possible if the birthday girl is your relative or friend.

Keep in mind that knowing what a girl is interested in is not enough. Without details, it is easy to buy a book that she has already read, or present as a present what the hero of the occasion already has.

Gift for a 22 year old girl for home

Something practical or decorative for the home can be given to both a good friend and an unfamiliar girl. If you are not close with the birthday girl, stop at universal things. Suitable:

  • cosmetics organizer, a beautiful box or cosmetic bag;
  • knitted or just nice textile plaid;
  • projector, salt lamp or night light with imitation of the starry sky;
  • original lamp with an electronic butterfly in the bank;
  • alarm mat, turning off if you stand on it;
  • notepad or diary with a pen for keeping records;
  • whiteboard visualization to implement plans and desires;
  • set scented candles with universal odors;
  • set board games for an interesting pastime in the company.
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If you do not know the girl's tastes, her preferences in the interior and everyday life, choose something that everyone can like in different ways. Consider your budget and the amount that would be appropriate to spend on a gift for a particular person. If you don’t have much money or you were accidentally invited to a holiday, limit yourself to:

  • a bunch of flowers, ideally roses, lilies, asters or chrysanthemums;
  • flower basket with sweets or a cute soft toy;
  • bouquet or cake from candies and sweets.

A gift for a girl on her 22nd birthday should evoke positive emotions in the moment.

If the birthday girl is not familiar to you, do not try to surprise her. Without knowing the person well, it is very difficult to do this.

It is better to go along the beaten track, congratulate beautifully in words and present something symbolic.

Choosing a birthday present for a friend

With the choice of practical gifts for girlfriends, things are easier. If you communicate closely, then you certainly know what you can give a girl for her 22nd birthday. For example:

  • if your girlfriend is fond of tourism or outdoor recreation, you can choose a good thermo mug, sports bag or backpack, a set of camping equipment or high-quality raincoat;
  • if a girl is still studying, already working in the office, or just likes to keep various records, a regular or electronic one will do. notebook, stylish ball a pen, kit text highlighters;
  • for housewives you can buy sandwich, set salad bowls or glasses, kit towels or what the birthday girl recently mentioned, listing plans for upcoming acquisitions.

You can also give a close friend clothing, her favorite spirits and even cosmetics, because in this case the risk that you will make a mistake with the gift is minimal.

If you do not plan to surprise or do not have original ideas, it is better to ask a friend what she would like to get for her birthday.

Often, even if they have money, girls cannot buy what they want for themselves, and a friend is just ready to fulfill such a dream.

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What to give a girl 22 years old for the soul

At 22, the girl has not yet completely said goodbye to her youth and passes into the status of an adult woman. This borderline state is beautiful, so the practical aspect of the gift is not so important. If you were invited to a birthday party, try to give the girl something that will certainly please her for her 22nd birthday. For example:

  • if the girl is a blogger or just likes to be photographed, buy a good one selfie stick or ring led lamp with tripod;
  • if the birthday girl likes cooking and cooking, give her carving set, set for making sushi, pastry tools or book for writing prescriptions;
  • for those who love sports and take care of their health jump rope with electronic counter fitball, massager or massage roller, sports drinker or shaker;
  • not superfluous for travelers will be an electronic translator, Beach bag or road suitcase.

A gift for the soul can be practical, but the main thing is that it coincides with the interests of the hero of the occasion. If you don’t have the opportunity to learn more about them, choose the classics. Every girl will like Jewelry, in particular rings, chains, earrings or pendants. You can, for example, buy a miniature pendant with zodiac sign or just pick up earrings to match the color of the birthday girl's eyes. If the gift is addressed to a daughter, sister or bride, you can choose a set earrings + ring or chain + bracelet.

Even with a relatively small budget, you can find something suitable from the jewelry category.

For example, you can take neat stud earrings or a small but stylish pendant. It is not always appropriate to take jewelry made of gold, so you can limit yourself to silver.

A gift for the 22nd birthday of a girl as a keepsake

If you want your gift to please the birthday girl and remind you of you after the celebration, head for a combination of practical and original presents. From such a plan, you can give a girl on her 22nd birthday:

  • tea and coffee set;
  • nominal a cup with photo;
  • decorative pillow with photo;
  • home bathrobe with personalized embroidery;
  • digital photo frame;
  • figurine Oscar or medal For friendship;
  • bag chair for home;
  • e-book;
  • silk pajamas or kigurumi pajamas;
  • home weather station with clock;
  • pillow or a toy antistress;
  • set bed linen;
  • magnetic board for records;
  • dressing room зеркало etc.
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If you are well acquainted with the interests of the birthday girl, you can give her impressions. For example, a gift will definitely not be forgotten if it is:

  • ticket to the theater or to a concert of your favorite band;
  • subscription to the pool or gym;
  • gift Certificate to a beauty salon or massage;
  • flight in a hot air balloon or even bounce with a parachute.

It all depends on the budget and the degree of intimacy with the person. If there is no fantasy left for choosing an original gift, today you can use the services of special services. Entire companies are engaged in the selection of gifts, offering structured catalogs by interests, prices and other parameters.

It is important to be sure that a girl will like a gift in the form of a subscription, a certificate or a ticket somewhere.

At 22, the desire to experiment still remains, but it all also depends on the nature of a particular person and his life principles.

If in doubt, it is better not to give something narrowly focused. Give preference to universal options. And here again jewelry comes to the rescue. Rings, earrings, chains, bracelets and various sets are what a girl is guaranteed to like, and with her appearance alone she will remind the birthday girl of you. This is a timeless classic that the 22-year-old beauty will certainly appreciate.

What gift ideas should be avoided?

When choosing what to give a girl for her 22nd birthday, remember that not every idea may be appropriate. There are gifts that can be given only to the closest, and then by prior arrangement. For example, it is not recommended to give:

  • clothes and perfumeif the size and tastes of a person are unknown to you;
  • cosmetics and hygiene items;
  • vitamin complexes and something for health;
  • underwear, creams, lotions, shampoos and more

The birthday girl should buy all these things for herself or receive only from loved ones. In extreme cases, you can give gift Certificate some good store.

Present money also not recommended. Such a gift will not be remembered, and it is not always easy to determine the appropriate amount.

If we talk about unacceptable presentations, then they include any animals. A person must buy fish, hamsters, kittens and puppies for himself, calculating his opportunities and time.


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